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Moto total cost $12.5B to Goog in 2011:
- $3.2B Moto's 2011 cash
- $2.4B Moto's 2011 deferred tax assets
- $2.35B Moto's Set-top-box business sold in 2012
- $75M Moto's factories business sold in 2013 (incl 7K factory employees)
- $2.91B Moto's Mobility business sold in 2014

Thus Moto's remaining assets including patents, buildings (in Chicago and elsewhere), probably a good part of the 12K employees cost Goog $1.56B

Doing that, Goog may have well protected and guided the Android ecosystem along in the past couple years.
We’ve just signed an agreement to sell Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion. As this is an important move for Android users everywhere, I wanted to explain why in detail. We acquired Motorola in 2012 to help supercharge the A...
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Doing that, Goog may have well protected and guided the Android ecosystem along in the past couple years. Well said.
Wouldn't "$3.2B Moto's 2011 cash" remain with Moto and go to Lenovo?
+Benjamin Trinité I don't think it would be. Goog had 2 years to just take and use Moto's cash and tax assets however they wanted. Plus Goog is not going to sell Moto's $3.2B worth of cash for $2.91B.
All I can say is that I feel deeply disappointed, even betrayed, by Google's actions here.

Especially since they made such a big deal about bringing jobs back to America with building the Moto G here... and then a sell out to company from a communist nation, and the end of the Google phones just as they finally won consumer confidence. 
I'm sure you're typing this from a made in China device +Robert Kaiser.
Nothing will change as long as the US consumers are not willing to pay extra for locally made devices.
Hassan, I totally agree, but the fact is that many Americans like me are very willing to pay more for products made in America.

The problem is that American democracy and capitalism is in trouble: our damaged laws allow millionaires and billionaires in business to basically give unlimited funds to political campaigns - for years they have increasingly bought elections, and then even worse, have taken a direct hand in writing legislation that allows them to outsource American jobs without consequence.
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