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My Google I/O 2013 expectations:
1. Google Smartwatch. (approx same "Wearable UI" as Google Glass) $199.
2. Exynos5410/Tegra4/S800 Chromebooks launched. (prob 13.3" $299, preferably with Pixel Qi 20-hour battery life).
3. Android 5 unveiled. intro "Full Chrome" on Android, Android Extension for Chrome OS too (that's what I call "the merger"). Android 4.3 may get released at I/O with Android 5 release for months later.
4. Andy Rubin announced chief of new Google Internet of Things and Google Robots department (this is the new Google X project)
5. Google TV now part of Android 5. all HDMI/MHL turns any Android device to full Google TV UI, even HDMI throughput and IR blaster can be supported on most phones/tablets with adapter.
6. Google Gaming now serious. launches $99 Google Home Entertainment Console. It's ARM Cortex-A15 with Mali-T678 GPU. Most Android games now mapped for TV controller game play. Exynos5410/Tegra4/S800 too.
7. Google Glass public release in 3 months for $499. $299 version by end of the year. Early Glass Explorers get choice of $1000 credit in Google Play Store or they get 2 extra Google Glass to give to friends/family.
8. Moto X Phones launched. $99/$199/$299 (540p-dual/720p-quad/1080p-octo) (maybe T4i/S600/T4) with no contract on T-Mobile in USA. unlocked worldwide. Waterproof, unbreakable, sunlight readable Pixel Qi LCD ultra long battery life.
9. Google Book launched. $99 WiFi e-reader with Google Books, Android E Ink front-lit based.
10. Google Play Subscriptions launched. $20/month for unlimited text/audio/video/apps (authors/devs can opt-out, users can pick any category separately at $5/month each, worldwide day-1). Overnight Google Play becomes by far biggest content platform worldwide.
11. Google+ 2.0. Now + gives personalized recommendations across web.

What am I forgetting? php/mysql wordpress/phpbb free hosting on Google App Engine? New YouTube monetization White Space Global Google Voice (with launch of White Space modem in Moto X Phone)? The Cheaper $99 Nexus 7 Lite (RK3188 based)? Upgraded Google Arduino platform on ARM Cortex-M3? Google ARM Servers announcement for cheaper/better/cleaner cloud?
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1 Jelly Bean 4.3
• Google+ Circles integration in contacts.
• Chrome getting support for apps and extensions.
• Google+ Hangouts (Babel), multi-protocol messaging app.
• Google+ Camera app with Nik Software & Viewdle technologies.
• Google Play News replacing Currents with a web version and store.
• Nexus Watch.
• Nexus 4 LTE with LG.
• Nexus 5 with LG.
• Nexus 7 with Asus. 

2. Chrome 28 / Apps
• Google+ redesign with centric messaging system in Hangouts.
• Google Play Store redesign.
• Chrome notification center.
• Google Now on the Google homepage.
• Google Now on the Chrome new tab page.
• Desktop Voice Search like the Android version.
• Packaged apps for Play Music and more.
• Google iOS apps ported to Chrome with NaCl.
• Nexus program extended to Chrome OS.
• Nexus 11 with Samsung, Chrome OS tablet/convertible.

3. Google Play Games
• Store unifying games from Chrome, Android and Google+.
• New NaCl games titles.

4. Google+ Games (revamped)
• Achievements.
• Leaderboards.
• Matchmaking.
• Multiplayer gameplay.
• Ability to play via Hangouts (On Air).
• Live streaming games on YouTube.

5. Nexus Play (ex Q) with Nexus Controller
• Integration of Voice Search into the controller.
• Chrome will support the bluetooth controller.
• Integration of Google TV becoming Google Play TV.

6. Google Play Home
• Evolution of android@home.
• Google Now Lightbulb Card.

7. Google X Drone
• Tiny humanoid flying robot.
Best lists of Google I/O hopes yet!!! I love everything on it
For the Keynote they should just walk on the stage announce you can have 6 rows of apps drop the mic walk off. Totally beating Apple to their punch this year :)
Ed Wahl
It would be VERY nice if you gave an after-show comparison of your list and what was unveiled and/or discussed.  While I would LOVE to see new ARM based laptops, I do not expect that will have happened.
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