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 Hidden Treasure: 360 talented photographers to discover
    a fully validated circle of photographers
        15'000 followers or fewer

360 photographers plus myself and a couple of relevant pages.

Validation process
This circle has been validated to the max. If you're in this circle you met all of the requirements and showed a nice selction of images in your stream. I personally checked more than 520 profiles to bring you this circle of hand-picked photographers that deserve more attention. I also had the help of +Margaret Tompkins in assembling the temporary circle for validation and +Manuel Votta for helping me to verify some of the requirements.

The main reasons for exclusion:
• The circle announcement wasn't shared.
• I saw an animated gif. (BTW, I saw one in Trey Ratclif's stream so I had to drop him :D )
• insufficient images or trash in the stream.
• not enough images to judge or time wasters.
• thumbnails trying to drive traffic to another website or blog

For anyone sharing this circle, I recommend that you add a few fresh images to your stream to keep your content balanced.

As lastly, let me mention +Peter From and our cooperation on the 15'000 and 7500 followers circle. I think that Peter will do an update of the Upcoming Stars with less than 7500 followers in a week or two. In the meantime here's a link to the previous one which contains an overlapping set of people.:

Also, Peter will share the European Photographers circles tomorrow at noon CET.

#circleshare #circlesharing #sharedcircles #cwlupica
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Thanks so much for including me +Charles Lupica !! There are some wonderful photographers here! Many thanks for all your hard work!!
Thank You very much for including me in this brilliant circle :D
Thank you for finding my work worthy.
Thanks to you, Margaret and Manuel for putting this together! I'm grateful for the inclusion. You guys have worked hard on this
Thanks +Charles Lupica and your helpers for your dedicated work in putting this validated circle together ... appreciate being part of it.
Thanks for all your hard work on this! I'm honored to have been considered and ultimately included in this great circle!!
Appreciate your hard work putting this together +Charles Lupica.
Many thanks for including me.
Adding my thanks, and resharing. Now I'm off to explore the circle!
+Ellie Kennard some nice work in your stream, perhaps next time and I still have an old, "Less than 20'000" circle to update. :-))
Thank you very much +Charles Lupica for the effort you went to with this circle, and for the inclusion. I will be sharing the circle on G+ and externally.
Thank you to all the people that had a private session earlier to help me name the circle.
Thank You for the inclusion +Charles Lupica +Margaret Tompkins and +Manuel Votta . Shared your great work ;-)
+Heidi Anne Morris- You're welcome. It was a very interactive process right down to choosing a name. So, not only are there some talented people in the circle, most of them seem to be highly interactive as well.
Thanks to Charles, Margaret, and Manuel for all the work putting this together. Look forward to checking it out :)
Thanks for the addition +Charles Lupica +Manuel Votta and +Margaret Tompkins for all the time and effort it took to put this together and to validate it all, You guys are awesome!
I knew I wasn't worthy :(

Thanks for all the work to put the circle together though!
Khush N
+Charles Lupica Thanks for all the work you have done to put the circle together and thanks for including me. With so much talent on this circle I am greatly honored to be named among them. Thanks.
+John Correa you know it ain't easy. you know how hard it can be. Some nice stuff buried in there. You just need to concentrate more on the photography to be talent to be discovered. I think the photographers eye is there. And here's a secret. I don't let the dogs stay in my stream. I delete the photos that I thought were cool but nobody else liked.

Also, all those pictures with words on them, they often hit the "what's hot" list but they're only slightly more tolerable than animated gifs, IMHO.
You are doing a great work! Thank you for including me, It's an honour :)
Thank you +Charles Lupica for including me. And many Thanks also to +Marko Renvall and +Manuel Votta for the hard work you have done in cooperation with Charles with this circle
+nathan thimas - OK, I'll add you to my circle-haters circle. And you do know that by commenting you will now get about 2000 notices in your gmail box?
Thank you all and +Charles Lupica thank you for including me in this, i am really glad you think my work is good enough for this.
Thank you very much for the add and sharing the circle!!!
Really honoured to find ourselves amongst such a great bunch of people. Lots of existing friends but also lots of new people that I'm really looking forward to meeting. As +Maurice Loy above me said, thank you to friends +Charles Lupica +Margaret Tompkins +Manuel Votta for your hard work in this.
Thanks for the adding to this circle +Charles Lupica
Thanks for all the hard work +Charles Lupica and those who helped. Will share later this evening when I get to my computer. :)
BTW: The circle made the "What's Hot" list shortly after I posted it. cool.
Thank you for all your efforts in putting this circle together +Charles Lupica ! We appreciate your hard work.
What the...?!?

NOW I understand why I've found 99+ notifications on hold and alot of mentions! Thank you everyone for mentioning and thanking me, but I only gave a very little hand to +Charles Lupica to verify some profiles :)

It's a privilege to be included in this circle of such talented photographers!
It' a privilege. Thank you very much +Charles Lupica for all the work for looking throug so many profiles.
nice one. oh, and by the way, how to share individual images (not whole albums) from picasaweb to g+? does not seem to work ...
thankyou for including me and all your hard work ~you rock!~great name btw :)))
I sure hope I make the cut on the next one!
Thank you very much for all the work and including me, so appreciated my friend!
Thanks for including me and putting this list of awesome photographers together, +Charles Lupica! Little appreciation for a picture taken after a day of hiking, camping goes a LONG way! Thanks again!
Thank you for the inclusion Charles, very much appreciated!
Thanks so much for including me, Charles. 
thank you very much for all the hard work you put into this and including me in this circle +Charles Lupica - I hope I can live up to the expectations :-)
+Charles Lupica thanks very much. It is an honor to be in the company of these awesome photographers.
Thank you very much for including me! Appreciate it a lot!! Great circle.
Two of my favorites are in here - +Ke Zeng and +Michael Stuart. Great job with this circle +Charles Lupica . I'm working my tail off hoping I can find my way into one of your shared circles in the future. You do great work for photographers!
+Charles Lupica Thanks so much for including me in this fantastic group of photographers. and thanks for all you do to make G+ a great community for photographers. Best Regards.
Thanks for this great work. This kind of lists helps a lot to discover new talents !
thank you, it's an honor to make the list!
Thanks again +Charles Lupica, I'm beginning to see the benefits of being included in your great Shared Circles. G+ is certainly THE place for wonderful photographs and talented folks!
Thanks again for all of the amazingly hard work you and others have put into this! Validation is key and I am honored to be included amongst such great talent.
+Dick Hoebee There were two earlier posts telling what to do and how to be included but, the bulleted text in the intro gives you the criteria.
than you so much fot this incredible circle!!!
+Tomasz Szulczewski there are 365 people in this circle. By my reckoning that means that there's room enough for another 135, but I'm not ready to start adding more quite yet. :-))
Thank you +Charles Lupica for including me, I am very flattered. I did not expect to make the cut as a (mostly) mobile photographer. I really appreciate the time you have taken (with +Margaret Tompkins and +Manuel Votta ) to look at all those profiles and keep the circle true to your ideals. Feeling a little intimidated about my next post now...
+Chuck Moore less junk and more photos but I don't see where you asked to be in the circle or shared the request ?
Thanks for including me, i appreciate it alot :-) Also a million thanks +Charles Lupica for putting your time and effort into curating this circle.
+wanjihia chege some of the people in this circle are famous or at least famous in their local area. The circle contains both amateur and professional photographers. But the question is not, "Are they famous ?". The question is, "Can I see lots of great photography ?" The answer to that is absolutely !!
Thanks a lot +Charles Lupica for including me... a huge honor!!!
Thx for endless hours to creat this circle... we all appreciate it alot!
Thanks man, lots of great photographers in there. 
+Charles Lupica Thank you so much for the inclusion and all of the validation work, I have discovered some amazing stuff already and I am humbled to be included. Thank you!
+Andrew Kumler love your work. I have another special circle that I added you to but I don't know when I'll share it, a best of the best sort of circle ;-)
Thank you very very much for the inclusion! Means a lot to me!!
I would like to be part of this circle. Thank you for your efforts to bring this up!
I can't imagine the time and effort that went into assembling this circle, but thank you for looking at my stream and selecting me. Much gratitude to you, +Charles Lupica , but also to +Margaret Tompkins and +Manuel Votta for assisting. Can't wait to check out everyone's photos!
+Charles Lupica - I didn't ask because I knew I didn't have a big enough catalog of photos on here at the time. I basically posted to you that I didn't want to embarrass myself. More photos are coming but I'll probably always post "junk" if you think I am doing that now :)
+Simos Xenakis for a fully verified circle like this, it takes a lot of time but it also helps to distinguish it from many other circles. :-)) Hopefully, in the end, it's good for all of us.
anyone with phone notifications is going crazy right about now. It's pretty exciting really. Especially if you've never been in a circle like this one.
+Chuck Moore I like most of the original photography I see on your stream. I might tell someone they have junk in their stream but I wouldn't tell them their work is junk.
+Selim Cinek this circle was and mostly remain, by the person wanting in, asking to be in, and understanding the requirements to be included.
Absolutely, Charles. This type of thing can only benefit the community which is why you are owed an exponential level of gratitude for doing this.
+Brad Buckmaster one of the interesting side-effects of being in a circle like this is that most of us will want to live up to it. IMHO, it encourages people to put their best work forward.
Of course +Charles Lupica - I hope you don't think I was inferring that! Thank you for continuing to respond to me. I appreciate that!
+Chuck Moore a few people get me wrong but I'm generally though to be a helpful person, or at least, I hope that's how people see me. Ask away or interact. It's what we're here for.
+Charles Lupica It's so funny you say that as I recently have become very picky about what I post because of just that reason! The other side benefit is when I did that, the interactivity exploded, which is the most valuable aspect of this place to me.
+Simos Xenakis- you're welcome. There are many detractors that say this is entirely self-serving. I don't see it that way. I see it as mutually beneficial. Big difference. :-))
Seems to be a wonderful circle! It would be awesome to be part of this one. ;)
I'll share it anyway, because a lot of active and talented people are in it.
Thank you , +Charles Lupica, for putting this circle together and for including me!
That explains the sudden rise in circlers overnight! ;)
i am a bit surprised actually and overjoyed come you searched me Charles Lupica??? its a great group and to be invited is an honor as well..Thanks.:)
+Charles Lupica Ha Ha, c'est excellent ca. La Suisse est un tres joli pays que j'aime beaucoup. Actuellement je vis aux Bahamas mais je suis Belge. Ce serait sympa si un de ces jours, nos chemins se croisent d'un cote ou l'autre de l'ocean. Qui sait?
+Charles Lupica Non, jamais eu le plaisir de le rencontrer mais son profil indique qu'il est a Antigua, c'est encore plus au Sud que les Bahamas ca ;-)
Check out the ripples on this thing! Be really interested to see what this looks like tomorrow :DD
+Kavita Rohilla - I'm afraid you've made a mistake, you're not in this circle. You're very new to G+ so perhaps you've misunderstood something.
Thanks again +Charles Lupica for including me in this circle. :-).. I've shared it to my stream. :-)
+Margaret Tompkins +Paul Scott - yes, those are some of the coolest ripples I've ever seen. I'll need to get a screen capture of that. Maybe I should post a screen shot as my next image post. Nah, that would be going too far I think.
+Charles Lupica Ha ha - oh I don't know, have a look tomorrow when it's even bigger and see if you can resist :)
Big thanks for all your work on this cirlce and I'm proud to be one of the 360 photographers who made the cut. Thanks +Charles Lupica!
Thank you so much +Charles Lupica (and those who helped) for taking the time to create this circle and for including me. I'm very honored.
Thanks for all the work you put into these circles! And for the inclusion.
Thank you +Charles Lupica for putting this circle together. There is some really great talent here! And thank you very much for my inclusion!
Thank you so much +Charles Lupica for inclusion in this circle! I'm honored to be included with some amazingly talented people :):)!
Thanks you so much for including me. I honoured to be included with some of these very talented people.
Zahra M
+Charles Lupica Sounds like it's been a mammoth task putting this all together, wicked amount of talent! Thanks for including me :)
+Betty Menace Photographers in this circle are people that have specifically asked to be here. I'm intimidated by no one and actively support open discussion but this isn't the time or the place to recommend other photographers. If you had asked to be in the circle yourself, I would have let that stand. But, your request to get people to look at this other photographer is off topic and won't be tolerated. bye again. There's nothing petty about it.
Great group of folks in this circle.
Hi Charles, Thank you for this great effort... can review my photos to see if I qualify :)
I genuinely appreciate being included in this circle +Charles Lupica, and its nice to see so many I already interact with in the circle aswell. Great selection. +'d, added and shared!
Thank you for all your and your helpers hard work +Charles Lupica! This circle is full of talented people and I'm honored to be included!
Hidden Treasure for 360 degrees - WOW - what an honour to have been included with such great talent all around. I look forward to finding the hidden treasures. Thank you +Charles Lupica
Thank you so much for the circle ;) Great job and feedback!
Fantastic list, Charles- I have many of them, but nice to discover new people!
+Betty Menace - just can't give it a rest can you ? I have only blocked 5 people in 8 months on Google. Consider yourself #6
Thanks for all your work in making this circle. Also, many thanks for the inclusion. :)
Thanks for the inclusion and all the hard work putting it together.
Thanks so much for inclusion. Sorry to hear about your hiatus--and that it's necessary in the first place. That's too bad.
+Charles Lupica, TLDR version: I'm with you on this one. However, I wasn't sure how I felt about circle sharing at first. I've heard both sides of the debate, and I can understand how it feels when you're "excluded" from a circle - yeah, it's hurtful, and it has happened to me, but it also taught me some lessons. 1) Don't take it personally, but ultimately 2) I either needed to improve my photography, interact and build relationships better, or both. I've done that and it paid off because this is one of a few recent circles in which I've been shared (Hidden Treasure by far being the biggest and most important though). If I don't make the cut for your circle or anyone else's next time, I won't take it personally. I'll just keep trying to improve my photography and in the end, the work should really speak for itself, right? Beyond that, I think your rules about +1'ing and sharing the posts and circles make sense. Your goal was to get this stuff trending. When things trend, they get featured, and when things are featured, it draws attention. Attention equates to followers and greater exposure for everyone involved. So, in short, I'm with you on this one, and once again, I thank you.
+Charles Lupica thanks again for the including me in this circle. I didn't expect that. Thank you so much
There are many ways you can use the circles..... Create the News pages group and follow them using the circles..
I'm incredibly honored to be included in this and thank you so much for doing so! :0)
+Charles Lupica I've been swamped with a show coming this weekend and a little distant from the pc to get work done but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for including me in this great circle of talent.... I truly appreciate it! Thank you +Margaret Tompkins and +Manuel Votta for your efforts in helping Charles put this fine circle together!
I'm adding this circle to my circles. I would like to interact with you all. If you're also an Australian, please be sure to leave a comment - say g'day!
Thank you for all the work you put into this circle +Charles Lupica, and for including me in it. You're a legend!
Thank you for the include +Charles Lupica. Thank you for the hard work in putting it together too.
Ironically, +Charles Lupica, it was this circle a few weeks ago that pushed added another couple of thousand followers and pushed me out the ball park. But thanks for the lift, it was a great ride.
Yes but +Kim Aldis you have to have the stream to back it all up! Just had a flick through. Really lovely work - some amazing images.
+Charles Lupica Thanks for the work and effort you and the other editors did put into that circle. Bad karma for the arguing folks, but I suppose one can never get rid of those, whenever people & communications are involved.
nice what hot but very nice . i am form india friend
Thanks for putting this together :)
And don't let the nagging get to you - can't please them all ;)
Hey +Charles Lupica , I just wanted to say a huge thanks for including me in your new circle! I see a few familiar names in there, and am really looking forward to checking the work of some new names to me.

And don't let the b*stards get you down, you're doing great work on here - and behind the camera!!
Thank you +Charles Lupica for including me. You have probably been the best promoter for my profile. You are doing an awesome job. Thank you!
Thank you for including me. I have some photos to add to my Creative 366 Project stream, but I will re-share your post after I'm done. This way it will sit closer to the top of my stream.
Great circle Charles, thank you! Have to take much more time for G+ now ;)
+Vince Ong that depends. I think the Swiss Germans like their beer and the Swiss French / Swiss Italians like their wine but that could be a cultural bias on my part.
Thanks again +Charles Lupica , for including me and for the mountains of work curating this circle. Unfortunately due to your appreciated activities, I have now more than 15k followers :)
Thanks a lot +Charles Lupica for all your time and work you have put in this circle :) Fantastic and thanks for including. Enjoy the weekend
Thanks a bunch, +Charles Lupica for including me in this, and thanks for showing us so many great photographere here .. Great effort Charles :)
Hello! Charles. Delighted to be plugged into your circle. It's Brazil, hello to all participants. Await messages from everyone.
because of the firestorm I have started with a couple of issues I will be away for a bit. Please carry on. Please leave you comments related to the circle and I will see them when I come back.
For some reason Google+ will not let me add this circle to my Circles. Funny, because I tried to add a different circle from someone else and that one worked. I keep getting messages saying I have reached my add to Circle limit, or, something about a Domain block, yet I am manually adding new people to existing circles with no problem.
Great circle. Thanks for sharing. If you have one more spot, I wouldn't mind being part of it :)
hi! this circle is amazing! I´d like to be part of it with my pictures...would you like to see my page?
thanks again! please to meet you from Argentina!
+Charles Lupica how to join into this circle because i really love photography and i wanna learn more from this circle
Oh, yes! I definitely want to be included in next edition :o) I'm glad to share this great group of photographers.
Will also be glad to be included in next version, if I pass the requirements,of course:) will share this post.
if you look at my stream I would ben honored if you include me in your next circle. Thanks in advance. +Charles Lupica
+Charles Lupica, wow lots of comments here. How does one get included in a circle like this. I've read the post but still unclear. Would I have to be recommended? Or find another circle likes Peter's you mentioned with 7.5k followers of less. Cheers in advance.
+Ron Villamor the way into one of these circles is to ask and follow the instructions when an update to the circle is announced. I work with +Peter From and +Rinus Bakker on some circles and Peter does the 7500 followers or fewer circle. It's possible to be in both circles; many people are. But, inclusion in one doesn't guarantee inclusion in the other. The "rules" need to be followed for each circle.
Thanks for your response and the clarification +Charles Lupica. If wouldn't mind considering me for your circle next time you roll it out that would be awesome. cheers
+Charles Lupica Thanks (all!) for the effort to maintain and publicize your circles.

Being something of a #googleplusnewbie  I'm still not quite sure how to use circles (shared or otherwise) - but I'm learning.  The main concern I have is that I may be inadvertently misusing G+ when I share stuff, and thus annoying connections ('circle-mates?')  -- I'm less inclined to share posts at times.

I'm an amateur photographer, and I'd like to transition to a more professional presence over the next few years, so I'm hoping that I can learn a bunch from the talented photographers here.

So: Thanks for your informative comments!  I'll apply what I've learned here and keep moving forward.
Amazing people within this circle  (。◕‿◕。)
so I had to share it again  (。◕‿◕。)
I hear you on that one +Charles Lupica your circles speak for themselves for the amount of work you put into them. 327 shares for a circle of 365 is extraordinary  (。◕‿◕。) Thank you for all the work you do to support people here on Google .
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