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Haha, several people seem to think that I already shared the color version of this butterfly but, no it was the brown, I shared.

Here's the Idea leuconoe chersonesia commonly called a Mangrove Tree Nymph, this time, in color.

#buggyFriday by +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar and +Margaret Tompkins
#cwlupicaphotography #fauna #breakfastclub #breakfastartclub
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Liz Lui
I've never seen a balck and white butterfly before. Beautiful details!
Beautiful photo and beautiful butterfly!
nice composition, i love the vibrant colors. The white of the butterfly is a nice contrast to the red on the leaves!
Excellent photography! A beautiful specimen!
This version is lovely but you are right about the monochrome version being more focused on the actual butterfly! You have to love it when you're right!!
I don't normally lock my posts but somehow i seem to do it all to frequently by accident - aargh.
+Liz Lui - thank you. I've seen a few in the mountain forests but not this one since it's from warmer places than Switzerland. :-))
Ein schönes Bild . Für Google gilt : Hochformat macht keinen Sinn mehr . Viele Fotos hoch laden ist Unfug . Bei den Querformaten sehe ich seitlich schwarze Balken . Diese Darstellungen auf Google gefallen mir nicht . Ich werde mich nicht mehr beteiligen .
+Heinz Udo Zemlin - Ich denke, Google wird das meiste, was ist falsch, aber ich stimme zu beheben, sieht es nicht sehr gut für die Bilder nicht im Querformat. (Übersetzt von Google)
I like this shot better in color, however I LOVE color.
Oops! I think I was one of those people +Charles Lupica! Can I blame it on the fact that I read other people's comments before posting? :-)

The color version is excellent, but I like the b&w better. I think this is primarily because the butterfly is b&w to begin with??
Haha +Sherry McBriar. I like the color but I prefer the B&W. Still, I like to present both so people can have a choice.
Hahaha - +Jerry Johnson, I knew that but I was being too polite to say. Perhaps the butterfly looks better in b&W because it is b&w but I think it's more that the texture and form are more apparent in the monochrome version.
Classical black and white colours are always in fashion.Very beautiful. Thank you.
+Darryl Smith - thank you for the extended comment. It's always nice to know why people like one over the other.
Ta biel i czerń porywa do lotu, bo to już wiosna.
Love the red and green and black and white combo!
+April Joy Peterson-Gutel - Thank you. Yes, the colors of nature can be awesome sometimes. When I see this picture, I wonder about the lack of camouflage and how exposed the butterfly looks.
That's because your looking at it with human eyes...I bet it's camouflaged toward predators.
Tack för du svarade . Tycker att alla dina bilder är fantastiska vackra må gott
Beautiful colors! Awesome!
what a photo graphy
like it really what a color of life hmmmmmmmmm
蝴蝶有一套非常高貴的禮服..美麗優雅! ((:
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