Where are the Game changers?

Reading this article by +Hermione Way (she doesn't seem to be using G+ yet..)


She Talks about how Silicon Valley is saturated with the same old same old and asks where the real game changers are.

My favorite unsung hero of the game changing world is Love Fresh by +Mark Spofforth and his team. It's not just what it does but what it will do and how it will pave the way for others to change the way we find and interact with local food producers around us.

Imagine this platform being used in developing countries.. Imagine a clone built on the same backend enabling people to reliably source medication. It's mechanism is simple and brilliant.

Lovefresh and the ideas behind it are game changing. Yet at the moment it's hardly off the ground. It's flying 6 feet and steady but it needs a some lift. At this moment funding is down to crumbs.

All that's needed are investors with a little passion and the vision to see what's possible.
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