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If you're in this circle, please plus this post as well as sharing it. It could make the "what's hot" list if enough people plus it.
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           Here's the completed circle of
             200 great photographers              
          with less than 7500 followers 

──────── ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ────────

I was very selective in choosing the people in this circle. I have looked at hundreds of profiles and I have selected the ones that I like. Most of what you'll find here is fine art photographers, B&W photographers, and landscape photographers, with a few street photographers, one astro-phootgrapher and some eye-candy. :-)).

Here's a circle of photographers with less than7500 followers. All have some great images to share. Some are fantastic, some awesome. Add this circle, find the ones you enjoy, remove the ones that just aren't to your taste. I think there's a nice cross-section of photographers in this circle.

• Only you can decide which are really awesome, enjoy and share.
• What's that you say ? There's 202 !!! Oh my, that's what happens when a person with physics background starts counting things - quantum mechanics.

• I'm in this circle and I have 32'100 followers. If this offends you, sorry.

Criteria for selection:
• People whose whole stream is project 52 / project 365 photos are unlikely to be chosen
• If there aren't any banner images, I pretty sure I'll skip on by.
• All profiles were verified
• If the profile has no avatar - no
• If there are animated gifs in the stream - no
• if there is a lot of stuff besides original work - no
• (Tricky here) If I don't like what I saw - no
• If I saw anything rude or unfriendly - no
• No one with more than 7500 followers (except me) was added unless they were added before reaching that number

► Every profile was verified. If I saw animated gifs, a slew of shares or too little photography, the profile wasn't added. The photographers in this circle appear to be active members of the community. Many fine photographers were not included because they don't participate enough.

Unfortunately, when you do a circle like this, some people will be unhappy

• If you're a landscape photographer and you don't know +Johan Peijnenburg be sure to make his acquaintance. He is a very talented landscape photographer and keeps one of the best photography circles on G+; which he will reshare soon.

• Architecture and B&W photographers should become acquainted with +David Bowden and +Joel Tjintjelaar (B&W + Long Exposure)

• Check out +Daily Fine Art Themes for themes focusing on traditional Fine Art media.

• To learn more about photography themes visit +Daily Photography Themes or visit my +Monochrome Monday about page; where you find some information on how to participate as well as some resource links.

+Stuart Williams shares some of the best images and best circles on G+

►►►► Remember, the more you share the circle the farther the circle goes. The farther it goes, the more people will see it. The point of a circle is to gain visibility. If you're in this circle it helps you and your fellow photographers if you share it ◄◄◄◄

#circleshare #sharedcircles

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Thanks for your time and efforts in the G+ community +Charles Lupica . Happy to share the circle and pass on the great talent.
Awesomeness!!! ;)
Thanks Charles; it's an honor to be included in such a talented group.
Looks likes really interesting photographers
thanks a lot +Charles Lupica !! thanks a lot for the time you spend to share all our profiles ! and happy to see our work it's not in vain :)
Please plus this post as well as sharing it. It could make the "what's hot" list if enough people plus it.
Thanks for including me - I'm honoured.... Will happily +1 and reshare....
Thanks for including me, I agree with your selection criteria, pretty much matches mine. I'm always amazed when I look at shared circles that often I have more than half of them all ready added. Guess it shows we're all liking the same content.
Thanks for including me +Charles Lupica. I have had an amazing increase ( over 20%) in people adding me to their circles since the initial publication of this circle.
+Mark Summerfield Haha - only 20% ?? I do find that the impact is dependent on the number you already have. For example, this circle has brought me about 0.75 % If it were to go "hot", I might get 3%. But, I'm OK with that. It's a lot of work but I meet a lot of new people and see some coll images. Some of the people become G+ friends and one or two eventually become co-curators or curators of other themes. It all works pretty well for everyone.
+Dominique Dubied - This isn't the same. That circle only had 128 people in it. This one has 202 so it would be nice if you share this one and delete that one; since the older circle is now out-of-date.
Shared...thanks so much for putting this circle together!
Yes, sorry +Charles Lupica. I have not noticed that it was the new circle you just shared. I have shared the new one some minutes ago. Thanks for the big work!!
I ddon't know how long these things last or how you even find out about them, but this circle is currently in the +What's hot" list. Cool, two of my posts in one day made the list.
Your very welcome +Gaurav Mittal It was my honor to recommend you, You are very talented, & I love your work!
Shared and plussed, thanks very much :)
Thank you including me into your awesome circle. Some really good photographers here!
Hey +Charles Lupica I'm not in but I'll plus it & share it, you've got some extraordinary people in it that I know, I'll add the others to see what they bring to the stream this week.
I have plus oned and shared this circle. I think I met the criteria and would love to be included in this circle.
Darn almost forgot to do the share - day job getting in the way but done now
Thank you Charles - I appreciate the time and effort you've put into creating this circle, as well as being included in it. It has been shared!
Thank you +Charles Lupica for including me in this circle, I am honored. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I have shared this with my circles.
+Mike Gaudaur nice work. I probably won't do another circle until mid-May or June, but you never know. Doing circles too often starts to annoy / irritate people.
Thanks for adding me. Reshared and +1. 
I'm glad to see some photogs who's work I admire and already follow within this circle. Thanks for creating it. Cheers.
+Michael Gates It looks to me like some of the people in the original "seed circle" may have gotten a bunch of adds. I estimate that the final add probably brought a few hundred new followers to most of you.
Thank you +Charles Lupica for including me in your fabulous circle!! Re-sharing the talented group, :o)))
Thanks for inclusion +Charles Lupica, sorry for sharing it so late, have been in London on my frist sightseeing tour there :)
hi charles, would be nice to be part of this circle if I pass the "welcome selection". Maybe you have a look at my posts up to now (see myself as kind of g+ newbie).
thanks and have nice day
+Holger Gräbner very nice work but I'm not sure when I'll do another circle. I'll try to remember you for the next one.
+Jennifer Portman Sexy Asian girls in skimpy lingerie my appeal to some people on G+ but I build circles for a general audience so your profile doesn't fit what I include in my circles.
This is a circle of such great talent! If I fit the criteria, I would be honoured if you would include me in a future circle share similar to this one +Charles Lupica :)
I've seen you share this circle in the past +Charles Lupica and your efforts to help engage the photographic community are great. I'd love an opportunity to be in the list if you believe it appropriate.
Could you plz check out my photos / posts +Charles Lupica. It would be nice if my photos / profile comply to your requirements.
Really like these circles and would love to be included if my account will makes your criteria.
seems a great circle.. your criteria for selecting is great!
Ke Zeng
+Charles Lupica , please feel free to check out my work and I will love to be included in the circle.
+Charles Lupica - Thanks so much for the inclusion, very much appreciated. I've been in/out of G+ due to a busy work sked and cos the mobile does not show circles... just found out about this, will surely share it! :)
Thank you so much for including me +Charles Lupica! I am honoured and appreciate your work.
a-a-a-a-a, Charles, you forgot about me!!!!!! ))) Please include me in this circle!!! My everyday favorite!!! +Charles Lupica Thank you!
+Tatiana Parmeeva I'm now working cooperatively with +Peter From. He'll be doing the next update of the 7500 circle. I'm doing the 15'000 but some people can be in both.

Wait, you do know you have 9500 right ?? :-))

I'll add you to the new 15'000 circle. Be sure to keep an eye out for it so you can re-share it. (Monday I hope but there is a lot of work to do before I can share it)
Valuable work as always to help people within the community connect, thanks.
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