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How i feel when i finish work on a Friday!!
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I've finally understood how to create your own Chrome Remote Desktop App and it's so good that I'd like to share it with you.

You won't need extraordinary developer skills to accomplish this miracle. Just follow the full documentation at
In the end, you'll have a custom Chromoting Web App and a Chromoting Service Debian Package that will give you the ability to chromote without X running.

Thanks to Google Chrome Remote Team for their help.

And don't worry, there should be a public version of the Linux host available soon. 

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Powerful System to manage and monitor Cron Jobs

minicron aims to complement cron by making it easier to manage and monitor cron jobs, it can largely be thought of as two components that interact together, the CLI and the Hub. The CLI is what is installed on your server(s) and executes your cron command and reports the status back to the Hub. The Hub is the central point where data from one or many instances of the CLI is received and stored in a database. The Hub also provides a web interface to the data and makes it easy to manage your cron jobs.



* Web UI
  * CRUD for cron jobs using SSH
  * GUI for cron schedule create/read/update
  * View real-time output/status as jobs run
  * Historical data for all job executions

* Alerts when jobs executions are missed or fail via:
  * Email
  * SMS (using Twilio)
  * PagerDuty (SMS, Phone, Mobile Push Notifications and Email)

Lots more is planned for the future :)
See open issues or if you don't see the feature you want there, add it!




* MRI: 1.9.3 and above (tested on 1.9.3, 2.0.0, 2.1.0)
* Rubinius: bug fix in progress
* JRuby: currently untested, but most likely needs some work



* SQlite >= 3.6.16
* Support for PostgreSQL is planned in the future


Web Server / Reverse Proxy:

If you want to run minicron behind a web server or proxy it needs to support the web socket protocol.

nginx for example supports web sockets from version 1.3.13 and up. An example config for nginx is included.


Supported Browsers:

The web interface was tested in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari and also should support IE9+



Should run on OS X and any Linux/BSD based OS that the above ruby versions run on.




Image(s) / GitHub / Download:

GNU General Public License, Version 3 (GPLv3)
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"Updates to Google BigQuery following Cloud Platform Live"

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Linux sysadmins, be sure to check out this introductory overview of Amazon Web Services' web console, the AWS Management Console. #linux

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Here's a built-from-source chromium-os with KVM enabled. I then installed crouton, apt-get install qemu, and pointed qemu at a 9front ISO image. qemu found and used the kvm module. So, kvm on a chromebook; run anything you want to run.
Instructions coming soon; all this was done with the public sources.
The instructions should work for any x86 chromebook.
The chromebook in this case was my acer c710 with 16G and the 240-GiB SSD installed. Very nice. Shame the keyboard is less than great, but it's manageable. The battery life is also nothing to write home about, but the package overall is still pretty nice. I still like the screen and this is a very hackable chromebook.
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