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Chris Abraham
Social media marketing and digital PR strategist
Social media marketing and digital PR strategist


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Do you use a CDN? Do you blog? Do you optimize your images? Do you pay proper homage to the Google gods? And other tricks of the SEO trade via +JD Lasica

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Because so many people presumably make so much money “doing SEO,” there’s a lot of confusion as to what Search Engine Optimization is and all the little things that you can do right now, today, to improve your the results on your SERP — search engine results page. OK, let’s start . . .

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I was on +SEMrush waiting for a call with Olga Smirnova and saw that under the Google Search "does google lie" my blog post on Biznology is #1 on the SERP! Deep pride and joy!

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When I received them I fell in love. They feel like a pair of snug boxer briefs but with some padding on the bottom and the support of compression shorts.

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If you’ve ever wondered how some search engine results come up with gold stars, those are called Google Reviews. They’re part of a special structured data coding, called schema, that tells Google which web site pages contain proper 1-5 star reviews. Then, Google renders these reviews inline with the Google SERP. It’s very groovy!

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Facebook is pretty good at making everything you share look pretty good all on its own — until it doesn’t. What then? What happens when you spend the time and energy going through all your old posts and content to intentionally render properly on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Plus, Medium, LinkinedIn, and Tumblr, and you go back to share your old evergreen content onto Facebook and when your title, summary, and featured image pop up on Facebook automagically, it’s the same crappy-looking, poorly-rendered, ugly-ass image-less, title-less, and description-less post.

In order speed things up, Facebook scrapes every URL that you and I drop in and share to Facebook and then packages it into a ratio-cropped featured image, a title, and a summary, usually taken from either the title/description meta tag on your site or from the proper title and the first paragraph of the article.

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Because we spend so much time being afraid of our t-shirts flying over our head, exposing our flabby pale flanks, our plumber cracks, or anything that makes us insecure, especially men, who are always pulling down their t-shirts at the gym in the same way someone might constantly and self-consciously adjust a revealing or I’ll fitting bikini or gown.

And nobody wants to see our bellies and butts during floor work and lat pull-downs. And when I’m on a jog, I don’t like feeling my tummy move as I run.

Or, when I’m bicycling or at spin, I don’t have to worry about mooning those around me whenever I wear my wrestling singlet or rowing unisuit, ordered to size, underneath my sweatshirt and t-shirts.

I can feel free to go to 9round and roll all over the floor doing abs and plans and when I do yoga I can try to hit all the Asanas without revealing all sorts of the flesh and skin I’m working hard to shed. It makes such a difference, at least for me. I recommend it.

It also prevents chaffing between thighs and nipples and any other chaffing problems.

Its a little expensive but they last forever, are well made, you can get cheaper ones, and they also act a little bit like Spanx under clothing.

I just received my custom-sewn black XXL rowing unisuit from JLRacing to add to my drawer full of various and sundry JL Racing trou and unisuits.

Why do I order unisuits and not just the rowing trou, which look like bike shorts but don’t extend over the torso into a tank top like the rowing unisuit does.

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My personal project management choice for Gerris and me is Basecamp

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Never trust anyone who brags about being humble.

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Sending out invitations without receiving the sort or RSVP response that you desire or expect can drive someone insane. We all know that maybe means no and that yes can mean no, too. However, the vast majority of people who don’t respond aren’t being passive-aggressive jerk-faces — they’re just too busy just then or they’re waiting on someone else’s feedback or they had such good intentions … until they totally spaced out. The majority have totally spaced out. The majority of everyone is spaced out, situationally.
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