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Introducing Roll It, a new Chrome Experiment. Grab your phone, hold on tight, and roll a ball right onto your computer in a new take on the classic boardwalk game.   
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Kar Bar
Skeeball? That's what this is? Meh...
That is pretty cool, gonna have to try it at home.
+Kar Bar skeeball with your phone and computer

it's like a wii. or kinect. without a wii. Or kinect.....
Web service is broken.  Cannot get a code.
No luck on the office's network.  I'll try it tonight at home.
Is it just me or do you guys feel like you want to install a hand strap to your phones? ;)
"Troubled by lagging Android sales, Google announces a new marketing plan to have users willfully destroy their old phones by throwing them across the room...."
Doesn't work on the +Google Chrome Pixel.  Well done, guys.  I get the "Seems your device doesn't support the modern web technologies required to Roll It."
Wow, what a great way to accidentally smash your $500 phone against the bottom of your desk. 
Way fun! Scored 230 on my first try
My phone never asked me for the code. It's just a blank screen. Is this depending on the version of Android we use?
As soon as I swing it says please wait indefinitely.
What kind of dimwit thinks a laptop is a phone.
cool...but not work on me. pc browser keep display select number of player!
I would do this, but my new LG came from the AT&T store with no case - because they had none to sell.  And it's as delicate as an old crystal sherry glass.
Imti B
This so cool, use the iPhone as a controller and the laptop as a screen! Great game! Open to new games.
+Az Babamiya 
Not working between my Xperia S and a MacBook Pro
Sweet, blank white screen just like the webmaze.
Cool concept, but the swinging doesn't work at all, unless I swing REALLY hard, and then it flies over the top :(
Pure entertainment for hours on end!
Can't generate the code!!!!!!!!! please help!
TFW it works on a HTC Thunderbolt with a laggy Chrome app on a build of ICS, but not on a Kindle Fire that runs chrome on JB smoooothly.

Also, my Sony Google TV blu-ray player can't seem to load it up.
Man, Google is neat.
Doesn't seem to work on my Chromebook.  I hear music and got everything connected, but I can't see the game.
took a few tries to connect. Takes a while to get a hang of it but neat project.
Figure out how to make Chrome smoother on Android first!
very cool...but my internet sucks lol too slow
this is just crazy! works perfect on my SGS2, no delays, just perfect... this kind of integration have a lot of potential!
Hardly innovative! Lol ;-p
i guess that google is planning for something 
This is awesome! Looks great too.
Very cool!  Silly, but very cool.
Nice. Now I need a wii strap on my phone.
Am I the only one that thinks it would be infinitely easier to just hit a QR code to sync phone/pc? Was this avoided to ensure we are using the Chrome browser on our phones?

Onces you get going, it is fun, however. Very sensitive controls, slower framerate/response time than a Wii. But for a proof-of-concept game, amazing!
Does not work with:
Distributor ID: Debian
Description: Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 (wheezy)
Release: 7.0
Codename: wheezy

Tried with both chromium and chrome (package from Google)
Game in browser stops working after number of players is chosen..
"Seems your device doesn't support the modern web technologies ..." using Chrome on a Samsung Ace. Pffttt ... didn't want to have fun anyway.
Es increíblemente adictivo, es un juego genial, sobretodo por que lo podemos jugar mi señora y yo. Lo malo es que casi siempre me gana.
apparently my GB stock browser isn't modern enough to play :(
Khan Md
Tried at work. Almost get caught by my BOSS.
Sieht ja richtig interessant aus
Gave it to my kid and 25 minutes later he is still swinging with my phone :-) nice game works great
Fun, but on my Core2 Duo the CPU went to 100%.
would be a lot of fun if I didn't have such a hard time playing it. 
At least this one works! c.go/racer says my S3 isn't fast enough to play. This came after trying it out once already.
Works well for me, but does seem dangerous to a smartphone's health...
I don't use Chrome.  I hate Chrome.
For my Gingerbread based phone I had to use Firefox to run the app, but other than that it worked great.

Very responsive going over the Cell network to my PC.
+Daniel Førum My i5 does the same - not something you should plan on doing for extended time, while running on battery - but really good fun. But every time I "throw the ball" I'm afraid my phone will slip out of my hand and break, taking the laptop screen with it ;o) 
Wii for Chrome! .... actually it's pretty sweet
I nearly broke my phone - also the controls aren't the best - the ball just spazzes - even before that. Not as good as world wide maze
Awesome! How many levels are there? I made it to level 6 before I quit.
It's a work in progress, but quite good!  :D
Wow... This is great. The potential I see in this is incredible. Great job Googs!
I've now tried with 2 computers and 2 phones, not working.
Works with mine although I don't think its compelling enough for me to waste more time than I already did setting up. It's free so I don't have any complaints. I think it could be a good group game though and maybe even put up a few dollars at stake to make the competition more interesting for the players. Use one big monitor running chrome and 3 teams or players using their own phones. The game is limited to maximum of 3 players so if you have more, you'll have to divide the players to groups.
Doesn't seem to work on a Samsung Chromebook and Nexus 4. I can sync the two but the website just shows a white screen - no ball or target.
Ooooo.... skeeball!
I'm guessing some of you have done it and have actually smashed you phones. You don't have to have the strength of ten men to do this. 
I'm getting "aw snap" every time I start to play. WHY?!!
Pretty awesome. Almost threw my phone into my monitor at the office.
web service wont work for me
a little laggy then you have to go gentle or the ball fly's away
Who will be the first to smash their monitor? 
Very cool! Great music too!
Not working for me and my s3....aww snap keeps coming up and u tried the suggested stuff...come on Google! 
looking for chrome embedded lol more integration! 
Works on me Samsung series 3 chromebook and my galaxy nexus
Worked great on the galaxy nexus. Awesome! 
MEh.  MY phone is stuck with the guy saying swing to roll and please wait at the top.  It did accept my code and chose how many players to play and thats it.
I don't see the code.  All I get is a black screen with the music playing
works with Samsung Chromebook and and GNEX
+Chris Morris I tried it this morning and tried it this evening.  No go both times.  My phone just stays on loading after I start the tutorial...
Pretty creative way to collect cell phone numbers.
Vu Dinh
Where do I submit bug reports?
Apparently it works on windows but not Linux? My work PC played it fine...
en el celular si me pide que introduzca el codigo pero en el navegador chome de mi laptop se queda la pagina en blanco.
Bug report: Just threw my phone into my monitor... Need a new monitor.
Worked on my s3. I feared for my phone though; definitely needs a wrist strap.
Chrome is pushing others to move....nice and fun....except you may need a leash for your phone....
Whilst it is awesome it needs a little work, the swing motion can sometimes lag and the angle meter thing is really off. Great idea though, just needs work.
This seems a new and great way to play
Works great on my Windows PC with Firefox, and my GNEX with CM 10.1 and Chrome.

To those complaining about wrist straps: just like Wii, you don't have to actually swing your arm. You just need a flip motion on the phone.
Agreed! This was very very interesting... technology is going to take over the world.
I keep getting told by Chrome on my PC cannot connect to any WebSockets servers?
I'm loving these new features for Chrome and Google mobile activity. 
And this is why you can no longer trust google. 
Awesome innovation. This is the first time I have seen this type of sharing.
I accidentally threw my phone at the monitor,its broken
OMG I can't believe this!  I'm playing this like crazy as if I were a little girl again at the Dream Machine Arcade place at Watertown Arsenal Mall! ^^ =D Only I'm throwing it around like crazy hard like I've always done! =P 
Played this literally right now and this game is crazy fun!! Good work Google! Now how about that Nexus 5? 
Are you TRYING to break my stuff???
There are tons of them not just this. the racer one is pretty cool.
That was fun. My kids will love this, but i think i will use one of my old phones instead of my brand new S4
phone is practically wrapped in a tank skin, i'm more worried about my monitor
Like if a phone is accidently thrown at it when trying to throw the skeeball? O.o
i open the page but it plays the music and stays on a white screen, what do i need to do to get the code to get it on my phone?
this is cool. hope to see more games. like a flying game.
Lol that was fun. Though this requires one hell of a fast internet for it to totally sync on time.
Can't even get the web site to load on my phone in chrome.  It loads in my preloaded samsung browser, but not in chrome.  Also it won't play in my samsung browser.
Pretty dope. These guys keep it real.
dropped my phone on the second attempt :(( Luckily the floor has a carpet .. 
Way to cool. Crashed on my phone after a few pitches but get it working again
+Google Chrome  Ubuntu 13.04, Chromium 25 does not work. Keeps loading with the gray circle at the middle.

Chromium 25.0.1364.160 (Developer Build 25.0.1364.160-0ubuntu3) Ubuntu 13.04
OS Linux 
WebKit 537.22 (trunk@137939)
JavaScript V8
Flash 11.2 r202
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.22 (KHTML, like Gecko) Ubuntu Chromium/25.0.1364.160 Chrome/25.0.1364.160 Safari/537.22
Command Line /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser --flag-switches-begin --sync-keystore-encryption --flag-switches-end
Executable Path /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser
Chrome just crashes whenever it displays the code I need to put into my phone.  Anyone else?  
Cool! There is just one problem. With web-based games and smartphones as controllers we don't have an excuse anymore. Every PC/Laptop out there can become a gaming console :D
That is H-O-T HOT!! Well done.
It IS an experiment I know ... but can anyone help with the constant "Please Wait" that shows on my phone once I swing and the blank screen on my MAC? Also .... how does this connect the two? I love tech but am not fully literate when it comes to it. Through WiFi? Chrome? Google account? Thanks in advance. :)
Cool concept, ok try on execution. I'll try again later.
Worked on HTC one no problems nice demo a lot of potential
this would be awesome if it would just stop crashing on me.....
This works surprisingly well, I thought there would be more of a lag time. 

It is only a matter of time before google recreates wii like games and we will be all swinging our smart phones at the monitor.
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Good morning.........
That's fun but watch out for the phone.. ^^ (it could be slippy )
How can u be so awesome , Google ? 
someday , it may take over kinect :D
i have Android 4.1.1 installed and chrome ; and every time on my tablet it ask me to upgrade to the latest version of chrome ... that i have!!!
Quickest way to drop your phone lol can youbsay otter box?
If Google ran the world I don't i think I would be disappointed.
+ Giby Joseph 
Tried it last evening with my room mates. It's a lot of fun, but the levels become harder way too fast.
Anyways, it's amazing how the game can be controlled in real time.
Only got sound in chrome, crashed in safari, worked without sounds in Firefox. Got a long way to go, but cool nonetheless
Hone in ur computer know how,,,,don't want to be left behind,,,
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We're waaaay beyond Newtonian Physics here people.
+James Allen +Kevin Bailey Anybody else want popcorn? I'm gonna go get some--this is gonna be one heck of a show.

In all seriousness, who are we to try and figure out whether or not there's something outside of our universe controlling it?
It could be that there is no god, or maybe there is but he's a she.
Perhaps the Greeks were right, maybe the Wiccans were right, or perhaps the Jewish/Christian/Islamic god is the one that exists. (And before you get angry at me, yes, they are pretty much all the same god.)
Or maybe the Pastafarians will all laugh in our faces when God turns out to be a flying spaghetti monster.
Please make more of these awesome experiments. They're so fun and easy to use!!
I think it is funny. 
Broken monitors by the boatloads! Hold onto to your phones people. 
The site isn't loading for me - I just get the Divx black screen and catchy music
Hey, Google, why do you want to hijack my camera and microphone?! Get bent, bitches. Don't you get enough information voluntarily? Now you want to spy on me at any time?! And WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?! WTF?! Why? Do you hope to catch criminals and terrorists with this? If this is not the first MAJOR step into big brother watching your every move, I don't know what is. Most people probably just update without reading the permissions. Sorry, South Park alerted me to the dangers of clicking "agree" blindly. You'll never make a centipede out of me. 
I have a screenshot posted if you want to see what I mean +Jarod Mellor . I wanted to update my browser. Until I saw that. 
white screen only - looks like Google is overloaded, or took it down.
I tried this yesterday on my Chromebook and it works really well. 
Pretty cool but couldn't get it to work with my S3, :(
I can't get the game to work. I have Windows 7 with all the latest fixes and the latest version of Chrome. My phone and the browser interact well up until its time to play, then all I see is a gray screen with the Roll It logo and score board at the bottom. My friends are playing it elsewhere with the same specs and its working fine for them. What is my problem?
Google is always coming with cool stuff. I love this game. 
Google Sports ala Wii Sports would be awesome... ya hear that Google! Innovative stuff as usual.
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If you broke your phone from playing this game I dont think that you should have even been trusted with a phone in the first place
I like the interaction idea, but did we learn nothing from wii bowling? At least when you threw your wii remote through your screen you just had to replace the screen... And even if the wii remote got damaged they were only a few quid to replace - not hundreds!
"Seems your device doesn't support the modern technologies required to Rool It" on my Alcatel Evo7 HD with Chrome up to date. Why?
Is Chrome going to have the "Save for offline viewing" option on Android? The stock Android browser does, but the Nexus 7 comes with Chrome so I can't save pages offline :(
Must try this at home! Seems pretty cool!
wow! what a very uncreative, unfun, and unproductive waste of the world's time! thanks guys! you know chrome crashes all the time and needs updates right?
Luli P
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It claims it's working, but my computer screen remains blank except for the score.
i can't play it. Everytime i try to play to play it, my computer crashes, why??
When I open the page on my phone, chrome tells me I need to update my browser. I deinstalled and reinstalled chrome via play store without any success. Running Android 4.2.1. Anybody any idea what the problem could be here?
I have not had that experience, as of yet I   get crashes and waits before a page comes in   I really have been thinking about ditching google crome.
Does not work for me. Says couldn't connect to Web Socket server
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+Joe Louis You know what's funny? It runs perfectly on my Acer C7 Chromebook.
how do you play the game im ignorant
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