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Opt-in to testing MoveME here.

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Opt in to testing Cows are Ruminants.

Note for Aspire users. If you're testing the app and just signed on, PLEASE wait about 4 to 6 hours before going to the Play store to install the app. There's a window where Google will send you an older version. In Aspire's case, if  you have an older version, PLEASE DELETE IT and reinstall to resume testing.

The latest versions of the Intellicare apps as of the post date above: 

Mantra (edu.northwestern.cbits.intellicare.mantra) 1.0.1
iCope (edu.northwestern.cbits.intellicare.icope) 1.0.3
Purple Chill (edu.northwestern.cbits.intellicare.relax) 1.1.3
Aspire (edu.northwestern.cbits.intellicare.aspire) 1.0.3
Intellicare (edu.northwestern.cbits.intellicare.conductor) 1.0.9
Day-to-Day (edu.northwestern.cbits.intellicare.messages) 1.1.1
Thought Challenger (edu.northwestern.cbits.intellicare.thoughtchallenger) 1.0.3
Slumber Time (edu.northwestern.cbits.intellicare.slumbertime) 1.0.8
Daily Feats (edu.northwestern.cbits.intellicare.dailyfeats) 1.0.10

Just pushed out Purple Robot 1.4.22. This fixes a variety of bugs as well as adding support for disabling/enabling probes from the main screen. (Long press a probe reading to get its options.)

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After you join the community, please click this link to opt-in to the Purple Robot beta test.

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Several months of hard work are now available on the Google Play store for your amusement. Let me know how it works for you.

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The gist: I recently joined a Chicago startup working to help consumers find better electricity plans, monitor their power usage, and to become better power consumers. That work has gone extremely well, and the company will be sponsoring Shion for the indefinite future, which allows me to make the full set of Shion tools completely free to interested users, including the online service.

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I made it through the deathmarch (self-imposed) portion of the project and I'm now on the post-launch bug fix phase. Within a week, I should be able to rejoin the human race as a functional member once more. :-)
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