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Indiegogo: $28 LY Android phone, buy directly from Factory Launched now on Indiegogo at and

The idea is to sell the world's cheapest phones in bulk to anyone directly from the factory in Shenzhen China. Anyone can be a small distributor and make money reselling everywhere.

LY is a new Smartphones brand from Shenzhen China. The cheapest model is LY3 sold at $28 (for 25 pieces) at with a 3.5"HVGA display on Spreadtrum SC7715 Single-core ARM Cortex-A5.

LY1 sells at $119 (for 25 pieces) at with a 5"HD display and with better-than Android One specs using the MediaTek MT6582 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 runs Android 5.1 Lollipop.

LY2 sells at $53 (for 25 pieces) at with a 4"WVGA display on a MediaTek MT6572 Dual-core ARM Cortex-A7.

The idea of LY is that people buying more than 1 unit get these discounts which is also the profits they can make if they resell them at the suggested price:
1 = Full price
5 = 15% discount
10 = 20% discount
25 = 30% discount

Check the campaigns at and for the prices, specs, design features and etc.
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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Uber acquires Bing Maps? Trying to also acquire Nokia Here Maps? Mapping is extremely important for the future of ride sharing. Her are features for the future of Uber Maps which I think may be the key to the future of Uber:

- More precise pickup Take a picture of where exactly you are, share with driver. Those pictures and exact instructions on pickup spot is shared on Map for future riders to pick and use for pickup too.

The key for UberPool, carpooling, increase in ride sharing efficiency, is to have a more precise use of the Street Map.
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Yeah, I attempted to use it in Dublin a few weeks ago, but there were no cars available so I ended up using Hailo which is a way to hail & pay for taxis and works very well here.
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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Every city worldwide must fully legalize Airbnb now! If they want to regulate it, they can levy tax (guests can pay on top) and require a loft to Airbnb's commission rate, also regulate Airbnb's insurance so it really covers any potential issue. Tourists and Traveling should be the highest priority for every city in Europe and worldwide. Airbnb makes it possible for more people to have a place that they can afford in cities, not the opposite. If rents are going up so fast everywhere, it's only fair that everyone should be able to amortize part or all of that through the sharing economy. And Governments can also regulate rent prices instead of blaming Airbnb for those increasing.
City of Light brags about Airbnb but ramps up inspections of listings, as residents turn to tourist rentals
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xoxoxo france
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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Stanislas Wawrinka, Wimbledon starts tomorrow..
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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Maker Faire Shenzhen 2015 Maker Faire is in Shenzhen, the world capital of hardware creation, making it probably more relevant than the Maker Faires previously held in San Mateo, New York, Detroit, Kansas City, Rome, Newcastle, Tokyo and elsewhere.

MakerFaire Shenzhen 2015 is organized by Chaihuo Maker Space, a subsidiary of Seeed Studio, which is one of the leading companies in Shenzhen providing hardware components for Makers in Shenzhen and around the world.

Sponsored by the Shenzhen Government, Maker Faire Shenzhen 2015 has grown 10 times compared with 2014 with over 300 exhibitors attending, including ARM, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Freescale, Atmel, pch, intel and etc; design houses like hackaday, seeed studio, Makeblock, 40% of the makers attending come from outside of China. Products include any creative hardware, from development boards, modules, robots, prosthetic hands to an electronically enhanced pure hand-made wooden chair. For more information you can visit:
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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Makeblock Maker Open Final Day, finished projects, Winner Announced This is the final day of the Shenzhen Maker Open 2015, where all the projects are presented and where the winner is announed.  Maker Open is a 48-hour international robotic competition held by Makeblock, SIAT and Shenzhen Government. Makeblock is a robot construction platform, which provide anodized aluminum extrusion mechanics, easy-to-use electronics and software that are supported by each other. Makeblock's mission is to lower the skill level requirement of making things!

There are 12 team from overseas and China joining the 2015 Shenzhen Maker Open, including students from MIT, university Utah, makers from Italy and Austria, as well as the students from Peking university, student from Shenzhen high schools and more. The Maker game theme is “music/chess/writing/drawing” in Chinese tradional archaism called“琴棋书画qinqishuhua”.

Maker Open came from Makeblock's company trandition activity - 24 hours makerathon! Makeblock brings it to Shenzhen Maker Week.

Makeblock's websites:
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Nicolas Charbonnier

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I'd like to see from YouTube:
- Fanfunding worldwide (let viewers tip any amount, make it better than patreon etc), optional to show total amounts per week/month/year, amounts that are set as recurring for example (this channel is getting $XXX/month from fans)
- Sponsoring (let companies/people sponsor a video/channel with links even logos/graphic that links to their website/video/channel and their supporting amounts reflect as top-sponsors for video/channel per week/month too), same as fanfunding but just let people/companies get a mention/linkback and with showing their donation amount possible.
- Set future project goals for funding/sponsoring, as Indiegogo campaigns, let creators set goals for future productions, if set goal achieved through fanfunding and sponsorship, can be flexible or fixed goals, the creator can then produce that specified content. Funders can even get early access to footage, perhaps even option to see behind the scenes as production is being made, see deleted footage, see rough cut while being edited, evt provide comments/input/suggestions during production and etc. Funders at specified amounts can pay to get a role in the production, or to get their mention or contribute in the creation process somehow. For example "any donations of $200 or more get credited as Executive Producer", can be automated in credits.
- One-click purchase for placed products, any relevant product available relating to a video, there needs to be a one-click to purchase overlay on the videos, and pay content creators somewhere around 4% commission on all sales as Amazon Affiliates do. This should work with Amazon and any other store on Google Shopping. It needs to be automatic and easy to mass manage related products in Related Products for Videos Manager dashboard. It can also link to channel merchandise. I believe this will 10x the YouTube revenue for all YouTube partners.
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Nicolas Charbonnier

commented on a video on YouTube.
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The solution to ticket sales for all events should be to identify every ticket holder by ID/passport photo, expedite by RFID at ticket gates, with database of all photos in the event system. Event organizer can even have a bunch of automatic face recognition and fingerprint/etc systems (similar to automated airport biometric passport controls) at the entrance gates. That way, each ticket is exactly sold to specified guests, and they absolutely cannot be transferred to anyone else, the tickets must only be returned to the event organizer in any case of not being able to attend. If purchased ticket is not used, or if the guest is late to the event, then the purchaser should be banned for set number of events/years. That way you make sure everybody who buys a ticket, comes to the event, and you make sure everybody who can't make it to the event, cancels their ticket, cancelled tickets can be fully or partially refunded and the event organizer can sell the ticket to someone else who are standby waiting in queue. The queue could also be online and through the app. That way also, for events that last a long time, it can also be managed that some people enter the event early and exit again at set time when delayed ticket holders do shot up, GPS tracking can be enabled from the app. All events should be like this, it would be the only way to fairly fill every seat, to fairly manage people who wait standby in queue.
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+Vivia Nikolaidou Yes I think that events like Wimbledon can give a 100% refund but void and ban the person from coming back for a certain period if the person is late or doesn't show up at all. I think they could setup booths where people get their picture taken and with staff who check photo ID, after their picture is taken one time by the ticketing system (ticketmaster, Google Tickets (if that exists), eventbrite, etc) then no need to take the picture again, basically you just stare into the webcam for 1 second and then the event organizer knows how you look like. Maybe you also give your fingerprint so you can enter the stadium with your fingerprint. I think this system would be fair and it would instantly make it nearly impossible for people to try to resell tickets, to buy many tickets and not use them (such as companies), to buy many tickets and find out later who to use them (basically kind of like reselling). And it would be the most fair system to let people in who are waiting outside and couldn't buy a ticket, who weren't lucky enough to be able to buy one early but who are still standby right there by the stadium and who would love to fill in all of those empty seats that you can see there is on the Wimbledon live stream. People coming late can free up their seats for standby people who then have to get up and leave in between matches for the people who pay extra to get late to the stadium. They should develop a silent app with vibrate notifications to manage this kind of stuff, to auto-log people on the stadium WiFi and to let them know if they can stay or have to leave to give their space to someone else who paid a bunch more for a late game. So many times I've attended events and I see empty seats and many people outside (sometimes myself) who couldn't get a ticket, often people reselling tickets on the street at high prices illegally, I wish those event organizers were using this kind of basic photo ID/biometric anti-resale and strict required cancellation before no-show system!
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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The US is lucky to have Google. But half a dozen cities starting to get gbit Internet in 5 years, this is not anywhere near fast enough to improve Internet access worldwide. +Google Fiber needs to invest Billions more and not only in the USA but worldwide, and Governments should back that up fully and spend way more than Google too.
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In norway that is quite different. That's why i said "in most areas", as we all have areas where we failed and allowed a monopoly.

In norway the telecom monopoly is broken. We have rules that force the old monopolist to share the copper cabling in a fair way. We also have cable companies delivering on coax and on fibre. Where i live i can get offers from a handful competitors up to 7Gb on copper (the nearest switch is too far away for better speed), one up to 50/50 on coax and one is putting up fibre offering even more right now...
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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$69 Unuiga S812 4K Android 5.1 TV Box 2G/16G, gbit Ethernet, 2T2R dual band WiFi, DRM Unuiga S812 Box using Amlogic S812 Quad Core ARM Cortex A9, Mali 450 GPU, 2G DDR 3/16G Flash. Based on Android 5.1 lollipop, 2T2R 802.11 a/c/b/g/n dual band WiFi, 1000M Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.1. It supports 4K H.265 decoding and hardware 3D graphics acceleration, supports HDMI CEC and DRM such as Verimatrix, Widewine. They can make a DVB-T2/DVB-S2 and HDMI-IN version also. With 2 different new private tooling, mass production i ready from this month. 

You can order it at $69 each for 1K, you can contact Unuiga here:
Steven Ching
Managing Director
Skype: stevenching1976
Tel/Fax:  +86-755-86110143                
Mobile/WhatsApp: +8618038133940
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+Charles Beans Runs full Android 5.1 with TV UI possible. Contact us if you want to know anything more.
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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Just wish the 26 seats in theatre 2 were positioned about 1 meter higher cause we sit quite near the giant screen, can't they build a higher floor in there and lift all the chairs up higher?
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
A ton of delicious healthy looking/tasting vegetarian-only food as an all-you-can-eat Buffet, I like the fake meats in nice sauce with fried rice, but there are tons of much more healthy Asian vegetarian things, and all the efforts you put into eating the healthy food, you can cancel by unlimited ice cream, cakes, chocolate covered fruits and soda if you want. The normal price per person is 770TWD, they close every day at 9PM.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Simple. Get the Goat from Nisyros and the Elephant Eye for desert with a 1L mineral water. The waitress recommended me those and it was really delicious but it'll cost you 23.50€ without the tip (15€ Goat dish, 6€ Elephant Eye desert and 2.50€ 1L mineral water), which is a bit more than a 2.50€ chicken or pork Gyros from the street.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Absolutely amazing and delicious Peking Duck! Lamb, Pork and other dishes are also awesome here. I definitely want to go back there each time I'll be back in Shenzhen in the Shekou area.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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reviewed 2 years ago
6 reviews
Delicious Graprao Gai and Geang Kiew Wan for ¥900 and O-43 Tomyam Gai Nung is also great for ¥580. One of the best Thai restaurants I have yet tried.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Try their Chicken Madras, portions are large, food is tasty and spicy.
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago