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Hi all, 

I'm new to Sheets and need some help with a question. 

Why does Google Sheets strip out the minus sign "-" from negative values in CSV files that are imported? 

Is there a way around that?

Welcome to Google Plus!

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Wikileaks trolling CIA at twitter...
this could get fun....
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Have you used Mixlr and what was your thoughts and experience with that?

I'm thinking of combining a Youtube On Air (running a slide show) and Mixlr for a live podcast to make it easier with interaction with followers. 
Or should I use something different like Ustream or Twitch for live streaming? 

I'll later host the show with an RSS feed at a host but I'm mostly interested in how to do things live as I like the authenticity and how fun live can be when you gaff .
Failure is always an option ;-) as Adam Savage of the Mythbusters always points out. 

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Okay everyone, this is OUR time to SHINE!

Lets all go troll the FCC like we have never trolled before!

+Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 

#netneutrality   #fcc   #trolling   #likeaboss  
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Not. Ok. 
Stop it, +Saxbys Coffee !
I was just at +Saxbys Coffee @ Vermont & K St NW, DC and saw this sign. I explained to the manager — the owners' son — that I found the sign offensive and asked for it to be replaced. It depicts a man spying on a woman using the toilet by climbing onto the partition. (This is on a single user restroom, which if signed otherwise could be trans friendly.)

His response was that:
* it depicts normal behavior, because guys are sexually attracted to girls;
* they've had it up for years and nobody has found it offensive;
* it's just a joke; and
* they would not change it.

So I decided to change where I'd buy my next food, and post it for others to take into consideration.


ETA: Saxby's posted on Twitter: "@saizai thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll be sure to reach out to this cafe."

ETA 2: Saxby's would like your feedback by email to

ETA 3: Actually, people have complained before. — h/t +B. Maura Townsend
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Im a technology & culture nerd who's looking to start a podcast to bring amazing things to a non tech geeky crowd and at the same time use this as an oppertunity to meet even more amazing people. 

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I just love Reggie Watts
He's so subtle so smart and just briliant.

with or with out mudflapps flapping in the wind....
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ISEE-3 Dream Team Needs Your Help

The mission to save ISEE-3 has is underway. The ISEE-3 Reboot Project has posted a crowdfunding campaign on Rockethub. When  Hackaday first covered the ISEE-3 story no one had heard from it since 2008. Since then AMSAT-DL, an amateur radio group in Germany has received signals from the probe.

The ISEE-3 Reboot Project is being managed by Dennis Wingo and Keith Cowing, the same two men who spearheaded the effort to recover NASA’s Lunar Orbiter images from old magnetic tapes. They did most of their work using restored 1960′s equipment in a vacant McDonald’s.

The goal of the ISEE Reboot Project is to return ISEE-3 to its original Earth/Sun Lagrange point L1 orbit. Once safely back in orbit, it will be used for STEM education, amateur radio solar predictions, and for science about the sun. In Dennis Wingo's own words

If we can do this, we will have an open source, publicly accessible satellite data stream of the first open source satellite above Low Earth Orbit.

Wingo and Cowing aren’t alone in this effort; they are working with a venerable dream team. In addition to getting the nod from NASA, the team also has the help of Dr. Robert Farquhar, the orbital dynamics guru who originally designed ISEE-3′s comet intercept orbit . Farquhar has an extremely personal reason to participate in this project. In 1982 he “borrowed” the satellite to go comet hunting. Once that mission was complete, he promised to give ISEE-3 back. Dr. Farquhar and his team designed the maneuvers required to bring ISEE-3 back to L1 orbit back in the 1980′s. This includes a breathtaking moon flyby at an altitude of less than 50 km. Seriously, we want to see this guy’s KSP missions.

Communicating with the ISEE-3 is going to take some serious power and antenna gain. The project has this in the form of a 21 meter dish at Moorehead State University in Kentucky, USA, and the Arecibo Observatory. Arecibo should be well-known to our readers by now. Moorehead and Arecibo have both received signals from ISEE-3. The reboot project team is also working directly with the AMSAT-DL team in Germany.

If this effort seems a bit rushed, that’s because time is very short. To implement Dr. Farquhar's plan, ISEE-3 must fire its thrusters by late June 2014. In just two months the team needs to create software to implement ISEE-3′s communications protocols, obtain and install transmitters at Moorehead and Aricibo, and send some basic commands to the craft. Only then can they begin to ascertain ISEE-3′s overall health in preparation for a thruster burn.

If  the ISEE-3 Reboot Project succeeds, we’ll have an accessible satellite well outside of low Earth orbit. If it fails, Issac Newton will remain at the helm. ISEE-3 will fly right past Earth, not to be seen again until August 2029.
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