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YouTube feature requests (some of these I've been posting for years) please check it +Salar Kamangar :

1. Let every YouTube Partner get donations like non-profits do. Integrate Kickstarter like functionality in YouTube channel "fund this video project, here are details what we would like to film" and show if goal is reached, donators can advertise their website/company if they want next to donations value.

2. Display Google Shopping Buy Now links under video and at end of video when the video is about a product that is for sale online, thus enable 4% commission built-in (quadruples revenue overnight I'd guess) Partner can opt-out or manage each video by evt selecting specific product from Google Shopping to list if that is not clear enough for Google based on title, description, search etc. Let Partner evt pick favorite web stores to list in priority, for example Amazon, Adorama, Newegg, and BHphoto for US viewers, and others can be selected for other regions of the world.

3. Let viewers pay some monthly price perhaps $5/month or $10/month for an unlimited ads-free YouTube experience, simply remove advertising and set 1080p as default but only for the people who pay for YouTube. (doubles revenue overnight I'd guess), can also include netflix/hulu/amazon prime style contents, but unlocks ads on all YouTube Partner content by default. Partner can opt-out if they prefer. YouTube subscribers can evt get prioritized bandwidth in certain situations. Maybe there is a high-end 1080p encode, or premium 4K stream bandwidth when available.

4. YouTube should offer automatic "upload all my videos to YouKu" for Chinese audiences, until China finally at some point allows their people access to YouTube. Which may happen at any moment, but for now, please just let us easily clone everything to Youku. And a wordpress plugin to auto display the youku instead of youtube when website visitors are in China would be good. If you do this, maybe you'll accelerate the Chinese Government un-blocking youtube simply because they'd be impressed you'd offer that kind of service. If not a service by Youtube, please link us to third parties who can hook up and automatically do this kind of thing.

5. Enable p2p video subtitling and subtitle translations. YouTube Partners can decide how much of a share of revenue to evt pay to volunteers who spend time improving the automatic subtitles and automatic translations of those subtitles. Thus when "manual subtitles" are available for video, that can be highlighted and displayed instead of the automatic one. And each can be improved collaboratively, subtitlers/translators get paid based on how many people view their work and evt how good it's rated, let people rate those subtitles and translations of subtitles. The link to subtitle and to translate subtitles should be visible by everyone "improve subtitles" and "improve translated subtitle", people can set which languages they understand in YouTube viewer settings to automatically display correct subtitles and buttons to "improve french subtitles here" or to hide that button if people are not interested to participate. All videos with for example over 100 thousand views may thus get better manual subtitles in many languages submitted by viewing public.

6. Offer p2p video titling/describing service. People can volunteer to watch yet unlisted videos as soon as a YouTube channel uploads them, and people can collaboratively submit manual titles/descriptions/tags for each video, which the YouTube upload can approve to be used to make the video public.

7. Auto-post YouTube uploads to Wordpress blog, including management of Wordpress categories when the YouTube video is being uploaded and eventual other default texts or code to add before or after video. Same for scheduled publishing.

8. Explain what time of day is best to publish video to get optimal view count based on channel statistics, suggest YouTube uploader schedule publishing to those times.

9. Improve it needs to be near as good as Pinnacle/Sony Vegas/Avid/Final Cut etc. Let us edit with voice-overs, music, more stable frame precision, better flexibility/stability.

10. Offer p2p video-editing. People can spend time to offer suggested shorter edits of each video as alternative shorter versions of the video. Thus people watching who don't have time, can switch to shorter user-submitted and upload-approved shorter version of video when that one is available. Allow also p2p video-editing to combine evt several videos into one, can be limited from playlist if YouTube upload decides to, or can be channel-wide. Also the edits must be approved by uploader before those can be listed somewhere in a "user submitted edits" section on the channel. YouTube uploader can decide how much to share evt revenue from edits with the editor.

11. Massively improve content recommendations algorithm. Let me enter a gree/red full screen mode. It must show me content YouTube knows I will like, let me Thumbs up each video with the space bar and let me evt skip video with right button. Thus remote control can be built with a big green thumbs up button and a red skip button (evt a red skip and dislike rating button also). People must be able to lie back in sofa and start some impressively awesome automatic playback of YouTube's personalized recommendations of content. Each view must be absolutely awesome. Viewer must be able to type in area of interest, search query or pick from previous areas of interest that YouTube can detect, for example now I'm in the mood for tech videos, and at another point I'm in the mood for comedy videos, with evt tags like Android within technology and tags like Louis CK within comedy. For example. Build recommendations engine on YouTube that can reliably replace TV. When people watch YouTube in family or with friends, everyone has to be constantly impressed by each video shown. A mic in room can eventually record laughs as indicator to how good the content is and to attempt at continuing to show such cool content. Recommendations engine can automatically pick user submitted shorter edits instead of the full videos if it's measured that the certain shorter edits are better than some of the original longer videos.
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Hi +Nicolas Charbonnier 
I'm going to #leweb13london  
I will be interviewing several people there. Was wondering if you might be interested in filming some of them.
I interviewed Bruce Sterling in Berlin and it was a shame that I didn't catch that on video. 
+Euro Maestro I wish, last year Leweb london was in third week of June, so I could attend, but this year +LeWeb London is first week of June, and then I am video-blogging at the Computex consumer electronics show in Taipei.
2. You could also add a link to a product with a refcode in the description. Not as convenient as your solution, but feasible now.

4. There are scripts to download entire playlists from YouTube, and there's also one to upload multiple videos to YouKu. The hard part is to get a YouKu API for the latter as they only provide it to Chinese businesses.
Great list. Just finished reading it. 
+Jean-Luc Aufranc thanks yea, I already manually add quite a few Amazon shortlinks in the beginning of relevant videos, but that requires huge amount of work on my side for 5x to 10x less conversion I guess compared to YouTube integrating this deeply into their Flash and HTML5 user experience design, I think the link to "Buy Now" should be integrated on top of the video like the overlay advertising, it would monetize about 100x more than "random" overlayed ads as there is now. If YouTube/Google can implement "one click purchase" and "same day delivery" and other such advancements, I bet this would enable YouTube and Partner Uploaders to make 5x to 10x more money compared to todays YouTube advertising system. The purpose of advertising is for people to buy things, right now it's really hard for viewers to buy the devices being talked about in the videos that talk about things that should easily be purchasable.

+Jean-Luc Aufranc I understand youtube videos can be downloaded using Firefox scripts and perhaps third party server scripts etc (which is the service you recommend to download all max resolution videos from a YouTube playlist?), I wish though it was automated, I want to go on a site, click one green button, and all my 2552 YouTube videos should be transferred directly from YouTube to Youku and within some hours or a day or so, all are copied there. Including maybe Google Translated versions of all the titles and descriptions also. If possible those translations can be manually improved by multilingual chinese volunteers in the future, who also can get a revenue share, it needs to sprwead the improved translations to wordpress also. And I guess Youku can support subtitles, then it should also synchronize the subtitles with YouTube when there are some that are p2p manually improved over the automatic ones.
+james w +Euro Maestro  yea, my ideas are great, I guess maybe YouTube have already thought about implementing them, and maybe YouTube has good reasons not to implement them, good reasons that I don't understand yet. But maybe +Salar Kamangar  and his crew just haven't thought about doing these things yet for some reason? It';d be great if you could tag other YouTube staff here in the thread so they also can check this feature request list, and maybe evt respond if there are good reasons why YouTube wouldn't yet implement one or the other of my feature requests. I think I've posted some of these feature requests for 3-4 years now on my and before even on but for some reason those things don't seem to yet be implemented.

I'm sure YouTube is going to be Google's main source of profits and revenue eventually, bigger than all other advertising online, YouTube already is the worlds biggest website, and in my opinion the most important website on the web. So Google being able to better monetize YouTube is a pretty big deal, it'll change TV which actually is quite a lot bigger than the web (in terms of time people spend on each).
+Nicolas Charbonnier
 I haven't tried service, but only Python scripts, so that may not be what you're after. But I'll explain anyway:
1. For youtube playlists download, I slightly modified an existing script, and I'm able to download playlists
You may also be able to define your preferred resolution in the script.

2. For YouKu uploads, there's a script called pyYouku that's supposed to do the job but you need a partner ID / API key.
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