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Ticket solution for all sporting and cultural events: if people with tickets don't show up, cancel all their future tickets (or make them pay a heavy fine if they want to come back). Tickets should be by name, check ID at entrance to prevent ticket scalping. Let people easily cancel their own tickets online and they get refund based on how much the organization can resell it at before the start of the show. Even after the start of the show depending on the venue. If nobody wants to buy tickets at full price, start lowering the price until giving away tickets for free. When exiting the venue definitely before the end of the event, users must check-out (it can be as simple as swiping the ticket in font of a NFC/RFID scanner for people exiting the event). Thus someone else can instantly take over that seat. There can be all sorts of ways for people to be able to announce interest and availability for a venue, and get realtime updates of number of last-minute tickets there are, people outside the venue must be able to see exactly how many free seats there are at any given time.
British Olympic Association chairman Lord Moynihan says he is disappointed seats left vacant by sponsors have affected the atmosphere at London 2012 venues.
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Good ideas... but people that run the Olympics are too closed minded to agree to something as radical as these ideas.
Another solution could be not to give free tickets to sponsors and actually offer more tickets to people who really want to go and spend their own money to buy the ticket.
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