Microsoft continues to spread FUD on Android.

The only companies supposedly paying an Android licence are the same exact companies that plan to launch Windows 8, Windows Phone devices!

Stop believing the FUD Microsoft spreads on Android licencing!

Not one single company who is not planning to make and sell Windows devices is at all saying to be paying anything at all to Microsoft for Android!

It's FUD!

The secret "Android licencing" only allows Microsoft to say that there is a licence. The fact is the Microsoft so-called patents on Android are completely invalid and everyone knows that. Microsoft knows their patents on Android are worthless.

Companies like Pegatron, Huawei, ZTE, HTC, Samsung, they all plan to release Windows 8 devices, many are already selling Windows Phone devices.

Here is what those companies get in exchange of letting Microsoft say they are paying an Android licence:

1. The companies pay $0 for the Android licence, it does not exist.

2. Microsoft gives them a "rebate" on Windows 8 and Windows Phone licencing.

3. Microsoft pays 100% of Windows 8/Phone marketing for them.

4. Microsoft pays 100% of Windows 8/Phone software R&D for them.

5. Microsoft pays even for bulks of the initial mass manufacturing expenses for these companies to start selling Windows 8/Phone devices.

The only demand for Microsoft is that those companies close their ears and let Microsoft say that these companies are paying an Android licence, when that is completely false!

You will not find one single company in the world paying any bogus Android licence to Microsoft if they are not also planning to release Windows 8/Phone products.
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