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Watch highlights from yesterday's local derby win here
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no lo entiendo que decisis
continue like that chelsea, we're always here to bet on you
this team is like a thunderstorm
T9 rocks,the king is back
why not?and fuck u back
its in a high difinition. good job must be the winner for UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 
i like Torres because of Liverpool
Nick Morgan? Why is u hatin
chelse??? zeroooooooooooooooooo...................................
we must play on counter attack in allians arena
That's more like it , like the old Chelsea.
Liverpool< Scrat from ice age
haha your so funny better than u will ever be tho :?
thtas what i was thinking aswell :/
Liverpool= not so bad but man city is way betta
yeah im with u there simon lee ^ :)
haha so what u doing like ???
its alright
do u have facebook ???
chelsea suck booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
is gud 2 every chelsea fun abt torres goals.
Booooooooooooo yourself
We bought the lad from sunny Spain, Torres, Torres, people said he won't score again, Torres, Guess what now, he's just scored 3, and now we're climbing up the league, Fernando Torres, OUR NUMBER 9
Lets go Chelsea we are dah champions dis year 
great goal torres , love u forever,and love chelsea forever
El nino do it to Neuer too.NOW OR NEVER.Chelsea for CL
هاك ولا بلاش
Dey av‘nt seen anytin yet, cuz torres has just started 
that what a team has to do
im so happy. go chelsea! just one cup more
You can do it more...
Keep Spirit for the day after tomorrow
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