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A year and a half ago, in the video below, I suggested Bluetooth email/im/notification Android updates on an E Ink watch. Now Kickstarter seems to fund The Pebble project with $7 Million to do exactly that:
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I'm passing this one by and waiting for someone to do an LED touch screen one. If the iPod Nano had Bluetooth - this would immediately be obsolete. I get that eInk has a longer battery life but does that really matter to most consumers when you can simply plug in to charge when you go to bed?
+Libor Stloukal lottery is going to be replaced by systems for unlimited wealth and freedom for everyone in the world eventually. Using Android for organization of movements and resources of course.
+Darryl Wright an E Ink watch can work. otherwise the LCD isn't usable outdoors, it can't work if you can't see the screen. And backlit systems require nightly recharging, which is maybe workable, but it's better with non-backlit systems where you only need to charge it overnight every 3-4 nights at the most.
Silly thing is, my LCD watch has a 10 year battery. No moving hands for the time though.
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