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Wow +Mary Lou Jepsen​​ goes to work for Facebook. Maybe it's Google's slow pace at deciding to invest to mass produce to release Google X hardware? Where's +Google Glass​​? Where's the self driving car? Where are the balloons? Where are sunlight readable ultra low power Pixel Qi displays and the other Google X project +Mary Lou Jepsen​ was heading at Google? Where are the Google robots and delivery drones? Where are the MHL Lapdocks? Google has everything, they have all the engineers and they have all the money, why don't they just do everything? Why don't they make and release the hardware? Why doesn't Google put their money where their mouths are?

Another thing one can hope is that those Google X projects are ready to be announced/released at the next Google I/O and so she could switch to do something else.

VR for 360 video is awesome. Check back for my videos of the latest 360 video VR solutions from MWC.
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+Jasper Janssen​ she didn't do +Google Glass​ and its not killed it's being released through Google's product-releasing Nest segment. Google should have released Glass two years ago.
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+NXP Semiconductors merges with +Freescale
NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) and Freescale Semiconductor, Ltd. (NYSE: FSL) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which NXP will merge with Freescale in a transaction which values the combined enterprise at just over $40 billion.
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Front row at Google keynote with +Sundar Pichai​ at #mwc #mwc2015 exclusive unveiling of Chromedroid 6? MHL Lapdocks and dual-boots securely supported in Lollipop? 20-year revenue share promise for Android Play revenues with all hardware makers and service providers? Fully 100% open sourcing Android development with dailies as Chrome development? No more requirements to ship Google Apps and Google Play on any device (they still certify, they just allow anyone ship their apps as much as they want on any device). What else do you expect Google to announce in 3min from now?
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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At the Huawei press conference at #mwc, if Huawei wants to beat Apple, I think they can, they just have to sell something like the Huawei Mate7 at sub-$300, and the new Huawei Smartwatch should be priced below $200, if they sell as much as there would be demand, they could I think overtake Apple this year. I hope also Huawei does an MHL LapDock for a new 64bit big.LITTLE octa core phone. If they bundle a perfect 13.3" Ultrabook-style Lapdock they may sell the bundle at $400-$500.
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The Kool-Aid is too strong. You have to remember that while Huawei is selling phones, Apple is selling an entrenched image and culture. It doesn't even matter that one product might be better or cheaper than another.
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ARM Cortex-M processors are everywhere at Embedded World #EMB2015  In this video, +Thomas Ensergueix and +Diya Soubra, product managers at ARM for Cortex-M processors, discuss how software complexity is driving the increase in the deployment of 32bit Cortex-M processors in the embedded market.
The ARM Cortex-M processor family is a range of scalable and compatible, energy efficient, easy to use processors designed to help developers meet the needs of tomorrow’s smart and connected embedded applications. Those demands include delivering more features at a lower cost, increasing connectivity, better code reuse and improved energy efficiency. The Cortex-M family is optimized for cost and power sensitive MCU and mixed-signal devices for applications such as Internet of Things, connectivity, smart metering, human interface devices, automotive and industrial control systems, domestic household appliances, consumer products and medical instrumentation.

You can read more about the ARM Cortex-M series of processors at
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FlyShark Smartwatch on Kickstarter, Heart Rate, Sleep monitoring and more Available for $79 on Kickstarter, the Flyshark Smartwatch includes functions like calling, texting, heart rate testing, exercise tracking, sleep monitoring, built-in camera, Bluetooth synchronization with Android and iOS and more. Using the MediaTek MTK6261A and a 1.54" 240x240 touch screen display. They just launched the campaign on Kickstarter and they have already raised over $43 Thousand at:

Distributor can contact Flyshark here:
Ms Mary, Sales Manager
Mobile: +86 13714507573
Phone: +86 755 89485250
WhatsApp: +86 13714507573
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I did some quick research and someone from TWIT bought one of these watches at CES earlier this year. He called it an Apple watch clone at the time. So they do have working models already. 
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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MediaTek MT8173 big.LITTLE ARM Cortex-A72 dual with A53 dual, being integrated in mass market tablet right now. Check back for my video!
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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Infineon shows €16 ARM Cortex-M0 XMC1100 Starter Kit Development Board with free DAVE “Digital Application Virtual Engineer” Matthias Ackermann, Industrial Microcontrollers at Infineon Technologies presents the latest technologies around its XMC 32-bit industrial microcontroller families powered by ARM Cortex-M and a new version of DAVE in action – 600W LLC titanium class power conversion reference design using XMC4000 series, XMC MCU buck kit evaluation platform for XMC MCUs, 1kW BLDC power tool reference design using XMC1300 series, 2-axis FOC motor control using XMC4400 series, MATLAB Simulink coder library integration in DAVE, secure field update/upgrade for XMC4000 series, 24GHz radar for presence and distance detection, flicker-free LED lighting control with RGB LED lighting shield for Arduino.

The Infineon demos show typical use cases and implementations utilizing XMC MCUs that feature deterministic behavior (programmable hardware interconnect matrix), performance (with DSP and FPU or MATH co-processor enabling 32-bit DIV and 24-bit trigonometric calculations), accuracy (peripherals clock up to 120MHz, HRPWM with 150ps), full control (timer concatenate up to 64-bit, POSIF), integration (ΔΣ Demodulator, LED Brightness Color Control Unit), and flexible programmable communication interfaces for M2M and IoT.

The demos use DAVE. DAVE stands for “Digital Application Virtual Engineer”. It is the free of charge software development platform for XMC MCUs offering a configurable and reusable code repository called XMC Lib (low level driver) and DAVE APPs.
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At the Samsung #unpacked at #mwc so they launch Samsung Galaxy S6. How about 50hr battery life new reflective display? How about $200 MHL Lapdock? Samsung Glass? E Ink Smartwatch? Better than moto360 round Android Wear? 64bit big.LITTLE Exynos? What do you think Samsung should show?
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I see blue and black...anyone else see gold and white???
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EP2: Huawei Mate7 vs Note4 vs iPhone6+ I ask normal people which of the top-3 high-end phablets they think is the better one among Huawei Mate 7, iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the flagship phablets from the top-3 Smartphone manufacturers in the world. I think the Mate7 is the best among those, although for me to recommend it to everyone, Huawei should price it at $299 instead of $499.
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Nicolas Charbonnier

Shared publicly  - upstream kernel validation project +Tyler Baker discusses and demos, where development boards all over the world are being booted with the bleeding edge upstream kernel to provide validation results to the kernel community.
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Amazing video.
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Freescale i.MX 6SoloX ARM Cortex-A9 with ARM Cortex-M4  and the Mentor Embedded Multicore Framework Freescale launches i.MX6SX for Heterogeneous Processing at Embedded World 2015, it has one ARM Cortex-A9 core running at 1Ghz and one ARM Cortex-M4 core running at 200Mhz. Enabling the Heterogeneous Processing on the new Freescale i.MX 6SoloX , +Ricardo Anguiano of Mentor Graphics shows their Mentor Embedded Multicore Framework that enables two capabilities necessary for taking advantage of mixed core architectures: 1) remote processor lifecycle management and 2) inter-processor communication. Remote processor lifecycle management is based on the open source standard remoteproc, and allows the master core to power and boot a remote core. The inter-processor communication mechanism is based on the open source standard rpmsg, and allows the establishment of a communication channel across different types of cores and operating systems.

The demo shown at the Freescale booth at Embedded World boots Mentor Embedded Linux on the A9 core. The Linux system runs a Qt based patient monitoring application. When the start button is pressed on the Qt application, remoteproc interfaces are used to power up the M4 core and launch the Nucleus RTOS firmware responsible for capturing patient data, then rpmsg interfaces are used to establish a VirtIO based communication mechanism between the applications across the mixed core and operating system architecture. Pressing the stop button on the Qt application the reverse happens, ending in a powered off M4 core.

The entire runtime software architecture is instrumented and the trace data is visualized in Sourcery Analyzer for simultaneous timeline performance analysis and debug of both operating systems and applications.

You can read more about the Freescale iMX6 SoloX here:
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Just wish the 26 seats in theatre 2 were positioned about 1 meter higher cause we sit quite near the giant screen, can't they build a higher floor in there and lift all the chairs up higher?
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A ton of delicious healthy looking/tasting vegetarian-only food as an all-you-can-eat Buffet, I like the fake meats in nice sauce with fried rice, but there are tons of much more healthy Asian vegetarian things, and all the efforts you put into eating the healthy food, you can cancel by unlimited ice cream, cakes, chocolate covered fruits and soda if you want. The normal price per person is 770TWD, they close every day at 9PM.
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
Simple. Get the Goat from Nisyros and the Elephant Eye for desert with a 1L mineral water. The waitress recommended me those and it was really delicious but it'll cost you 23.50€ without the tip (15€ Goat dish, 6€ Elephant Eye desert and 2.50€ 1L mineral water), which is a bit more than a 2.50€ chicken or pork Gyros from the street.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Absolutely amazing and delicious Peking Duck! Lamb, Pork and other dishes are also awesome here. I definitely want to go back there each time I'll be back in Shenzhen in the Shekou area.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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Delicious Graprao Gai and Geang Kiew Wan for ¥900 and O-43 Tomyam Gai Nung is also great for ¥580. One of the best Thai restaurants I have yet tried.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Try their Chicken Madras, portions are large, food is tasty and spicy.
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Very Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago