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Learn, to Evolve.
Learn, to Evolve.

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Google can now determine if an online Ad you were shown relates to brick and mortar purchases.

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Woman and man admit to public sex, woman later claims she was victim as she was "too drunk to consent".

Woman is now considered the "victim of sexual assault", and given life-long anonymity, while man is still cautioned and on record.

Tell us again how men are privileged and don't know what it's like to be under systematic attack....

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I saw these in Japan recently at many places i visited, and it's interesting to see them come to the West :)

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The age of robots and A.I. is upon us, and it will wash over us very quickly to become the new normal.

Singapore's RoboCop car has its own intruder-chasing drone.

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Google and DeepMind's Alpha-Go A.I. defeats world's best Go player, Ke Jie, in 1st of 3 games.

After defeating Lee Sedol in 2016 4-1 in a 5 game match, Google/DeepMind's Alpha Go A.I. takes on the World's No. 1.

In 2016, by beating Lee Sedol, AlphaGo went down in history as the first computer Go program to defeat a top professional player, and was awarded an honorary professional 9 dan rank by the Korean Baduk Association (baduk = Go in Korean).

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CNET starts off on the right track with what appears to be an unbiased article, but can't help itself, and returns to form, defending Apple as usual.

A good start, but CNET's allegiance still mires its content.

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University professor says all white males, yes ALL of them, should quit their job.

She knows the vast majority (70% - 90%) of HR people doing the hiring are female right ?

So she should look to solving the problem where it starts, by firing the the people doing the hiring, and asking why women have tolerated this "problem" from their own gender.

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University has workshop teaching males to "not be so confident" when they speak, because it makes girls feel inferior.

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Google can recognise who's in your photos, and suggest sharing with them, in case you forget :)
You know when you take a great photo of someone and then you forget to send it to them? 😬 #googlephotos can help.
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