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Social media can be exciting, stimulating and entertaining, but it can also be chaotic, confusing and overwhelming. Join our live panel discussion to learn how to leverage social media for your nursing career development. Our panelists will be covering topics like:
Protecting yourself as a nurse when using social media;
Highlights of HIPPA for nurses;
Your professional brand in social media;
Overview of our favorite discussion groups, channels and pages for nurses;
How recruiters utilize social media to hire nurses;
Join our on Twitter #NursesForHope  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by City of Hope. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#NursesForHope | Leveraging social media for nursing career development
Tomorrow, April 28, 6:00 PM
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BMT Reunion celebrates lives saved thanks to City of Hope’s success in bone marrow and stem cell transplantation. It also celebrates the determination and scientific vision that make such success possible. We save people today – and tomorrow. #bonemarrowtransplant #BMT #stemcelltransplant  
The 39th annual City of Hope bone marrow transplant reunion is a celebration not just of lives saved, but of the science that made those lives possible.
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Brain tumor treatment needs to evolve. Here are four revolutionary approaches currently in development at City of Hope. #braintumors #braincancer #brainhealth  
City of Hope's chief of neurosurgery, Behnam Badie, M.D., and his team are developing novel therapies to improve brain tumor treatment.
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Former lymphoma patient Geoff Berman shares some of the wisdom and practical tips he learned while being treated. Among his advice: Get to know your nurses. You’ll be with them for a while. #lymphoma #cancersurvivor  
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Cancer risk is interconnected. A new study has found a link between a family history of prostate cancer and an increased risk of breast cancer in women. The take-home message: Know your complete family history. #prostatecancer #breastcancer  
Cancer risk is interconnected. A new study has found a link between a family history of prostate cancer and an increased breast cancer risk in women.
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More children are surviving cancer, but treatment's toll on the heart can last a lifetime. Now researchers are offering guidelines on how to protect adult survivors. #childhoodcancer #cancersurvivors  
Childhood cancer survivors, regardless of age, should be aware of their increased risk of cardiovascular risk. City of Hope researcher offers guidance.
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Cancer patients who participate in early-stage clinical trials need extra emotional and physical support. Now, the National Cancer Institute is supporting researchers at City of Hope in their effort to create a model for such care. #palliativecare +National Cancer Institute 
NCI grant will help researchers create a palliative care intervention model to improve quality of life for patients in Phase 1 clinical trials.
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"When facing the stressors of a cancer diagnosis, even the healthiest of couples can have a difficult time knowing what to say, what kind of comfort to provide, and where to find help," says social worker Courtney Bitz. She’s launched a support group for couples. #cancersupport  
New City of Hope cancer support group helps couples cope with cancer's effects on a relationship. First benefit? Empathy.
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Think a second opinion doesn’t matter? Thyroid cancer patient Alex Camargo was told he’d lose his voice and have to have a stoma, or artificial opening. That’s when he came to City of Hope. #thyroidcancer   #secondopinion  
City of Hope surgeons were able to save thyroid cancer patient Alex Camargo's voice after he was told he would need a total laryngectomy.
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Testicular cancer is highly curable; that’s not the same as entirely curable. More research is needed to ensure no patient is lost, writes cancer expert Sumanta Pal, M.D. #testicularcancer  
Testicular cancer: Dr. Sumanta Pal of City of Hope reviews advances in treating it and what needs to be done to ensure that no patient gets left behind.
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City of Hope

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Newly revised treatment guidelines for acute myeloid leukemia reflect progress. No more “mediocre outcomes.” #AML #leukemia  
In the 20 years since treatment guidelines were developed for acute myeloid leukemia, or AML, treatments and understanding of the disease have advanced.
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At the end of life, every action counts. Nurse practitioner Bonnie Freeman is helping nurses make sure those actions are the right ones. #palliativecare #nursing  
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City of Hope, an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center
Founded in 1913, City of Hope is a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. Every day we pursue new and better ways to improve the lives of millions around the world. 

City of Hope is a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening diseases. For nearly 100 years, our pioneering research has brought the world closer to cures.

Designated as an NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center and a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, City of Hope's research and treatment protocols advance care throughout the nation. 

Every day we pursue new and better ways to improve the lives of millions around the world.


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