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Photoshop users, this is sure to make you smile. We've come a long way since 1.0!
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Charity Ondriezek

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A gaming keypad for photo editing.... I would have never thought of this. I was skeptical at first but after watching this vid I can see how useful it would be. Unfortunately do to the placement of the thumb buttons, it wouldn't be ideal for lefties who also use a Wacom tablet. :(
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Not sure, I've never looked into split keyboards... but it's something to consider. :) Fortunately there are at least alternatives such as the ShuttlePro which works like a glorified mouse (thus it can still be used by lefties with a tablet). I haven't used one yet, but I saw a Lightroom workshop once where it was used extensively by the instructor... so it's definitely on my radar!
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Charity Ondriezek

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I love seeing behind the scenes stuff like this, and it never fails to disappoint - the things Mr. McNally can pull together. 
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The washing well wenches... Winnie and Myrtle. Just a couple of poor single gals with nothing to do but laundry. These two are hilarious and are my favorite part of the Colorado Renaissance Festival (besides the beer)!

Part of their act is picking three fine fellas out of the crowd to tease and embarrass with a task that must be performed by each one in order to win a flower for their fair maidens. But first, the wenches get their kicks flirting with the boys.

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watin be dis
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Well... I'm sold. I've been using BlackRapid's wrist strap for a few months but Spider has definitely kicked things up to a new level.
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Charity Ondriezek

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Wisdom for creatives to share and remember...
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Just bought a copy of the Photographer's Workflow by +Gavin Gough. Excited to dig in. Also read the Digital Workflow ebook by +Trey Ratcliff last week and picked up some great tips from that as well. Between the two I'm hoping to tweak and solidify a workflow that makes the most sense to me... and I can't wait! My Lightroom catalog and folder structure/naming conventions/tagging system has been a growing nightmare that I'm ready to remedy. Crossing my fingers I can get that accomplished before a rapidly approaching trip to Yosemite / Napa Valley!

In the meantime, here's an image I took a couple weeks ago that I nearly trashed. After converting to #bw  it took on a new life and I was glad I gave it a second review. The tat just screamed "I need a monochrome treatment!" Not to mention the salt and pepper of the subject's hair. Burned the corners and added an ISO 800 film grain to complete the look.

#monochromemonday   #monochromephotography  

p.s. Sorry if this came across as a double post! Forgot to add the most important part of the share the first time... the image! Duh. ;)
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Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer
I'm a self-taught photographer based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I specialize in custom lifestyle portraiture for babies, children and families. I enjoy post-processing (gasp!) equally as much as shooting. This seems to be a rare thing among photographers, but I find it relaxing and even fun. With some good tunes playing and maybe a glass of wine to sip - I'm good to go!

When not shooting or editing, I spend time learning from CreativeLive workshops, the Clickin' Moms community, and a growing collection of photography books. I also like to read fiction, cook veggie-based meals, watch old shows on Netflix, play games and travel. 
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