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I just doodled the Mona Lisa in 6 seconds. Quick, Draw! is a hilarious and clever way to familiarize yourself with how neural networks work to identify objects in photos.

#AI #doodles #google #cloud

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To break your phone addiction, turn your screen gray =)


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web summit 2016 is about to kick off

#websummit #lisbon #ux

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Template for a great sales deck

1) name a big, relevant change in the world. Don’t begin a presentation by talking about yourself

2) show that there will be winners and losers

3) tease the Promised Land. Avoid diving into product details, but describe an ideal future state as enabled by your solution

4) introduce features as “magic gifts” for overcoming obstacles to the Promised Land

5) present evidence that makes the story come true via a relevant case study. 

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Quick read about the power of boredom and how it trains qualities such as curiosity, perseverance and playfulness.

In fact, there’s a lesson here for all of us: Switching off, doing nothing and letting the mind wander can be great tool to spark your creativity.

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The most accomplished business leaders create rituals for their days, starting from the moment their feet touch the floor in the morning, to the moment their head hits the pillow at night.

While everyone has a different routine that works for them, it’s important to formulate and sustain habits that will improve your work/life balance, professional focus, and personal development. 

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How to Win an Election? You need to understand the power of story to inspire, persuade and manipulate people.

Candidates running for office work hard to reduce the complexities of the modern world into simple, soundbite-friendly stories. They invoke heroes and villains, fear and hope. We're all being manipulated, and democracy relies on our ability to see that. (New York Times) 

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Just refound this little video about Joshua Davis giving IBM's Watson a presence at the "Jeopardy!" podium – it's a great example for visualizing AI and turning a faceless room of servers into a real game show competitor. 

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Amazing recap - see you again next year!


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Is it just me, or is bethesda prepping for some serious VR action...

#NukaWorld #VR #themepark #rollercoasters #OMG
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