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Over 2200 members now... 

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Apple has a long ways to go. Voice is 100x on Android than it is on iOS, at least in terms of understanding what I want. 

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"The Touch Bar is gorgeous but is inefficient.

Apple’s job has always been to courageously lead the charge on design. Apple has a strong defensible opinion regarding where we should go versus where we’ve been. The Touch Bar hits common Apple Design high points. It cleanly integrates the keyboard and extends it. The gentle animations with occasional splashes of color are a joy to share with others.

… but it’s inefficient."

The Touch Bar sort of reminds me of the software buttons on Android, which I dislike. What I mean by that, they can be useful; but, they're not practical, and they end up causing more problems than helping solve them. They get in the way sometimes!

An example, when I'm using shortcuts in apps like FCP X or Illustrator, the lack of the physical function keys has broken my workflow in a negative manner. More missed keystrokes, more buttons to press to perform the same actions on my older MacBook or my iMac keyboard.

I do like the Touch Bar, I just haven't conditioned my brain into the habit of using it day-to-day.

If you'd like to know why I dislike the software buttons on Android, feel free to ask?!

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In 2008, I worked with Penguin Books to design the cover of their reissue of George Orwell’s dystopian drama “1984.” I consider both #1984 and #AnimalFarm two of the most important and inspiring novels written in the 20th century and I continue to use elements from both books in my work today.

Since Donald J. Trump took office earlier this year, the book has climbed to the top spot on Amazon’s bestseller list, likely because themes in the book are still relevant in today’s political, social, and economic climate. Director Michael Radford’s rendition of the film is heading back into theaters on April 4th in over 180 art-house theaters around the country and world in protest of Trump’s administration and politics. Visit to find a theater near you! Thanks for caring. - Shepard


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I've went back to using Apple Calendar full time, mostly because there wasn't an iPad version of Google Calendar. I have no reason to switch back. Apple Calendar is integrated into iOS and macOS, so it works better for me. 

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In short; don't switch to a business account! If you have, switch back to a personal account. Instagram wants you to focus on your business, not hashtags. 😏

"The term “shadow ban”—also called “stealth” or “ghost” banning—refers to banning a person’s account without them knowing it. From their perspective, everything seems normal, but nobody else can actually see the photos or comments or videos they’re posting."

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The movement continues. Please watch & share the new trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power in theatres July 28th.#BeInconvenient

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When all the Apple "fan boys" (myself included) made fun of Google Glass. 🙄
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