The easy way for Apple to solve its slavery problem:

200'000 workers currently make iPhone and iPad, paid $200/month for 320hr/month of work. (according to latest NYT article)

- Apple CEO picks up the phone now today, tells Foxconn Apple wants to double salaries and halve work time requirements per worker.

400'000 workers (200k new ones are hired) are then paid $400/month for 160hr/month of work (means 8hr/day shifts, 2 days per week free, 2 extra yearly weeks paid holiday, total shift flexibility "workers choose their own shifts", other benefits such as free high-quality food, many breaks allowed, free after-work career training, healthcare, dental care, cheaper/better private housing, free public transportation etc)

Total cost for Apple: $720 Million per quarter (200'000 x $200 x 3 x 3)

With a $13 billion quarterly profit, Apple can afford to pay $720 million extra per quarter to make sure that the Chinese workers are treated with respect.

The result is Foxconn can hire twice as many workers to get the same job done for Apple (your new iPhones and iPads will be cranked out at same speed), and all of the workers are paid double to work half the current shifts.

Problem solved. Apple can come out of this controversy being the hero. Chinese workers will love Apple for it, China will love Apple for it, consumers will love Apple for it. All the other Android brands will follow suit because it's the right thing to do. Piece of cake!

It would cost Apple only 5% of their profits, only 1.6% of their revenues to completely revolutionize the Chinese manufacturing industry.

Share this calculation to your circles if you agree. Let me know if you think my calculations are correct.
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