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$100 Pipo X7 Intel Mini PC Pipo shows their X7 TV Box which they say is getting a lot of traction at the moment, from people who want a cheap Intel x86 based desktop. It uses the Intel Atom Z3736F processor with 2GB RAM runs Windows 8.1. It is selling for about $100 in China as the retail price. The price exported to other countries may be a bit different. Pipo founder Ben Lai tried to do this project 15 years ago, but the hardware was too expensive costing more than $200-$300, now he says that the ecosystem is better for this product to become popular. They are considering to dual-boot Android or perhaps ship it running Chrome OS, as the Windows licence is about $25.

You can read more about it at
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Just sell it worth no os
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It's time for the EU to convince Google to open Android development with real-time daily updates that all can see and contribute to. And Google absolutely needs to remove all their bad requirements for how Google services and apps can be bundled of on Android devices. Google doesn't need to police any minimum requirements for Android, they can certify devices, but they cannot prevent anyone from pre-installing Google Play, Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps and whichever other Google app that users want to pre-load and use on any certified or not-certified Android device. Anti-competitive behavior by Google with Android must stop too. Google has been preventing alternative app marketplaces in Android, alternative Maps, alternative Email, alternative Search, Browser, etc
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I've been saying it a lot, Microsoft to make Bing OS using an Android fork and Bing OS using Chromium OS, why haven't they done this for years already? Just one detail needs confirmation through EU lawsuit, Google must agree to let them install any Google apps too that consumers want such as Google Play, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and whatever else.
Rumors of a Microsoft and Cyanogen partnership have been making the rounds recently, and the Android mod maker is confirming them today. In an email to The Verge, Cyanogen says it's partnering with...
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Root + rootexplorer and delete all the apps you don't need
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RK3288 Chromebooks are awesome! Check back for my videos on!!!!

To see if/when Google/Rockchip opens Chromium OS/Chrome OS to all Shenzhen makers to follow, I expect $49 Chromebits and $99 Chromebooks before the end of the year, I expect ARM Chromebook sales to overtake Windows Intel Laptop sales wherever it'll be available. 13.3" with 4GB RAM matte display would be nice at sub-$149. A low power cheap sunlight readable display to double battery life would be also nice!
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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ALi M3733 dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 with DVB-T2 Tuner shown by UyeSee UyeSee shows their new platform based on the ALi M3733 dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 SoC with DVB-T2 Tuner. The price will be competitive. Running Android 4.4 for now with a custom UI. UyeSee will be showing their latest Set-top-box devices at the HK Fair.

You can contact UyeSee here:
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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Google to enable "I want a job" feature on all smartphones, could put homeless people to work, could radically increase productivity and happiness throughout society. Getting things done and activating and moving people who want to be activated and moved. And most importantly not take too large a share (I think less than 5%) in the transactions all the money should go directly to workers of all kinds and skills directly. When implemented correctly this will be the killer app of the smartphone.
The company is readying a new product intended to connect search users with local home-service providers.
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Like Dice for service providers/users? 
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Governments buying Apple products for kids is just wrong. Let the private schools waste their money on ipads if they want. Public school kids should all be using much better value Chromebooks and if also a tablet then let it be a sub-$200 Android tablet! Though there isn't any sunlight readable tablet display good enough for kids learning I think. Unless you think them starring into a backlight for reading is a good thing for them.
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Nicolas Charbonnier

commented on a post on Blogger.
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Hey Google +Hiroshi Lockheimer, why don't you just make the EU happy, now's your chance to act nice with us Europeans:
- Open Android development, show us dailies, let outsiders contribute, don't give preferential treatment to anyone anymore.
- Let anyone pre-install any of your apps without having to follow any of your rules anymore.
- Don't force your apps to be installed if partners don't want to pre-install them.
- Also let anyone ship Android TV and Chrome OS on any hardware, any SoC. Offer to help optimize and support Android and Chrome OS to any SoC that is powerful enough.
- Announce automatic revenue share for any hardware maker making Android and Chrome OS devices. Pay hardware makers their fair share according to how much you monetize those devices!
- Suggest BingOS, YahooOS, YandexOS, BaiduOS, YunOS, WechatOS, all shipments of Android or Chrome OS with alternative default search engines and app-management should be welcome. Make China happy! Also host all the apps for Android and Chrome OS in a way that doesn't lock consumers into your pocket in any way and promise that your goal isn't to profit from app stores (which you don't profit from anyway!) but mainly that you just care to profit when users use your services because users think your services are the best! And that you simply believe that the more people use the web, the more users will choose to use your services because you really believe that your services are the best!
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+Nicolas Charbonnier Yeah, we know those were fake. Usually posted by antivirus company shills trying to sell software. 
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$149 Hisense RK3288 Chromebook Hands-on Multi-Tab Web Browsing Test Here's some Web browsing and keyboard typing speed/accuracy test, I load a few random websites on the press room wifi featuring some smooth two-finger scrolling and clicking (consider trade show's thousands of people creating a bit of interference affecting the speed maybe a bit). The Hisense RK3288 Chromebook is one of the world's best value laptops at $149 I think, with I think the best mousepad among the $149 RK3288 Chromebooks (requires least/best pressure to click it seems) and the exterior design of the Hisense with some kind of granular texture I think is the nicest to handle and hold. But the Haier has a preferable matte display compared to the glossy display that I have seen on all the other RK3288 Chromebooks. While the idea of 4GB RAM may sound appealing, even if that increases the price by something like $20 (if they make such 4GB options available), maybe one can also consider that RAM usage on this RK3288 Chromebook, and RAM usage on Chrome OS in general, may be something that Google and Rockchip have been tweaking and optimizing alot, and it's something that is always improving with the automatic and regular software updates that we can expect to be sent out by Google to these. Please understand that I do not believe in running certain browser benchmarks to measure the usability/speed and performance of real user web browsing. To do an optimal benchmark, someone with high-speed cameras should measure how long it takes certain novice and advanced users to do a whole range of things on the web. To me the performance seems extremely good and satisfactory. But of course I would like to have one of these and to be able to use them as my main laptop, to see if it feels like the 32bit RK3288 ARM Cortex-A17 quad-core can power all my web browsing needs! Imagine a smooth enough performance already achieve, how extra smooth the performance may be when Rockchip releases perhaps a next generation Chromebook optimized 64bit processor! Using the newly announced ARM Cortex-A72 perhaps! Check back also for my tests of the RK3288 Chromebooks by Asus and Haier.
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Screen resolution?
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Rockchip RK3288 Chromebooks $149 Hisense, Haier and $169 Asus Rockchip shows their super cool new $149 Chrome OS Chromebooks on their RK3288 quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 with ARM Mali-T764 GPU. The performance seems very smooth (see my other separate Hands-on Multi-Tab Web Browsing Test videos with each of the Chromebooks). Rockchip has been working for more than the past year with Google's Chrome OS team to optimize and deliver an experience for Chrome OS on their RK3288 platform, stable enough for now launching massive mass productions with Hisense, Haier and Asus through big Laptop factories in Taiwan and China. They would like to see big volumes shipped, possibly more than 10 million units shipped, now available for pre-order the Haier RK3288 Chromebook for $149 at and the Hisense RK3288 Chromebook for $149 at 
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I am running debian on my RK3188(qc802), pretty good and stable server if you ask me, more than 1 year since setup and couple of months of uptime with no problems whatsoever. Does these Chromebooks come with upgradable storage? 128GB ssd and 4gb ram would make these quite adequate Linux laptops. Better display maybe 13" would be even better. To bad that Pixel Qi gone out of business. 
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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Intel wants hide the giant losses that they have in mobile. Intel lost $3.1 billion in 2013 and $4.21 billion in 2014.
Intel (INTC) has decided that it will no longer report mobile earnings separately. Instead, it will merge its Mobile and Communications Group with its PC business into a single new division called the Client Computing Group.
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Not really a surprise to me. tablets are the icing though. The competition soon will be for the servers.
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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Canatu Carbon NanoBud Flexible Touch with CNB In-Mold stretchable, formable, conductive capacitive touch Canatu shows their latest transparent conductive films and touch sensors for flexible and 3D touch devices. At Printed Electronics USA, Canatu announced CNB In-Mold Film, a stretchable, formable, conductive film optimized for 3D formed capacitive touch displays and touch surfaces in automobile center consoles and dashboards, home appliance control panels, remote controls, smartwatches and portable electronic devices. Canatu’s transparent films and touch sensors are based on a new type of carbon nanomaterial: Carbon NanoBud. Carbon NanoBud is not limited by the brittleness or metal fatigue associated with more traditional indium tin oxide (ITO) and metal mesh structures, and therefore stretchability and 3D forms are now possible.

Printed Electronics Europe takes place in Berlin April 28-29th 2015:
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Just wish the 26 seats in theatre 2 were positioned about 1 meter higher cause we sit quite near the giant screen, can't they build a higher floor in there and lift all the chairs up higher?
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A ton of delicious healthy looking/tasting vegetarian-only food as an all-you-can-eat Buffet, I like the fake meats in nice sauce with fried rice, but there are tons of much more healthy Asian vegetarian things, and all the efforts you put into eating the healthy food, you can cancel by unlimited ice cream, cakes, chocolate covered fruits and soda if you want. The normal price per person is 770TWD, they close every day at 9PM.
Public - 10 months ago
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Simple. Get the Goat from Nisyros and the Elephant Eye for desert with a 1L mineral water. The waitress recommended me those and it was really delicious but it'll cost you 23.50€ without the tip (15€ Goat dish, 6€ Elephant Eye desert and 2.50€ 1L mineral water), which is a bit more than a 2.50€ chicken or pork Gyros from the street.
Public - a year ago
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Absolutely amazing and delicious Peking Duck! Lamb, Pork and other dishes are also awesome here. I definitely want to go back there each time I'll be back in Shenzhen in the Shekou area.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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6 reviews
Delicious Graprao Gai and Geang Kiew Wan for ¥900 and O-43 Tomyam Gai Nung is also great for ¥580. One of the best Thai restaurants I have yet tried.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Try their Chicken Madras, portions are large, food is tasty and spicy.
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago