Who is still watching TV and how? Live, recorded? is the screen just there to share what is on your web enabled devices? If you get the chance to read the blog please take a few moments more to share your thoughts in the blog comments. I am doing some research for a trip i am making next week.
TV “broke” for me 10 years ago when I got a TiVo (yes, they were available in the UK). Since then, with the exception of Doctor Who and the occasional glance at the news, I've not watched a live b...
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TV has been broken for years. Ours VERY rarely displays broadcast TV, acting almost solely as a monitor for XBMC. Sickbeard and Couchpotato ensure there's always something fresh to watch when WE want it, and the gaps are filled by BBC iPlayer. Add a couple of iPads and a smartphone each, and our video consumption needs are covered without having the freeview box even plugged in.

Admittedly it may get more usage in the next few months with the Olympics etc, but the point stands, TV really doesn't cut the mustard any more. 
I threw mine away about 4 years ago. Haven't missed it. 
Haven't had a tv for about 4 years, live off on demand, series box sets and films. Don't miss it at all.
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