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Hi all, 

I'm new to Sheets and need some help with a question. 

Why does Google Sheets strip out the minus sign "-" from negative values in CSV files that are imported? 

Is there a way around that?

Welcome to Google Plus!

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Wikileaks trolling CIA at twitter...
this could get fun....

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Have you used Mixlr and what was your thoughts and experience with that?

I'm thinking of combining a Youtube On Air (running a slide show) and Mixlr for a live podcast to make it easier with interaction with followers. 
Or should I use something different like Ustream or Twitch for live streaming? 

I'll later host the show with an RSS feed at a host but I'm mostly interested in how to do things live as I like the authenticity and how fun live can be when you gaff .
Failure is always an option ;-) as Adam Savage of the Mythbusters always points out. 

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Okay everyone, this is OUR time to SHINE!

Lets all go troll the FCC like we have never trolled before!

+Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 

#netneutrality   #fcc   #trolling   #likeaboss  

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Not. Ok. 
Stop it, +Saxbys Coffee !
I was just at +Saxbys Coffee @ Vermont & K St NW, DC and saw this sign. I explained to the manager — the owners' son — that I found the sign offensive and asked for it to be replaced. It depicts a man spying on a woman using the toilet by climbing onto the partition. (This is on a single user restroom, which if signed otherwise could be trans friendly.)

His response was that:
* it depicts normal behavior, because guys are sexually attracted to girls;
* they've had it up for years and nobody has found it offensive;
* it's just a joke; and
* they would not change it.

So I decided to change where I'd buy my next food, and post it for others to take into consideration.


ETA: Saxby's posted on Twitter: "@saizai thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll be sure to reach out to this cafe."

ETA 2: Saxby's would like your feedback by email to

ETA 3: Actually, people have complained before. — h/t +B. Maura Townsend
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