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Why would anyone want to buy a 512GB SSD for $340 when you can get a 500GB Seagate Momentus XT hybrid hard drive for $90 that runs any OS and apps about 100% exactly as fast as any SSD?

I'm more excited for Seagate and others making upwards 2TB or more capacity in 2.5" hybrid hard drive capacities and with more and faster flash hybrid storage for them, perhaps also with programmable hybrid flash storage caching functionality.

I think all laptops should come with a hybrid hard drive by default, I find it cumbersome having to remove the original hard drive and replace them with this one.
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In some cases it's as slow as regular hard-drive, since the flash cache is limited. Plus, it's still a mechanical drive and prone to failures as the regular drive...
+Denys Dmytriyenko I understand maybe some cases show a difference, I expect new hard drives have lots of anti-shock technologies that make them quite shock proof since hundreds of millions of laptops and other portable devices with hard drives have been shipped. I just don't see the 5x higher price of SSD vs Hybrid hard drives being justified.
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I agree hybrid drives are a nice middle-ground between HDDs and SSDs (although saying they perform as fast as SSD for the price of HDD is just wrong).

Also, SSD prices are dropping fast (thanks to HDD shortage) and in some cases there is no substitute, even if the price is still higher.
I have a total 2.325 TB of storage strung out in 4 HDDs...
Have you noticed that there are not that many hybrid desktop class hard drives on the market right now (I only know of the Seagate models)? The reason why people don't buy them is because a majority doesn't even know they exist. In my country the major retailers don't even sell them. Seriously take 10 regular desktop users from the street and ask them, do you know what a hybrid hard drive is and they will give you a strange look. The marketing strategy behind these drives is sorely lacking compared to SSDs.
Power consumption is another factor in favour of SSDs, for battery devices.
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