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We are so excited and so lucky to have such amazing people here at #Clemson !
Carnegie Corporation of New York has named Maribel Morey, assistant professor of history at Clemson University, a 2016 Andrew Carnegie Fellow for her research on the role of elite philanthropy in the lives of black Americans. She is one of 33 individuals across the country selected for this honor.
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Clemson University

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Top 6 best pieces of advice for new #Clemson  students! 
We asked Clemson students, friends and alumni what the best piece of advice they'd give to incoming students. Here are their top six answers.
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See what happens when Clemson DPA students team up with +DreamWorks Animation to create an amazing animated short!
Hollywood better watch out, Clemson DPA students are doing amazing things!
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+Jim Barrett The Deep Orange 5 Concept was built at Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research in Greenville, SC
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Wouldn't you look good in orange? We are looking for some new members for our Clemson Family!

See our open positions here:
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Good luck Redman 
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There is something special about a snow-covered campus!  

#Clemson #university #snow #beautiful 
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Hanna T
Snow in S. Carolina ;)
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What do 4,000+ new Clemson students making the paw in Death Valley look like?
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That is so cool also 9:00 Jan.9,2017 Clemson vs Alabama 
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Clemson University marks record year of donations, capital campaign passes $900 million!

Thank you to everyone for making this a record breaking year at Clemson! 

See more:
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Say hello to Deep Orange 5, and take a look at the future of transportation! 
Students at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research unveiled its newest concept vehicle, sponsored by General Motors, at the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan.
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Looks like they tried to include a lot of things but they forgot one major item...  STYLE.  Ugliest thing ever.
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We love seeing so many students out enjoying this beautiful March day!

#Clemson #university #beautiful #SouthCarolina 
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o 5.1Develop and organize appropriate support for a thesis in a research paper.
o Hi now it must be that we seek to develop and organize the correct support for a research paper. It has to be mentioned the way first off for each paragraph to lead to the next. A main point is supported be a support details point and there are three of these to the body of a paper. The two next sub detail points are those that that support each supporting details point. It can be confusing so I show You how it should look:
Main point) Trees are a natural part of our lives, since the days of early gathers.
Supporting details) A apple tree produces fruit.
Sub details) Rain that is seasonal helps these trees bloom.
Sub details) The winter sleep of each tree is nature caused.
Supporting details) Bees are those from nature that helps to pollinate each bloom. 
Sub details) Nature has computers that we have just begun to note.
Sub details) Each tree is of importance thinking also about air produced.
Second main point) Climate is a thing trees help to balance out.
Supporting details) Read about it in the news global warming.
Sub details) With the lessen of trees society might die.
Sub details) Heat waves and less insect activity and no more trees.
Supporting details) Awareness will bring some out of the library to help.
Sub details) The activists that give trees hug call out to us.
Sub details) Trees are those who need tending to, carbon that you exhale is a sign that we can help. 
Third main point) Interacting with our habitats, the whole plant working together. 
Supporting details) One thing is relation to the other.
Sub details) Each step you take releases some dirt in the form of dust into the air.
Sub details) If all the pollen was not move from here to there everyone and everything would die.
Supporting details) Reaction to each other is movement that is told of like cold air and warm air hitting; a storm to come.
Sub details) We are here and are a team just as nature has planned.
Sub details) There is a formula present like with math and reaction from any action is life; things sustained.  

o 5.2Construct an outline for a research paper.
Hi it is time for us to construct a outline for a research paper. There are a few things that we must do first let me explain. You have three main points and each of them has a supporting details facts lines to include. Then we come to the down of it; the sub details points are those that support that the supporting details points.  Now let construct a thesis in just a few lines. 
I.)Breast milk is advantage for the immune system 
A.) The components of breast milk can increase infant’s health. 
1.) Proteins present in breast milk is one major difference.

2.) The amplifiers in breast milk cause balance with in developing immune areas.

B.)This is key to better health and wellness, variants in the milk are. 
1.) Regulation of the immune system.  
2.) The inducing of breasts milk is a bonding action. 
II.) Mental health studies reveal a likelihood to succeed in life; those that were breasts feed.    
A.) Popularity is medical process, demands for the truth. 
1.) Those who manufacture cereals believe their products is the more suitable. 
2.) That which binds points to traits along with the milk’s agents as working.
 B.) Medical research with city programs will take effect, a group effort per city. 
1.) There are health programs out there like the “We Can” program for us all to take part in. 
2.) A company like C.I.I. is looking at traits that are easily explainable to all age group, we can grasp it. 
III.) Breast milk happens to be the perfect combination for life, enzymes to the blood count.  
A.) Results found that tell of success far beyond organ transplants.   
1.) Studies like those involving immune therapies areas like high absorption. 
 2.) The role of genetic code is lesson placed by milk of the mother.  
B.) We have found that reaction from was the cause of conception, and the answers placed in the milk for life. 
1.) The mother and father give traits to their too be born the relayed messages from blood cells etc. continue to do so after birth.     
2.) Proteins that are passed on have source point it is acts at all times being maternal found as answers. 
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Clemson University

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India automaker’s chairman emeritus receives honorary degree at S.C. Auto Summit! 

Clemson University honored chairman emeritus of India’s +Tata Motors Ratan Tata with an honorary Doctorate of Automotive Engineering at the S.C. Automotive Summit Tuesday! 

Tata was the chairman of the major Tata companies, including Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Power, Tata Global Beverages, Tata Chemicals, Indian Hotels and Tata Teleservices. During his tenure, the group’s revenues grew tremendously and totaled over $100 billion in 2011-12.

See more here:

#Clemson #university #automotive   #engineering  #india #research #science  #cars #auto #southcarolina 
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Clemson University

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Campus looking beautiful in the snow!

#Clemson #university #snow   #beautiful  
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