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157 goals in 8 years, 3 Premier Leagues, 4 FA Cups, 2 Carling Cups, ONE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. Leave your messages for Didier here...
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Drogba is a great footballer of all time and a pride of Africa...
you are tooo much, you r the pride of africa!,wish u the best.
A true legend, thank you Didier.
Thanks for evertything Didier! You are a true Chelsea and African Legend....i wish you the best in all your future endeavors! Keep Dancing Coupe Decale!
Please don't go to China....would love to follow you to a real club. France or America please!! Best of wishes though wherever you decide.
selam atas kemenanganmu
Wish you luck, Drogba
Thank you so much Didier for all your contribution in making this club what it is today. You signify a real hero in the eyes of all the supporters of Chelsea F.C... We will always have you in our hearts......
Congrats. Chelsea is going to miss you.
You rock!
Congratulations, Drogba...!!! 2012 has been a great year for Chelsea and you.
Chelsea fans all round praise u… great play frogs
U are the best! at school i was nicknamed Drogba or DD due to my wacky hairstyles and obsession with u! lol! thank u for all you've done for Chelsea ! u are legendary!!!
I am very happy in this year as you's goal is very important Chelsea.
great player but he helped inthe game that chelsea won benfica
i think h made his choice if am not to charge it
Li Quan
The best striker i have ever seen! good luck wherever he goes!
I am very proud of a fellow SD. He proudly represented our country.
all the youth recognizes in him.
a true icon, a true unifier.
Come to juventus! we need you!
Gracias papà Drogba te extrañaremos. Buena suerte a donde quiera que vayas.
The best striker of this millenium, the amazing Didier Drogba, A man born to score in the finals and lift trophies,
Parsa A
What a grate goal. I think Munich should have won though
Thank you so much for all of you've done for Chelsea, wish u luck on your way...DROGBAZOOKA^^
From the second I saw Didier step on the pitch in a Chelsea Shirt, I knew he was going to be a powerful force. I didn't realise quite how "blue" he was going to become. He was amazing for us and is going to leave an enormous hole in the Chelsea Team.

I wish him all the luck for his future and thank him for all the joy he brought to me as a Chelsea Fan and as a Football Fan.
your lifes short if you dont believe mann you gotta feel the power and strike back
Thank you DROGBA, we will miss you so much. I remember the first time mou bring you, and I never skeptics bout you
Parsa A
He was a grate footballer and will always be. Probably should have stayed at Chealsea
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go chelsea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! !
sniff sniff I'll miss you man. You were an excellent player on that team.
non better .... thanks for the good times Drog
wow! congratulations on the progress!! :D and that is one big cup that you won!! :D
again congratulations! :D
Merci Beaucoup Didier Drogba, I became a Chelsea fan because of you, you are a true BLUE legend!
We will always remember you as our Legend!
thanks man for 157goals they were very important to the Blues.
My the Light of the Lord keep shining on you and your family everyday.
God bless u!
BAYERN DESERVED IT! Shwienstiger just SCREWED up Big time.
chelsea is champions....
Thank you for everything. You're one of the greatest players the blues ever had! Greetings from germany!
Loved everything he did for the club!! He is THE man #legend
There's only one Didier Drogba! Thanks!
Thank you Didier! You are a Legend
hey drogba im wach your game,,,,,nice panalty shoot i like it,,,,
they were aint luck at all. thats wat happens when your opponenets misses chances
why's he going to china of all places? who watches chinese football matches? what a waste of talent. anyway, you have been good entertainment didier. hope to see you play for africa
thats ril, h uses his chances when h have the chances like any other striker. i think h have much to achive in yrs to cum
#didierdrogba You are a legend. Franchement chapeau
its money issue here bud. he will be paid much though on a contract of one year.
I hail U Didier Drogba. Ur zeal, determination, faith was all inspiring. wish U d best in Ur future endeavours.
drogba,any where u end up,i will follow.ur biggest fan
Reverence from a Manchester United fan, here. Great player. Chelsea won't be the same club without him.
Thank you Drogba you are and will always be a Chelsea legend. Wish you all the best
thank you are the best striker in the world .
Always good to leave when the ovation is loudest. Didier, you've tried for Chelsea. It's time to move on to a new challenge.
yoh u awsum dude i mean lyk u good tht was 1 hack of a goal u scored 
le seul regret prk marseille DIdier.c naze vive Paris
i don,t care about chelsea ;but drogba is a good player
There are many heroes at Stamford Bridge but only one is the KING, Didi..." once a king always the king. RESPECT!
proud to have u in chelsea..thanks 4 your contribution..anyways still have Fernando Torres..!!!
you deserve all the credit you get, thank you for MAKING chelsea fc
without doubt you are new dimension of football :) wishing you luck in all your endeavors.
Thank u so much u made me like football 
The reason I became a Chelsea FC fan. Thank you to the legend, and probably one of the best hearted people out there. Dicier Drogba 
Chelsea ROCK!!!!!!!! epic picture man :-)
what a legend u r, we will miss u dearly.
We cannot forget you Didier Drogba .. we will miss you a lot ,,
Bye Drogba please go to China club so I won't have to see you play against chelsea and hopefully they will give you a big salary
a true legend in the world of amazing soccer
The moment Drogba equalized in the 88th min, I told my wife that come what may, Chelsea are winning this :)
Finally! After Drogba scored that equalizer, my actions may prevent me from being allowed back at the pub that I watched the game at... :)
This is the best way of leaving....
Keep reaching for greatness and maturity...
Thanks ...
loved to see you go where no man has gone before.. will miss that.
All the best to you and your family.
Droga played amazngly for Chelsea FC. He helped the team in everyway possible, and paved the way for the club to make a stand in European Football. Without him I don´t know if Chelsea FC, would be as popular, thanks to him. Of all the clubs in England, Chelsea is definetly my favorite.
farewell didier....t
hz for everything..
wel nt much 2 say bt go out thr nd proof tht u stil cn.
You are the greatest ever Didier... I wish Torres could learn from you and really break his back next season. Hard to be you.x
Well done Drogba. One of our best ever players :D
I thought football was with pig skins, white power...
take a shower
you stinky fucking britts
suckin on my tits
eating fish and chips
sittin on guys tips
its fucking tea time
when i bust a rhyme
You deserve it Didier! Born on 11th of march (1995), just like the MASTER
Enorme jugador, lastima que no pueda retirarse donde el se merece
thanks for the penalty and thanks for the goal
what an amazing 8 years at the Bridge. there is now a hole in the team that cant be filled. stay hard Didier!!!
Come to Hungary, Debrecen! We need a hero for the Cl!
Tank s so much brother we love u . . iam realy proud of a fan of you . . you are a legend . .
keep it up didier you are the best in Africa but please stay in chelsea fc, because you are the key to our success
Well Done Chelsea, bravo Ferando T
Thanks Didier for the all wonderful times ;) We will remember you , you are blue legend . Best wishes , your next club has a lot of luck !
He only needs world cup for green tea
drogba is god.....welldone big boy.......
Zao mi je,navijao sam za Bayern Minhen.
look i am not supporter of Chelsea but i really like it i am supporter of Real Madrid but I think Didier Drogba is one of the best strikers if not the best in the world
We will forever be in debt to you Drogba, you will always be remembered at the Bridge, a true Legend. thanksDrogba
Yes he is, it is the same story as with Michael Ballack: both wanted a two-year deal and the Blues only offered a one-year deal. This is how you loose the top players!
yourrrr aa greaaaaaaaat player......

Love from Pakistan
Drogba, you'll be missed, true blue, Munich hero ! 
Nie mogę uwierzyć, że Drogba opuszcza Chelsea :(
To co zrobił dla Niebieskich to nie do opisania.
Tyle wspaniałych bramek i wzruszeń.
Stara Gwardia Spod Stamford Bridge... taką Chelsea pamiętam.
Cech,Terry, A.Cole, Malouda, J. Terry, Frank Lampard i Didier Drogba. Bez Drogby nie będzie już tak samo. A co z resztą zawodników ? Chciałbym by pozostali w The Blue's.
Didier Dziękuję. Tyle mogę powiedzieć.
Didi Thank You !
Didier.. I just cant imagine chelsea without you.. Many came and many went but no one could replace you and I dont think anyone will... LEGEND...
Good luck Champion of Europe!
I <3 you didier hope u remeber all the fantastic years you hav had at Chelsea #loveyoulikeabrother
I really can't believe it that Drogba is leaving,but i respect people's choices,i just want to take this opportunity to God for he brought you Drogba in our team Chelsea to lift our maiden Uefa cup. U're such an amazing striker over the years you've displayed splendid football. I wish you all the best in your endeavour,may God continue to bless you,you're our hero i love you.You've left a mark that every Chelsea fan will remember you with. Thanks man. Thanks a million....
you r my general out of all damion drysdale saying to the dream team congrats drogba
Great Drogba you make us proud as an african; we are great people with great DD one of us. Thank you brother you make me proud in the mist of football fans. UP CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!. Best of luck. 
Gonna miss you Didier. You were awesome in the CL final
when jose m.left i placed all my hopes in u,n u never disappointed,honestly i cant imagine a chelsea without u,i really wish i could turn back seasons so that i can still see u play 4me(4chelsea).i promise u dat ''in 50 years time i'll still talk about u as my own chelsea's best player of all time,pls try n b visiting stamford bridge during live matches so we can b seein u n knowin how u r doin,n if u hav a son dat'll play football make he plays 4 chelsea so we can give 2 him what we werent able 2 give 2u,,,haaa!!! We luv u Drogba,we luv u,u should b immortalized at stamford bridge,,well,i wish u d best in all u do,God's blessings,protection n favour 'll always follow u n ur family where ever u go,,,we 'll always miss u!!!
u are a legend drogba!!!
Ребята спасибо из России от болельщика ЦСКА в первую очередь Россия чемпион! рад за нас!
Thnx Drogbaaaa, you will b missed. :(
انشاء الله على ريال مدريد رح يجي
Drogs! Every good thing must come to an end. We accept this is the best time to leave. You will always have two things, blue blood and African blood. You are the man. Thank you and good luck.
can't imagine Drogba not being there next season.... but I wish him all the luck
didior droqba ......... hola hola !!!!!!!
Thank you Drogba and all the best!!!
Great job! Nice pk in camps league. awesome career with Chelsea! all the best
Drogba u ar great ad i love u ad de way u play 4 chelsea
You've become a legend and you are the KING of Football. Didi, you DID IT!
Legend for Chelsea...thanks bro
Thanks Didier. U are the best!!! :)
awesome, and its a good story too of redemption.
did alot for the club, cheers
i wish you to have success wherever you go
alot of peaple says trash when given a golden opportunity to say good things about good peaple. am greatful as a chelsea FAN, am proud as an AFRICAN, & am so happy 4 your contribution to the developement of European Football. Welldone DROG!!!!!
why our hero must be gone ?
it's not fair, really not fair.
DiDier AlWays A LEGEND For the CLUb!!!!!!
All the best drogba keep doing what u do, where ever u go but not at us lol
i became a Chelsea fan because of this man...
the way our club let him go, and at what critical time, is making me doubt my affiliation with the club...
Drogba is a legend and alllways will be
Thanks from me too for this great African Footballer who has given so much to Chelsea and the most precious is the Champions League win, my standing aviation to him
The Power Of Chelsea :)
He's Good Man in a Good Team !!

Next Legend ...
Abe Als
Why do you wanna leave your team during the best days of your career? 
if drogba goes chelsea will always have him in their heart
I can't believe it. It's like a bad dream ... welling with tears. You will remain in the hearts of fans forever! Amazing man ... a man of legend. Nobody will forget what you did for us.Thank you for eight years spent in Chelsea! Thanks for the Champions League for FE cups!!! Thank you for each of 337 matches, You made us happy for the wonderful goals! You're standing in line with Zola, Wise, Gullit, Hughes! Thank you Didier Drogba, Thank you for all!Russia.
we will miss you
we never forget you
our hero
Didier Drogba!!! 
yeah. This was really a year for our main man. "Master pieces - The Legend himself, The real *** " i wish u all the best man for ur futur career. Best of luck, u are really the legend of Africa. Lots of love.
thanks a lot man you made us win quite a large number of times
Dude u r always awesome,gud wth yo new club jst wish u could stay.Zambia luvs u.
♥Drogbaaaaaaaa is great thank You Didier ♥
drogba big game god, godba
Very very thank you Drogba of Chelsea
thx ,plz don't leave ,plz, we love you too much
Thank's Drogba
We love U Forever
Good luck in the future Drogs ! Thank u for your support and love for Chelsea.. We all love u !
even though you have to leave but your legacy will live on our legend"GRACIERS"your number will be immortalise

Drogba.. why ? .. I love you so much!! I believe that this is not true!! :)) you and Chelsea is like ONE!!
You are a Hero!!!
I am grateful to you for scoring in big matches. you always scored when there was utter need. And because of you, chances of winning were increased everytime!!! YOu are awesome!!!! :D :B
Drogba is best player!!!! the chelsea is winning just because u are there... thank u drogba for helping chelsea to win big matches..YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!
even messi would die to play along side drogba
drogba, a titan. all the best, i just hope he now wins a major cup with cote d'ivoire as well.
Am not really your fan but to say the truth you are one of the best players the world has ever seen .keep doing Africa proud

chelsea is the best team in whole world........
& there players are the best in univers...
My favorite futbol player ever...he means so much!!!! $tay at Chelsea drugs! We love you!
one of the best strikers ever
Please 1 more Drog.. World Cup Club Championship
thanks to all of you to this math.i love you chelsea.
i love you and may the success follow you to wherever you go 
Couldn't have done it without you!
thanks Didier Drogba!! you are one of the best football player of the world...
You must to stay at Chelsea FC. it is your House and we shall miss you...
A hero worthy mentioning in Chelsea Fc history books........
thank u drogba for everything you have done
Drogba is... CHELSEA FC HISTORY. you will be remembered forever.
this very moment will never  Be forgoten In the life of every football lover not only Us as a Chelsea fans
Drogba we will always love you,keep working hard god will show you green pastures.before you sleep say this!oh god almythy i thank you lord for the opportunity you have given me in hard and happier times at chelsea give me more power to be the best in the world amen!!!stay cool my brother
thank you dider for every thin
g realy ilove you 
An nt a Chelsea fan bt I respect Didier for everything he has done 4 Chelsea
He indeed is one of the greatest!!!...
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