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+Sassi Sassmannshausen - darn, I somehow didn't add my friend Sassi.
+Marija Falina - should have been in the circle - please add her.
+Peter Misfeldt- should have been in the circle - please add him.

Please share and re-share this circle

Here's the completed circle of photographers with less than 15'000 followers. I hope that all of the people in this circle will share it. Sharing circles that you're in is what makes circle sharing work.

I have personally verified every person in this circle so I hope that you will find a nice selection of new photographers to follow.

So here's a circle of photographers with less than 15'000 followers. All have some great images to share. Some are fantastic, some awesome. Add this circle, find the ones you enjoy, remove the ones that just aren't to your taste. I think there's a nice cross-section of photographers doing portrait, landscape, street, B&W, ...

Only you can decide which are really awesome, enjoy and share.

► Every profile was verified. If I saw animated gifs, a slew of shares or too little photography, the profile wasn't added.

► If you're a landscape photographer and you don't know +Johan Peijnenburg be sure to make his acquaintance. He is a very talented landscape photographer and keeps one of the best photography circles on G+

► My friend +Stuart Williams has one of the best circles, International Eye Candy. Keep an eye on Stuart's stream. He and I may do a new collaborative circle in a week or two.

► Architecture and B&W photographers should become acquainted with +David Bowden and +Joel Tjintjelaar (B&W + Long Exposure)

► All photographers might want to be part of +Robert SKREINER's +10000 Photographers around the World

► For information on photography themes check out +Daily Photography Themes or +Ray Bilcliff's list at

►►►► Remember, the more you share the circle the farther the circle goes. The farther it goes, the more people will see it. The point of a circle is to gain visibility. If you're in this circle it helps you and your fellow photographers if you share it ◄◄◄◄

This has been fun and I've enjoyed interacting with all of you.

#circleshare #sharedcircles
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Thanks for the share! Added quite a few I didn't already have
Hey everyone, don't forget that +Colby Brown is still taking recommendations for photographers with under 20'000 followers. Make sure you visit Colby's stream.
There are millions of great photograpers on this planet, we simply couldn't circle all of them :)
+Marija Falina - I'm sorry, you know how flaky G+ can be. I added several people several times before I got G+ to stick. I'm sorry but since you and +Stefan Scholz share so much I hope you can get some more followers from that. But, note I did not say this is the final, only that it's version 1.0. If there's enough interest, perhaps I'll start right away on V2. I'll add you now to my copy. Once again, I'm sorry.
+Charles Lupica I'm willing to stoke your Version 2.0 ambitions and recommend +Odd Jeppesen.... He's got a great point of view on things I can never pick out when I'm out stumbling with my camera and he's big on interacting with many thoughtful comments.
Thanks, +Charles Lupica for all your work building community! An interesting circle with lots of good people showing beautiful work (in which I would be proud to be part someday)! Most of them I already know, but the ones I still have not in my circles, I'll be watching in the coming days more accurate.
By the way: I'm missing +David Keochkerian, he's worth it, that you throw a glance at him!
Thanks +Charles Lupica for adding me to the circle with all these fabulous photographers! I'm honored to be in such great company! Many thanks!!
+Matt Holmes I'm not sure of where you suggested Rob. I just searched and your suggestion doesn't seem to be present in the other thread. However, I didn't include everyone that was suggested. For various reasons, that I mostly kept to myself, I felt that some people weren't quite right for this circle. That's not to say that they're not great.
Hmm, very strange. Ok, then I'd like to suggest him for consideration next time you update +Charles Lupica :)
I noticed that i have over 100 new followers. That's what I would expect since I already have nearly 31'000. My guess is that some of you have gotten a few hundred new followers. :-))
Thanks for I will have a busy evening looking at the amazing photography.
+Michael Thibault well, I've been described as one of the "G+ Socialites" that make things happen here on G+. Also, +Andrew Marston featured me in a interview just last Friday. In short, I'm a very interactive photographer. I curate 3 photography themes and I founded +Daily Fine Art Themes.

if you want to know more about photography themes, try this: +Daily Photography Themes

A friend of mine that works for Google categorized me as a minor G+ celebrity but I'm trying to fix that ::-))
Chan Li
But the limitation of 5000 to circle is stupid ! I can circle no more ~!
+Charles Lupica - again, thanks for assembling this circle. There's a ton of worthwhile photographers on G+ that're hard to find and this sort of circle really helps. Thanks for including me, it's affirming and encouraging.

Also, you described yourself based on input from others and it was accurate. You like G+ and are a very active member who adds a lot of value to the community. Keep it up.
+Charles Lupica Thank you for including me. G+ has such a great sense of community, and these circles are a big part of it. Hats off to you for your hard work. I appreciate it.
Thanks for sharing .... working my way through the circle ... will take a while :)
Thanks for including me +Charles Lupica and for compiling this circle. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the other photographers work from this list..:-)
Honored to be a part of a circle.with so much talent!
If you don't know about "ripples", look at the drop down menu. Ripples show how a post was shared. It shows how it "rippled" out into the community.
Would anyone like to share how this effected them? I would guess that people with less than 500 followers nearly doubled the number of people following them. I see lots of new people commenting on my images and on the images of some of the lesser known people that i follow.
I happened to catch my standing count earlier on Sunday after 3pm EST when you released this circle Charles....I was at about 2540 followers...right now I'm at a gain of 300+ followers in about 12 hours..... totally awesome!
Same experience here, +300 users I would say, thank you again.
For some reason It doesn't update my count until the end of the day... but I've had a lot of adds all day. I noticed that this post made it to the "whats hot" list... always a good sign..;-)
I think it's still there.. just a page down... and just above a google post on the sydney harbour google doodle!
hi smith_ben! How are you?
Thank you so much +Charles Lupica for including me! I'm very honoured to be in it!
Such an inspiring circle that i have to share! :-D
+Charles Lupica this has blown me away, over night I have had over 1000 people circle me. I feel a wee bit humbled to be included in this, thank you again.
Thank you so very much +Charles Lupica for putting together this circle, including me and so honored with the title... :-)
I wish I had enough space to add all those people (although I seem to have circled quite a large part already through other circles,.. ;) )
One other thing I was wondering is if you just add professionals or amateurs/hobby-photographers too? (if you do add hobby photographers too please check out my posts -- although I do post quite a few other things too, so you decide if I post enough photos or not ;))
+Thomas Raschbacher - I make no distinction between hobbyist and professionals but I do look for people who are primarily interested in photography. Some great circles of a wider interest can be found by visiting +Billy Wilson's stream or +Max Huijgen - if you're Europe based.
+Charles Lupica fair enough ;) - I do post a lot of technology related stuff too so for someone who just wants photography related posts it might be too much "noise" ;) I will check those 2 out thanks :)
+Lynda Cochrane Hi Lynda, It's difficult for me to judge the impact of a circle like this. The more followers someone has the fewer they gain from a circle like this. When I check the profiles of people being added to one of my circles, probably 95% of them already have me circled. But, if I gained 200 or so, which I did, I have to guess that people with less than 1000 followers gained a lot more than that. :-))
Well Photography has been a passion of mine +Charles Lupica since I was a child, I have just recently decided to make an attempt at earning from it, so a circle such as this is a priceless tool for me to share and enjoy what I love whilst creating the exposure I need.......
thanks Charles for this wonderful circle :)
+Paul Scott - I looked at the original post and your name didn't come up. I considered everyone that was suggested and and mostly had a look at the people doing the suggesting as well.
Just a note: because this circle has been so widely shared, it would be counterproductive to build another version of it right away. +Stuart Williams and I would like to do something collaborative in a few weeks so keep an eye out for that.
Hey there +Charles Lupica , yeah I just missed the boat, just seen the original post now! These things certainly are helpful for new people so it's all great stuff - and these guys really are good to know - I've already absorbed this circle and am always on the look out for more :)
Congratulations all - great circle to be in - already following lots of you so that's great. Unfortunately I was away this weekend so missed all the fun! Will gladly share this circle.
Edvar S
Do I qualify for your circle?
Yep! good circle I am a good few of these guys!
Nice circle Charles. I didn't make the cut, (could be my iphoneography :) but thank you for all the work you do on these circles. I think it really helps build a community here.
+Ron Bearry - I don't think your name came up. I know a lot of people and I look for a lot of people but sometimes I need a little help. I must say that iPhoneography isn't a no, but the phone stuff has to be interesting (not a comment on your images) . There's very little worse than a snapshot done on a phone or worse, instagram :-))

Also not a dig at you but, to me, celebrity photographers endorsing pinterest undermines their credibility in my mind. My view of this service is that it promotes image piracy in the same way that napster used to promote music sharing.

Oops, just lost 50 followers I imagine.
Ha Ha +Charles Lupica no worries. I am a mediocre photog at best. My comment still stands. Thanks for all your work on the circles. Cheers! :)
+Diego Cattaneo it's always possible to overlook one mistake but, this circle is finished for now. I may do another circle in a few weeks.

Yeh, I saw that gif from +Scott Jarvie. I think he was poking fun at people like myself that make a minor issue out of animated gifs. What I look for is patterns. If someone mostly shares the work of others, has a lot of annoying animated gifs, and other distracting things I'm not likely to add them.
Hi +Charles Lupica You added me to the circle but I can't seem to find myself in it, strange but sometime Google+ is acting in weird ways...
+Peter Misfeldt - I was working in two separate windows. As with two other people, including a person I call friend, you don't appear to have been added. I'm very sorry for this and I know this is a major bummer, but there's really not much I can do about it. Sometimes, I'll reshare the circle in a few weeks, but that doesn't usually have the same impact as the original. I'll add your name to the corrections up top.

I genuinely feel bad about this and I know how I'd feel but all I can really do is say I'm sorry.
There are only two or three people that I have blocked, Steve K has now become one of those. I have made an external copy of the post and deleted all references to him.
+Matthias Haeussler - Thank you. Yes, many people seem to have added in excess of 500 people to their stream. I added 200 yesterday and over 300 today; which is unusual so I expect that people with far fewer followers saw big gains. I would guess that people with less than 1000 followers more than doubled the number of people they have following them - cool :-))
Just shared your circle. Feel free to add me if you appreciate my work. Thanks for your work.
would like to be in this circle too, thank you. Thanks for sharing Charles!
+Charles Lupica, thanks for including me in this circle. I had G+ open while at work today and around lunch time, I noticed that 100+, then 200+, then about 150 folks had added me to their circles in a matter of about an hour. I'm pretty sure that being added here is the reason.

Life is busy. But this will be just a little more incentive to stay active in the on-line photography community.

(And thanks to +David Buckwalter and +russ vallelunga for mentioning me here.)
I can not speak English, to defend me in English.
So it is in Danish. - (I'm glad for the few photographers I have in my circles) (I love good photo).

Hvis du som fotograf eller kunstner vælger, at følge et stort antal personer. Og, du straks efter fravælger dem igen. Når du kan se - de også har valgt dig.
Kan du tage lysten fra mange af de nye (unge) her på Google+. Som ikke umiddelbart kan følge hensigten.
Dette er oplevet med ca 30 fotografer - 4 kunstner. (uden at nævne navne).
Uncirkler uncirklers (Chrom) viser dig, hvem der ikke er i dine cirkler.
In "Handmade books" I have many photographers..
+Bjarne Witthoff - Thank you for your comment. If I understand you, yes there are people that will add a lot of circles to get people to add them, then they will drop everyone. The net result of this is that they gain followers because most people don't notice this.

I'm afraid I could be included in that group. I can only keep about 2500 people in long term circles because I have to have the room to build circles for the photography themes I manage.

As Bjarne mentions, there is a Chrome app that helps people manage their circles. If it bothers you that people don't circle you back or have dropped you from a circle, then I suggest you go to the Chrome app store and install uncircle-incirclers.
+Jerome Pouysegu I may release an update to this but you need to out some of your own work in your stream. I want to add you, but like me, there are more circles and shares in your stream than there are original images.