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Google adds many new words and phrases you can speak to Google Maps.
Driving is serious business—you're in control of a rolling pile of metal and glass weighing thousands of pounds, and one moment of inattention can ha... by Ryan Whitwam in Applications, Google, News
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cj juszczak

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Formally 19 separate blogs from different divisions and products, now all the Google news straight from the horse's mouth in one place: The Keyword.
If you click the source links at most of our posts about Google products, you might notice there is a lot of Google blogs. Almost every Google product has... by Corbin Davenport in Google, News
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cj juszczak

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Blackberry, formery RIM, is officially out of the smartphone hardware market.
BlackBerry’s move from its own smartphone platform to Android doesn’t seem to have done it much good. A few months after the Android-powered Priv suffered from both slow sales and high …
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Honestly, I'm surprised they even made the attempt to make a comeback using Android as their OS. To many of their faithful followers, the blackberry phone died with the Bold 99xx series.
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cj juszczak

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Disgusting sexism : "world-first program aims to stop domestic violence when it first appears: in boyhood"

While 50%-70% of domestic violence is perpetrated by females, let's continue to demonise males, from childhood no less.
In an attempt to break the generational cycle of domestic violence, a new initiative involving boys and their mums is being trialled in Brisbane. The world-first program aims to stop domestic violence when it first appears: in boyhood.
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cj juszczak

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Another "wage gap" you won't hear feminists complaining about: Top modelling agent says male models 'suffer big pay gap' compared to women

Gee, it's almost as if in some industries, men and women are paid based on the profit they generate for the company that employs them.

A bit like those sports where the women's competition brings in about a tenth as many TV viewers as the men's competition does, but the feminists still get all butthurt about women players earning less than men regardless.

For all the decades of chanting "Equal pay for equal work", it's funny how feminism only cares when it means "upgrades", then changes its tune whenever it suits.

Feminists like to claim feminism is about gender neutral "equality", and that it includes male issues, but when men are apparently suffering the same wage gap.....<crickets>...
Male models are being paid up to 75% less than women, according to a top modelling agent.
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+John Smith exactly, again, something is only "true" when it suits them.

One moment it's claimed women are just as capable as men, both physically and mentally, then the next it's claiming men are oppressing women.

Can't pass physical tests for firefighter, police, Army, etc ? Claim the test is sexist.

How can one person, or a group of the same type, oppress another same group that's equally capable ?

These women want to one moment claim equality, then the next damsel themselves and benefit from leniency and handicap benefits, such as when it comes to agency.

got drunk and regret sex? Claim you were "coerced" and he overpowered you.

Committed crime with partner? Claim you were in an abusive relationship and you had to obey him.

When men commit crimes, it's because of "Toxic Masculinity", but when women commit the same crimes, they were "abused, coerced" and need to be "treated with compassion and mercy", etc.

If it's toxic masculinity when men behave badly, why isn't toxic femininity when women do the same ?

Or maybe, just maybe, some people can be ass-holes, and some can be awesome, but why do we need to demonise an entire gender ?

This has led to males from the age of being just young boys, being treated with ADHD medication, and taught they are monsters. Literally raising them as "defective girls".

Typical young male behaviour, from physical games like "tag" and playing with invisible guns, etc are demonised as antisocial and destructive behaviours.

For all the rhetoric that feminism is about equality, and that they also fight for men's issues, you would be hard pressed to find one instance where they fought men's inequality.

They don't want equality, they want upgrades, no matter who is deprecated to achieve it. It's female supremacy.
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cj juszczak

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Yest anpother fantastic debunking of a completely bullshit product funded by morons.

CaptainDisillusion to the rescue !
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cj juszczak

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Guy takes homebrew to a new level with consumer-grade li-ion batteries to make an off-grid power supply.

+Christopher Gaul will love this i'm sure :)
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cj juszczak

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Just like still image dataset ImageNet, Google provides a video dataset of 8 million annotated videos for A.I. learning.

500,000 hours of video will help AI's next step from still images to video classification.
Google released the YouTube-8M video dataset containing data from over 500,000 videos to accelerate research for video understanding.
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cj juszczak

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Doctor Strange: TV Spot/Trailer.

Looking forward to this, a lot. :)
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cj juszczak

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Iowa Man Wins Fight Against Court Order to Pay Support for Another Man’s Child.

The couple hadn't seen in each other in more than 15 years, but had never divorced. By law in Iowa, and many other states, husbands are required to pay child support for any child born during the marriage.

Go on, guess if such a law exists forcing wives to pay for kids that aren't theirs in the same scenario.......such male privilege.
DAVENPORT, Iowa — Joe Vandusen had to fight the state of Iowa for eight months to avoid paying court-ordered child support for a child that was not his – this week, he won. "It's over," said Vandusen, of Davenport. In February of 2016, he opened a certified letter that ordered him to pay support for a baby born to his long-estranged wife.
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cj juszczak

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Woman who admitted raping 13 year old boy after exploiting his ADHD spared jail after judge says justice must be "tempered with mercy"

What about mercy, and you know, justice, for the victim ?

Once again, men are monsters deserving punishment, while women are to be treated with compassion and mercy.

all those men in prison? Justice.

but what about "understanding their needs with compassion and mercy ? "

fuck them, they're men, they're monsters.

Woman commits the same crimes ?

"you're free to go, sorry for the inconvenience ma'am."

But remember everyone, in the patriarchy that opresses women, it's only rich white males that get away with raping people.
A woman has been spared jail despite plying a vulnerable 13-year-old boy with cider and sleeping with him in an attempt to get pregnant. The court heard that Hannah Cox, 29, of Priory, Wellington,...
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cj juszczak

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"He's white! Beat him! Black Power!" Black Lives Matter Milwaukee Riots.

This is many things: it's violence, it's racism, it's hypocrisy, and it's not helping anything :(

White people were hunted down and targeted for violence and theft by mobs of black Americans in Milwaukee during a "Black Lives Matter" protest. They were yelling, "He's white! Beat him !" and also "Black power."
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Great food and drink selection, good service, friendly staff, great tea and coffee selection too! A little pricey, E.G. breakfast for two was $14.50 for bacon and eggs on toast, $18.50 for scrambled eggs, avocado and beans, and a whole $11 for just two slices of banana bread, plus two cups of coffee totalled $51.50. So great place, just a little expensive :)
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Excellent food and service, a great little shop specializing in coffee, and a few other items such as home-made sweets, coffee cups, exotic sugar (such as Coconut blossom sugar!) and more. Will definitely visit again when we're in the area :)
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Awesome, great fried rice, katsu curry pork and miso :)
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
3 of us went for dinner. Pasta, pizza and starters all amazing! Great service and great venue.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
17 reviews
Overall great food. We had a pizza and pasta dish, both extremely delicious and service was good too. Only downfall was we had two coffees and both were terrible, like burnt ditch-water :( Will definitely be eating here again if we're in the area, we'll just avoid the coffee next time :)
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
excellent pizza, good value and great range!
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
been enjoying this place for a few years, love it. Pizzas are some of the best if you like thin-crust traditional style. delicious and full of flavour, properly cooked dough in a brick oven. My partner has enjoyed various pastas there too, and has always enjoyed them. Overall a great little gem not just on Chapel, but all Melbourne !
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago