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Christopher Colosi
I'm a man who removes variables, simplifies problems and solves puzzles.
I'm a man who removes variables, simplifies problems and solves puzzles.

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Vending Machine issue on Gloebit Island (and other Gloebit enabled regions on Discovery Grid) ---

Hello, Kayaker recently reported an issue where the money() script wasn't being triggered on Gloebit enabled regions on Discovery Grid. For those who aren't scripters, the money() script function is what is called after you pay a vending machine. It handles delivery of what you purchased.

I spent yesterday investigating this issue. We determined the cause, and Discovery Grid should be rolling out a fix soon. A very brief description follows. If people are interested in a lengthier post-mortem, I can write one up.

Brief Description:
The root cause was that the DTL money module was ignoring the configuration settings, partially enabling itself, and registering as the iMoneyModule interface on Gloebit enabled regions. It was confusing the script engine system and breaking the event that triggers the money() script to get called. The Gloebit Money Module was working properly, and there is no fix we can roll out for this. However, there are a few options for the Grid to resolve this and I have provided that information to the necessary parties. I believe that the route they are taking is to fix the bug in the DTL module so that it no longer enables itself when it shouldn't.

I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has. Our apologies for any merchants or consumers who had a poor experience due to this issue.

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Gloebit Status: We were recently alerted to failures when trying to purchase gloebits from our website using a credit card. We have now resolved this issue, so if you had received an error and were waiting for us to fix it, you can now purchase G$ again -

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Upgrade your viewer for an improved commerce experience.

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Very excited to be picking up from dreamworlds and dreamgrids.
I want to take this moment to thank you all for all the kinds comments, bug reports, and great advice over the last year. It's been a wild ride on the shoulders of the many users, devs and other contributors to this great, free, virtual world project.

Also, a reminder that I'll be speaking tomorrow, Saturday the 9th at OSCC2017 at 3PM SL time about Dreamworld statistics, issues and solutions, and will be introducing a new DreamGrid. It will probably be a very full sim, so register now, and come early! if you cannot make it, I'll post a link to the video and to my slides and notes when they are available.

I can now confirm that DreamWorld and and DreamGrid will soon have Gloebits, too, thanks to +Christopher Colosi putting up with my endless questions. Once you generate your Oauth keys, you just copy and paste them in and it will boot up with a working economy. The settings should survive an update, too. This does not have land sales, as I do not include PHP and Apache, but you can sell items from you own grid with Gloebits.

~ Ferd/Fred
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Fred has added a gui configuration for Gloebit in Dreamworld and Dreamgrid. This should make it even easier for everyone using his products.
Two updates just in time for Christmas: DreamWorld V1.73 has the Gloebits currency module for both and 0.9.0, and a setup screen. It has a better mechanism to detect Mysql startup so startup issues on slow machines should be gone.

DreamGrid has another batch of bug fixes and better icons to indicate region status. It's at V2.03 now.


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We wanted to alert our users to discovery of an intermittent payment failure which impacted about 6 users over the past 5 days (staring on November 10th). We have resolved this issue and emailed the users impacted directly. If you ran into this issue or didn't make a purchase because you were aware of it, apologies for the inconvenience. You can now return to Gloebit to make your purchase.

For any merchant who had a customer who couldn't make a purchase due to this issue, again, please accept our apologies and ask your customer to try to purchase gloebits again now.

-- Team Gloebit

Hey Folks,

I've gotten some complaints about spam. Please keep any announcements here to things involving Gloebit or use of gloebits. Also, please don't repost the same thing every day.

Thank you.

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Thought this might be of particular interest to those on OSGrid since everyone bringing up regions may choose to run different money modules. With this patch, someone strolling across OSGrid would now get the correct currency symbol as then entered regions and buying/selling land should work without the need of those pesky php scripts.
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