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+Airbnb removed sort by price? No more full screen map mode overview? Hmm. Seems unusable.
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question, is Airbnb different from couch surfing?
+Hassan Dibani ya you can rent whole apartments. Couchsurfing I think is only for free couch/mattress on floor kind of "living at someone's place for free while they are there" and perhaps not as easy to "book" at if you haven't got a huge profile having hosted plenty other couch surfers for free in your place already.
I noticed this, too. It's a dealbreaker for me.
+Paul Broeker airbnb support replied to me saying they are just updating their site and that they have temporarily removed sort by price feature for now, I see that the map mode is back.
Cool, let's hope for sort by price to be back asap as well.
december 4 - still no sort by button -ahhh
I also emailed them and they said "We make ongoing changes to the search feature to help travelers find listings that are more relevant to their searches. Often that includes experimenting with the placement or existence of different buttons or filters and gathering associated data to see what our users like best. At this time, we're experimenting with the order in which search results appear to prospective guests which explains why you no longer see the option to sort your search results."

So it doesn't sound like they necessarily plan on putting in back...! Without that option any new host really has no chance of being found on the first few pages, it'll always be the same few people getting listed on the first pages - and it's a disadvantage for the guests too not being able to easily see the lowest price :-(
Dec 25 and still no sort-by-price.  This is really a PITA.  Putting price constraints on the search itself is the only way around it that I can think of.  But that's just a cheesy hack, I want the sorting back.
Signed.  By the way I also sent a "Feedback" on the issue via the airbnb site directly.
+Anna Greve you're welcome to post the petition here. Do you circle me or does this show up on Google even without me being in any of your Google+ circles? I think perhaps Airbnb has some kind of strategy, maybe they want people to pick the more expensive options first, because they make a larger comission when renting out the more expensive options, also new listings tend to be cheaper, airbnb may want people to pick the more reliable trusted listings first.
It goes without saying that they didn't remove the feature for no reason.  +Nicolas Charbonnier I think you're probably close to the mark in a follow-the-money sort of way.  My conjecture is/was that they're trying to discourage price discrimination, possibly, as you say, to increase the average booking price.
+Eric Anderson Google should acquire airbnb or start making an alternative. With little to no booking fees, no restrictions with posting URLs, emails etc in comments, private messages etc and expand to include video and photo reviews of places, and more features for one-click booking. Google mustn't remain neutral, they must get in there and make the revolutionary platforms to compete with and to improve accommodation, food, transportation and everything in society.
+Anna Greve I think that's what they told me too, that it was just temporarily removed. The map mode was temporarily removed and they have put it back.

I think that your petition text is maybe too long, people may not have the patience to read a long text there before signing.

I don't mind if they hide the sort by price, to make their selection algorithms default, I just don't like that they've removed the sort by price completely. Maybe they should add a tick box that's ticked by default with listing only the listings that are somewhat verified, or let people list listings that have had at least a certain number of satisfied guests in there already. Also sort by verified accounts based on how many friends on facebook, twitter, Google+, linkedin and other that people have linked to their airbnb account.
I just logged in and I still see the price sliders, not the $$ sliders.  Things are definitely moving in an anti-traveler direction it seems.  One can try using the Berlin-based clone , or there's the site that started it all (I think), .
Oh and they never responded to my direct customer query about bringing back the sort function.  I'm Little People.
Someone should just build a web app that scrapes the listings data from AirBNB and allows you to sort by price, and then takes you over to AirBNB when it's time to book.
They lost me as a potential customer, and I guess they'll lose many like me. Their bad.
+merlin beard That's a nice start.  To be useful though, all of the search criteria need to be supported.
I don't know why the person behind the sort-by-price site decided to obfuscate the url with random letters. I'm assuming the motive was to hide the trick behind sorting by price. And maybe s/he gets affiliate commission or advertising revenue from visitors of the site.

Just add "&sort=4" into the URL of your airbnb search and you're good to go.
Looks like an affiliate link and like Roy Handelsman said, its just hides the &sort=4 behind a lot of random characters.....


Any ways, thanks Roy Handelsman
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