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      ♥♥♥ Who should be in this circle ? ♥♥♥

I was very selective in choosing the people in this circle. I have looked at hundreds of profiles and I have selected the ones that I like. Most of what you'll find here is fine art photographers, B&W photographers, and landscape photographers. Other than the B&W Fine Art Photography most of what you'll see from this group is properly called Eye-Candy.

How many of you remember my circle for great photographers with15'000 followers or less ? Well this time, how about we go for fewer than 7500? The last time we did this, it was a lot of fun and a lot of people wanted to do it again.

Here's a circle of photographers with less than7500 followers. All have some great images to share. Some are fantastic, some awesome. Add this circle, find the ones you enjoy, remove the ones that just aren't to your taste. I think there's a nice cross-section of photographers doing portrait, landscape, street, and B&W

• Only you can decide which are really awesome, enjoy and share.
• What's that you say ? There's only 128 !!! That's where you come in.
• I want to build this circle up 200 (or more) people and then share it.
• I need you to tell me who needs to be in it.

Who is your favorite photographer with less than 7500 followers that you think needs more recognition?

• People whose whole stream is project 52 / project 365 photos are unlikely to be chosen
• If there aren't any banner images, I pretty sure I'll skip on by.
• I will be in the circle and I have 32'100 followers
• Please suggest who should be in this circle, more people recommending a single person is good.
• I will verify every profile and I will select which ones get added
• If the profile has no avatar - out
• If there are animated gifs in the stream - no
• if there is little or not photographs in the stream - no
• (Tricky here) If I don't like what I see - no
• If I see anything rude or unfriendly - no
• No one with more than 7500 followers (except me) will be added unless they were added before reaching that number

► Every profile was verified. If I saw animated gifs, a slew of shares or too little photography, the profile wasn't added.

Unfortunately, when you do a circle like this, some people will be unhappy

• If you're a landscape photographer and you don't know +Johan Peijnenburg be sure to make his acquaintance. He is a very talented landscape photographer and keeps one of the best photography circles on G+; which he will reshare soon.

• Architecture and B&W photographers should become acquainted with +David Bowden and +Joel Tjintjelaar (B&W + Long Exposure)

• Check out +Daily Fine Art Themes

+Stuart Williams shares some of the best images and best circles on G+

►►►► Remember, the more you share the circle the farther the circle goes. The farther it goes, the more people will see it. The point of a circle is to gain visibility. If you're in this circle it helps you and your fellow photographers if you share it ◄◄◄◄

This circle will be re-shared once we reach the target. In the meantime, who do you think I should add. I am truly going to be very selective so only suggest the people who you think are truly some of the best photographers on G+.

+Colby Brown is still working on an "inspiration" circle of photographers with less than 20'000 followers. If you haven't already interacted with the post here's the link:

#circleshare #sharedcircles ◊◊◊
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Thanks! I always love finding new photographers to follow!
thanks for all your hard work of curating these circles +Charles Lupica there are some great photographers in there!
+Gene Bowker - I think there is Gene. I vetted this circle pretty hard so the people that are in it should have some very nice work. Of course, like so many things, it comes down to the taste of the person building the circle.
+Johan Peijnenburg Though we're friends, that wouldn't be enough for me to mention you here. I truly believe that your landscape photography is among the best seen on G+ and that your Landscape and Nature photography circle is one of the best managed and maintained circles. :-))
+Johan Peijnenburg In reviewing all the profiles in this circle, I was fully convinced that I need to spend more time with my camera and studying Photoshop. Continuous learning is necessary when there's so many talented people here on G+. If you ever decide to do an organized landscape workshop, sign me up. :-))
I'm off to take my son to swimming. I'll check back a bit later.
+Eva Kleijn - I have added you to other circles but yo weren't included in this one. I'd have to look at your profile to know why but I have to go now.
Thanks for the circle +Charles Lupica! Hope to be in one day! ;) but don't aiming for to it right now! (too soon!) ;)
+Charles Lupica Thank you for sharing this I recommend +Jerome Salort + Jean-Marc Payet which begins in this beautiful work you made +Patrick Di Fruscia + Groubler du Preez +Vincent Favre +Yannick Lefevre +Josep-MariaRobert + Stan Showalter who experiment with sounds and have their own style and image has come to touch me thank you again
Thanks for this and all the other circles you share! Great to find inspiration from so many new places :).
Thanks for including me Charles!
I'll check back later and add some more people.
Thanks for the add +Charles Lupica You are very kind. Great talent in your circle which will undoubtedly and deservedly have more than the 7500 cut off in the near future thanks to the efforts of the great G+ers out there such as yourself.
people that are in this circle should share it. The farther the circle reaches, the more visibility the people in the circle will get
+Dietmar Descamps I thought I had put you in the circle already. This happened the last time to some people. I have now added you to the circle so you'll be in it when I share the completed version.
+Johan Peijnenburg - There's always someone better, faster, smarter, quicker; all anyone can do is to continue to try to improve. And even if there are better, no one is going to go wrong by having you in their viewing circle.
+Charles Lupica, no one is going to go wrong by having +Johan Peijnenburg and yourself in a circle!!

BTW - I always enjoy it when the two of you have a public debate about something and the loving passion starts to fill the thread. I hope that's not wrong of me? :-)
Thank you so much +Jan Havrda I am honoured that you think i should be included. +Charles Lupica your circles are what got me stated here on G+, thank you for putting together another one. I recommend you include +David Murphy he is a very good photographer :)
+Mr. Benway Thanks for throwing my name out there. It really means a lot... :)
+Charles Lupica I would waiver too, Charles! - and I'm more than satisfied to be included in your earlier circle, So if you need the room....... I'm not offended in any way.

+Margaret Tompkins Thank you Margaret for your continued encouragement. I will continue my efforts to improve and be worthy of your support. Thanks again.
Wow, my first circle! I'm so honoured to be selected, +Charles Lupica. Thank you so very much!! :) And a big thanks again to +Mr. Benway for the recommendation! This has made my day!!!
It's almost midnight so I'll pick this up tomorrow. cheers
I guess I have grown up, accelerated by the growing down of your circles. Not fitting inside, it feels like I am leaving home ;)
Great work +Charles Lupica !
I'm new to circles... do they update somehow with new additions added? Some of the names +Charles Lupica mentioned adding aren't showing up in the circle yet, mine included. ;) Just curious...
+Amy Weiss, after he has gathered all the suggested names, he will have to reshare the "new" circle with the additions and then you will be able to see yourself and others in that edition! Hope this helps. :-)
Thanks for including me in this circle. I will be traveling to the Ukraine in May for a photo assignment that includes photographing a lot of churches. I will try to be sharing those at the end of each day I'm there. Jet-lag permitting of course!
+Harry Kikstra - Colby is still working on his 20'000 circle I think. I recently did the 15'000 circle so I thought to set the threshold lower to try and help the people just getting going. With 32'000 followers I hope to have more leverage to help people than someone with 3200.

But Harry, when +Stuart Williams does his next revision of the Eye Candy circle, I'll be sure to suggest that you be included, if by some off chance you're not already there. :-))
+Harry Kikstra With the growth you've seen in your follower count, I may need to ask to be in your circle. You're a really good example of what good work, interactivity, and a bit of luck can do for someone on G+.
+Amy Weiss Circles are a "snapshot" in time. The new additions won't show until I share a new version of the circle. I'll share that when we reach more than 200. So, right now, we're still a long way away from that target. The more sharing and the more commending of others who then recommend others will accelerate the growth of the circle so that I can re-share it with all the new additions. Right now I still need about 50 people.

I hope that makes sense.
I think this is an interesting dynamic. When I did a circle of less than 20'000 followers and then a circle of less than 15'000, those two posts were very active and I was able to complete the circles in a few days. This circle seems to be far less active. It makes me wonder if many of the people in this circle have a smaller number of followers because they are not as active as the people with more followers. Certainly that is a generality and won't apply to everyone but the number of shares for a circle like this is below par. If the circle doesn't get shared, others won't find it.

Unshared circles might as well not exist. Everyone that's in this circle that cares about getting more visibility should be adding their suggestions and sharing this version of the circle. When the final version comes out, everyone should reshare it again.
Please share the circle or it might as well not exist !!!
I think you get some who are not as active and also some newer people who haven't learned how G+ works =)
+Gene Bowker Thank Gene for you comments. I think that's probably it. I've also run into a few people that son't want followers so there are probably a few of those in the circle as well.
+Gene Bowker - I'm actually not that unhappy about the number of shares. What I don't like to see is the lack of new suggestions. I don't really want to spread this out over weeks like Colby Brown and Mike Shaw are inclined to do. I guess that works for them because I have to sort through their newer posts to find the old one. that gives them an opportunity to catch my eye for something else they're doing.

Perhaps I should learn from the masters and let this run for a couple of weeks, then share it people have forgotten about it. That might be a good strategy.
yep.. I know a lot of us appreciate all the work you do with promoting the circles. It really helped me when I was starting out to get exposure from you, +Steve Johnson etc... =)
+Gene Bowker your comment is right about not knowing about G+ but is there any guidelines defined somewhere? I would be more than happy to know more about the way to work with this new tool.
+Natali Gagnon - you might want to check out +Colby Brown's newly released book, G+ for photographers". There's a link to Amazon on his stream, for a soft copy, an eBook and a Kindle version, I believe.
Some shameless self advertisement. I think I might qualify. I'd say it's up to you liking it or not :)
Here's the short answer about circles. If you want to have 500 followers circle 500 people, one at a time. Uncirlce the ones who you decide you don't like or don't circle you back.

If you want 15'000 followers, learn to embrace circles. Circles are your friend. Finda as many quality circles as you can, add them to your circles. Circle people until you have 4500 people circled. Constantly prune your circle of people you don't like and people that haven't circled you back. keep a "permanent" circle of 500 to 1000 people who you like whether or not they circle you back.

Be on the lookout for circles that fit what you do and who you are. I'm in several circles that only marginally connect to photography. If you do landscape, try to be in +Johan Peijnenburg' s landscape and Nature circle. Do lots of cool images and try to get into +Stuart Williams Eye-Candy circle, if you do a lot of B&W or architectural images - try to get into the circles by +David Bowden. Take part in the photography themes that interest you; especially the ones that have active curators.

When you get added to a circle, share the circle. If it's a circle like this one, share it and add some suggestions. Circles are you friend if you want to increase your visibility and meet lots of new people. People that believe that only good photography is needed miss the point of social networking. It is unlikely they will ever get as many followers as someone with good images and some social media understanding.
+Marko Haatanen I once heard it said that, "Only you and your mother care". So, unless your mother has a G+ account, what's wrong with a bit of self promotion? Nearly all of the "big" names on G+ promote themselves endlessly. OK- I added you - some very nice scenes of the Aurora.
+Manuel Votta added you but think about adding fewer snapshots. A snapshot of your dog and a few others takes away from the quality of your work, just my opinion.
+Charles Lupica: how do they say? "It's about quality, not quantity!" Isn't it? :)
I think you are right, I began in that way but then I've found the daily photo themes and started to contribute to some more of them :)
Thanks for the advice, and obviously thanks for the add!
Another good nominee for this circle is +Sarah Keane she takes some great shots of Ireland.
Nice to see more photographers with quality work +Charles Lupica, One day I will be worthy enough to be on one of those circles :P
+Lino Steenkamp thank you very much for recommending me, its a great feeling to realise my work is being appreciated as much as I am enjoying capturing and creating it. +Charles Lupica thank you for adding me to this circle, its a great honour and wonderful feeling, and tops my day of wonderfully as I received my first batch of business cards this morning!!!
I'd love to be included in this circle... the last one was a real boost to me. Your rules also just made me realise I didn't have any banner pics.. So I've quickly remedied that! Now I just need someone to recommend me! ;-)

I recommend +Phil Jones. He's my business partner and we work together lots. He's just got a brand new 5Dmkii so I'm expecting to see some good things from him in the coming months!
Thanks a lot for adding me to this circle. That's really a true honor to me and I'm really happy about this. I'm really happy that I can show my work to a lot of people.
Thank you for creating this absolutely stunning circle with those great photographers, too.
+Joni Niemelä has some quality work. Been sharing another circle .A lot different than the stuff I usually do but makes me want to buy a macro lens ;-) along with some of the great work on there...
Can pages apply? My wife's photos are posted there and not on her profile - +Stu Stu Studio
Thanks! Love shared circles, these refined photographer ones are great! Has anyone nominated +Daniel Peckham?
Have you had the time to check out my recommendations? +Cole Thompson +John Barclay ? And how about +Tony Sweet ? All are tremendous talents.
Of course, I'd like to be considered, too. The previous circle you put me in got me more followers....but more importantly, more comments and feedback on my postings.
+Michael Stuart No, I don't add pages to the circles. I know that leaves some photographers out. I think a lot of people have given up on pages as a vehicle for showing their work. I know I have a page and never use it.
+Ben Smith Phil isn't active enough on G+ for me to add him even though he has some fine work. One post a week, or less, isn't enough.
+Charles Lupica agreed, pages seem a bit broken at the moment but hopefully that will change as they roll out updates. Thanks for the response!
more idiosyncrasy from me:
If I see too much phone photography it needs to be well beyond good - sorry.

When I see a name I know and I have added them many times to many of my circles and they don't have me circled I have to think they don't like my work and / or my circles. Circling me isn't a requirement for being in this circle, but, for example, there are a couple of people that gained hundreds of followers in the "15'000" followers circle (maybe more than 1000) that have been recommended here that don't have me circled. This tells me that they didn't add the circle but benefited from it. I see these circles as being mutually beneficial. If I keep adding them and they don't add me, I have to wonder if they want to be here.
It really is an honor and humbling to be included in this circle of great photographers. Thankful for the recommendation. (Not sure who recommended me. Have to find out.) Thank you very much Mr. +Charles Lupica for making this circle. YAY! I made it!
+Stephen Levin - I have looked at your suggestions and I don't really want to say why I choose one person and not another but I'll offer you these explanations so that it may help others know what I'm looking for.

Cole Thompson is way too inactive on G+ to be considered and half of what he has posted links to "offsite". I have to say no even though he has some nice work.

John Braclay is even less active than Cole, he hasn't posted anything in nearly 6 weeks.

Tony Sweet is active and has nice stuff, but again, all of his work is linked to offsite blogs and albums. Just not what I'm looking for when sharing circles.
Thank you, Charles! I'm very honored to be included and appreciate you taking the time to visit my page.
Sorry to hear that +Charles Lupica . Is there a setting somewhere that I need to adjust? My current follower count is just short of 6900
Hi +Charles Lupica . I think I found the necessary tick box. You should now be able to verify the number of people who have circled me. Sorry for the inconvenience :-)
+Stephen Thackeray on the section below your profile pic in your profile page, click on "who is visible here" and check the box that says "show people who have added you to circles". Hit save and that circle count will appear on your profile page.
+Ron Day - I just saw one of your wonderful images in my stream so I had a look - you've been added :-))
Thanks for your tireless work to pick out this amazing photographers and thanks for including me in one of your circles again. There are some really interessting people in your work was worth again. Great +Charles Lupica !!
Thanks +Charles Lupica ! I'm honored to included in a smaller circle. I appreciate smaller circles because I feel the people that follow them are more likely to interact since the stream isn't flowing quite so fast. Maybe this is just a delusion of mine. Anyway, I suggest +Sean Duggan he is still criminally low on followers. excellent educator, fine art photographer and yes he does phone photography but they are out of this world good. Also +John Chumack for astrophotography, +Michael Gates, +Joni Niemelä and +May Fong Robinson
apologies +Charles Lupica ! I checked sean and john and then got rolling on my recommendations and forgot to go back to check!
+Bryn Forbes - no worries. It happens to me. Lats time I said I included people that weren't in the circle so this time I'm trying to double check.
I would like to nominate my husband +Jeff Nichols, not only because he's my husband but because he's a wonderful photographer with less than 7500 followers.
If it is not inappropriate to nominate oneself, I'd like to be considered for this circle.
+Charles Lupica Thank you so much for adding me to this circle. I feel greatly honoured and humbled to be included with so many fantastic photographers. Also thanks must go to +Richard Kralicek for nominating/recommending me. :o)
Not sure I "get" your reasoning.
The people I suggested are good, quality, creative, popular, credible, and well known photographers. Proven. They absolutely do outstanding work. The fact that they are not "active" on Google+ is likely because they get little attention or response.
I thought the purpose of your circle was to promote credible, worthy photographers who don't have a ton of followers....???
Personally, I am about to give up on Google+ because I don't seem to get the response that I get elsewhere. And I am nowhere as good as the people I suggested...I can only imagine how they feel! I would imagine that is why they are not active....their efforts and energy are probably focused elsewhere at this point.
I have over 3000 people who have me in their circles...yet I only get a handful of plusses or comments. What's the point of having a lot of people following you if there isn't a response?
Seriously...I really don't "get" this Google+!! I am not the least bit angry or irritated...I just don't understand the point....seems like more of a popularity contest than a community for the sharing of photo ideas and output.
+Stephen Levin G+ and other social media are about being social. Circles are not just about who is a good photographer but who provides good stuff on a regular basis and interacts with the G+ community. If these people want a G+ audience they need to work for it and show that they are part of the community.

I have read that the optimum posting frequency is between 1 and 3 posts per day. The people I know who have built a large following that haven't posted to their stream at least once a day are people that comment or plus dozens or even 10s of dozens a day.

If people want to be in circles, if they want an active audience, they have to be active. Even though 3'000 followers sounds like a lot, it's not. I didn't get any meaningful amount of response until I had well over 7500. I get a good response now that I have 32'000. But I have posted, plused, commented and managed many themes since I started at G+ in September.

What's the point ? The point is to be social. People that aren't active aren't trying and IMHO, there's no need to promote them over someone who is committed to the G+ community.

Just my reasoning and a good example of why I shouldn't have explained myself to begin with. My circle, my rules. Good isn't enough, there are thousands of good photographers !! I want people that provide good content on a regular basis and people that will interact with me as a two way street.
I haven't read through all the comments yet so I'm not sure if someone already mentioned him, but I would like to suggest +Jon M. Also, if you wouldn't mind looking through some of my stuff for consideration of this circle.
+Heather Austin +Jon M is already added - no worries. :-)) So, just to be sure, I added you too. I like the flowers that you've posted and a few of the quirky too.
+Charles Lupica , May I suggest +paul t beard for this circle! I love the images that he creates for #SacredSunday and #BuggyFriday . The photographs are excellent and I so like how he describes them, provides history, and interacts with the G+ community.
thanks so much for the add to the circle +Charles Lupica any help to get numbers up is great, and I love your work :)
OK, I'm currently at 194 people so this will get shared in the next day or so. Keep checking and be sure to share the new circle once it's finalized.
Thank you very much for adding her, +Charles Lupica. I will keep an eye on your thread and will share the circle as soon as it is completed. :)
Wow I'd love to be considered...
Hi +Charles Lupica . I could not find my name in this circle, but perhpas you added me after it was shared.
+Rob Tilley it's a work in progress and I just added you. You'll be in the next release of this, possibly later today.
OK, the final version of this has been shared so I'm going to lock the post and disable further comments. Thank you everyone for your participation.