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If you're a macaroni and cheese lover and love potatoes  then this one's for you! Here is the easiest side dish that goes with everything it's a potato and cheese casserole that taste like mac and cheese! It is the best side ...
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claudia lamascolo

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These are fried pizza pies but the filling is inside, like a fried calzone. They are very popular in the New Jersey area. I have made them many times and these are always a treat since they take a little more time than a usua...

claudia lamascolo

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If you're a loaded baked potato lover, this recipe is for you! Just like a loaded baked potato this is a comfort favorite food using pasta with the same flavors throughout this mac and cheese recipe. It full of all the same i...
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claudia lamascolo

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What's better than homemade mommy mcnuggets?  I just love these little gems, you can decide what to dip them in. I will provide a link with 18 different dipping sauces that actually is my most viewed post of all time with thi...
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claudia lamascolo

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Apples Bananas and Blueberries what an a  great combination of flavors, served with warm caramel over the top  and whipped cream! The best fruit bread pudding I ever had using these delicious bagels instead of bread. What an ...
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Here is my favorite way to make pizza with many fresh ingredients. Homemade pizza dough, whole milk mozzarella, freshly slice plum tomatoes and a load of herbs and spices. Every once in a while and more often for me than mos...

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What a great combination of flavors, bananas, chocolate and peanut butter. Best banana bread I have ever had. Love the  idea using peanut butter cups as it add just the right balance without having to figure a thing out!  Whe...
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claudia lamascolo

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A simple rice and steak dish with some seasoning. This is a leftover steak meal that works when your on a tight budget. Nothing goes to waste and the second time around becomes an asked for dish.  Leftover Beef and Rice St...

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Another easy and ready in 15 minute soup recipe with a special addition homemade garlic cheesy croutons and fresh chopped spinach. Perfect any day of the week but comforting for me when you need to get that chill out because ...

claudia lamascolo

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It's unfortunate I have never met anyone in my lifetime that didn't either have a family member or know someone who has passed from the dreaded big C, I wish I could say I never have known one person that had to endure this d...

claudia lamascolo

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Did you ever make a huge pot of chicken soup with lots more chicken than needed for the soup pot?  Here is a great way to make a second meal with all that chicken when that happens. It's economical, easy and everyone will lov...
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Store manager by day blogger by night of What's Cookin Italian Style Cuisine
Cooking has been my passion since I was 11 years old with a fantastic mom and grandma who taught me.  I love to blog about Italian food. Do hangouts with my son and the great plussers on Google+. Love to take photo's of food and write about it. I play and taught piano, fish and  love to visit new exciting places . I am blessed with a wonderful husband, two sons and a loving family. Come visit me @
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Been on National TV 3 times
Coaching, teaching and training to build high performing teams . I play and teach piano, cook and develop new recipes and write a blog.
  • Food Blogger Freelance Writer and Learning Photography, present
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