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It seems that whenever I have something to say about Google Plus I end up losing a lot of followers. Invariably it seems that I get dropped from whatever G+ promotional list I was on. Since I already seem to be in the doghouse with Google Plus I might as well take a swipe at them anyway.

Once again, for no reason other than change, Google seems to have completely revamped how we upload and share photos. If I didn't have so much time and energy invested in Google Plus I think I'd just stop using G+. Churn, churn, churn.

I hate change. I wish it were all a bit more evolutionary and less radical change. I could deal a lot better with a slowly changing system but I hate these big changes in paradigm.

I guess I'm just an old curmudgeon but I don't need some universal platform to spam the world from. All I really want is a decent place to share my art and my technique. With this new photography features I now have to choose to share to G+, aargh. I no longer have folders. I now must put everything into a "collection". I have a few things I'd like the program managers at Google to collect.

I suppose this rant is only slightly colored by the fact that this image is the very last image my Canon 5D Mark II is likely to take, ever. The on / off switch broke and Canon won't fix it unless they fix everything imaginable at the same time. I'm told they won't do a "partial" repair. They'll only return it to factory specs. They want $1300 to do that. It looks like I'll have to see if one of the local, non Canon shops can fix it. If not, it might be time for some Camera DIY.


Oh well, I'm glad that May is almost over. I hope June brings better skies.

I was out in western Washington photographing the Palouse region.  The Palouse is known for its incredible rolling hills, usually in shades of green and brown. So the challenge, as is often the case for me, was to capture the Palouse and bring the richness of the landscape to a Black and White print. This image was taken from Steptoe Butte in the late afternoon. 
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A lovely shot to send off your Mark II, but hopefully you can get it fixed. I, like you, can't stand radical change. I am a routine kind of guy usually, so when something gets changed, I get all discombobulated. Can't stand it, but what can one do?
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Charles Lupica

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I went to the Bellevue Washington botanical garden with my wife yesterday. The Iris are in full bloom.  
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+Jasna Dominić Thank you
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Charles Lupica

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Wow, what are stunning image of these Rocky Mountain bighorn from +Duncan McInnis 
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+Quigley Thanks very much for those three letters Quigley - they are much appreciated. best regards, Duncan.
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Charles Lupica

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Thank you +Charles Lupica for sharing my image :)
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Charles Lupica

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Charles Lupica originally shared to 256 Shades of Gray:
Yesterday I went to the Point Defiance zoo here in western Washington, USA.  This American Bald Eagle was part of their talk on animals at the zoo.  This eagle has an injured wing and can't be released back into the wild.

I was inspired to take and share this image by my good friend +Brian Dukes, who has recently shared some of his zoo images.

+256 Shades of Gray  #256SOG   #256ShadesofGray  
 +Nik Collection by Google  #silverefexpro2  
#cwlupicaphotography   #onblackCollection   #baldEagle   #onBlackPhotography  

About this image
The eagle was perched on the arm of the handler on an outdoor stage at Point Defiance Zoo, in Tacoma Washington. It was loaded into +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and then edited in +Adobe Photoshop where I removed the background and added a black background.  I added a High Pass filter layer to give it a bit of a Dragan Effect. I then added a layer mask and a gradient so that the bottom of the bird faded to black. The image was then processed in #NIKColorEfexPro4  where I added a tonal contrast filter to improve the contrast.  Next, I converted this to Black and White in #silverEfexPro2  using the low key 1 filter. To this I added a selenium tint. Finally, back in Lightroom, I tweaked the clarity and exposure. 

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Very beautiful +Charles Lupica 
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Charles Lupica

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A couple of days ago, my good friend +Charles Lupica, started a Black and White / Holiday challenge and challenged me. Today I am accepting his challenge and would like to challenge a few more people to participate.  Anyone wishing to get invited should leave a comment and I'll invite you in another post.

This is a challenge along the same lines as the 5 Day Black and White Challenge  This challenge is specifically for the Christmas / Holiday season. Since this may be a bit difficult, I only ask that you post at least once.  If you have more ideas for B&W holiday photos, post one each day and challenge someone to create a holiday B&W image.

This photograph was snapped with my new iPhone 6+. What a sweet camera. I post processed it on my iPhone with a very interesting app called Tangled FX. Then I imported it into Lightroom, cropped it square and adjusted the white and black points a bit.

When post your response to the challenge, please include this block of instructions for the next person.

Here's how it works
—Post an original B&W photo that says. "Holidays".  
(This could be Christmas, Chanukah, New Years, ... )
— Use the hashtag #MonochromeHolidayChallenge  
— Tag the person who invited you.
— Invite a different friend to join in the fun for each image you post
— Have fun!
— Tag +256 Shades of Gray   #256ShadesOfGray  
— Including the link to the original post would be super:

Since the season is rather limited we're givin this a boost by nominating 5 people everyday for the next 4 days to see where this goes.

Today I would like to challenge:
+Kris Rowlands 
+Marjolein Schat 
+Dorma Wiggin 
+David Hellard 
+Chandro Ji 
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Charles Lupica

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Here's a wonderful B&W image from +Tom Hierl 
Tree and Whale Bones, Point Lobos,State Preserve, Carmel, California

We spent an afternoon at Point Lobos during the workshop I took last week.At Whaler's Cove, they have an exhibit about whaling history. I liked the way the whale bones complimented the shape of the tree for this shot.

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+Charles Lupica Thank you so much for your kind words and share.
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Charles Lupica

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When I saw this in my stream this morning I decided to create a new collection called, On Black.

On Black images, both color and Black and White, are some of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy this columbine from +Kenton Miller .
Oklahoma Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) seen in Red Bud Valley near Tulsa, OK - USA
Nikon D7100
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Hmmm, haven't seen one of these in the days I lived in Tulsa. Guess I wasn't into flowers at the time. Great shot +Kenton Miller​! And thanks for sharing +Charles Lupica​!
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Charles Lupica

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Merci +Paul Paradis 
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Charles Lupica

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Thank you +Charles Lupica for sharing my image.

Thank you +Steve Kalman -- prints are available :)
Thank you +Katri Hakala 
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Charles Lupica

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"Stripe To Stripe"

I've often admired photographic compositions featuring Zebras, here is my vision - hope you like :)

Please feel free to share if you like my image :)  thankyou.

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+All Things Monochrome #AllThingsMonochrome by +Charles Lupica,  +Enrique Pelaez, +Brian Cox,  +Dorian Stretton and +Bill Wood

+256 Shades of Gray  #256ShadesOfGray  
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Thank you +Ade -san :)
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