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Chicago, Divvy Bikes are here! Our bike sharing system officially launches tomorrow morning.
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ya gotta understand,,they are for democrats to ride as soon as a republican can teach them how.  it's good to get them outta cars.
After a rather quick look at your profile there +Bradley Rotterman, I must say I find it odd that you would say such a thing in the matter you did. 
"Those bikes have got to be the ugliest goddamn things I've ever seen... not to mention they look gay as hell too!!.. smh."
 Because they are powder blue? the screen on the front of the bikes? ... They are part of a the public transportation apparently and you're upset about how they look?  You do a major discredit to the rest of the Gay community with a remark like that.  If you want a "snazy" bike get your own... As for +john splater's comment... rather limited view of politics if you are tying it into Bike transportation...
Great! Kid's without schools will have something to do.
We like the idea and the colour is great as it's currently unique to Chicago, what a brilliant way to explore the city
+Bradley Rotterman  How about no... Public post, don't want to see any opinions then don't look at the post's comments. Otherwise why don't you STFU  And act like a human being and not a juvenile. 
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