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$98 pcDuino at Maker Space Shenzhen, Allwinner A20 development board is an Allwinner A20-based development board targetted at educational and hobbyist use, it can run Android and Ubuntu among other. It has HDMI, Wi-Fi, 1GB RAM, 4GB Flash, and hardware headers interface compatible with Arduino (14xGPIO, 2xPWM, 6xADC, 1xUART, 1xSPI, 1xI2C). pcDuino can be used to teach Python, C and other things. pcDuino provides a Maker Space in Shenzhen where hackers and enthusiasts can come to hack some things based on the pcDuino. The pcDuino team will also be releasing an Allwinner A80 based development board in May. You can learn more about it at and
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Always-on Display is the key to a good Smartwatch. The question is how do they do it?
LG's next smartwatch, the G Watch, looks to stand out from its peers by coming with a display that is always turned on.
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Is the backlight also always on, or does it use a reflective display?
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+Bernhard Rosenkränzer talks Android speed-up at Linaro. Linaro Android optimizations gets upstreamed to the main Android releases, here demonstrating Linaro's latest optimizations to Android to likely be used in the next version of Android be it 4.5 or 5.0. As Google ads all the optimizations from Linaro to the main Android releases, Linaro gets to then focus on something else that still needs optimization for all ARM Android devices to work best.
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Nokia X Store becomes Metrodroid Store, Nokia X Android becomes Metro for Android Home Replacement, Metro apps support is added to Metro for Android.
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Good joke. Intel quack. Just produce an ARM like everyone else and stop trying to corrupt Shenzhen into using your fragmenting x86 bloat.
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When do we reach the godwin's law point here?
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First Rockchip RK3288 HDMI Stick and Set-top-box from Sunchip and Shenzhen Tena Shenzhen Tena RK3288 HDMI Stick

1. I want Chrome OS on RK3288 Stick and Box (Chromium OS is enough for a start)
2. I want Chromecast on RK2928 Stick (together with existing Miracast/DLNA/Airplay)

Images at
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I look forward to the day I can replace my aging desktop with a Rockchip-powered set-top box. It seems like we're almost there. ChromeOS on a device like this would be great but I'd settle for better Android desktop support.
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Still no Google I/O for me. My press application got rejected and the random $900 pick did not take me as "Non developer" I guess. Last year I was disappointed by I/O not announcing any new hardware, hopefully this year I/O will be much less disappointing, I expect major new Google X hardware announcements (including new displays for Android/ChromeOS/Wear/etc devices), Android 5.0 with (merging ChromeOS/Ubuntu/GoogleTV support), opening up of Chromecast protocol to other Miracasting/DLNA'ing HDMI Sticks such as RK2928/iPush/Cavium/Broadcom/etc, open sourcing Android TV software, launching of cheap and  powerful ARM Powered Games Console based on Android, launching of $49 Chrome Sticks with full Chrome OS on RK3288/A80 and higher, sub-$150 Chromebooks on RK3288/A80 and higher, Tegra K1 Chrome OS, sub-$300 Commercial Global Google Glass launch (I don't care if people just spent $1500 for one), sub-$200 Android Wear SmartWatch launch, $100 Google Android Phone on MT6592 with 720p screen must have dual-SIM, latest Android, easier one-click setup and free hosting of Wordpress/Phpbb/GoAgentVPN and more on App Engine, Robotics launches, E-Ink Android launches, and lots more. Since I guess most of these things will not be launched at Google I/O, I guess it's a good thing that I am not going all the way on the other side of the planet to again be disappointed.
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I feel the same
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Nicolas Charbonnier

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arm-soc git pull

+Arnd Bergmann explains how platform maintainers create git pull requests and how the arm-soc team merges those requests into the arm-soc tree. In this video, Arnd walks +Matt Porter through creation and posting of a pull request for the mach-bcm/ platform. Arnd then demonstrates how the branch is merged into the publish arm-soc next branches.
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Alot of info LOL

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Nicolas Charbonnier

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Unuiga shows around their SMT Production Line in Shenzhen China, outputting PCBs for their Set-top-box and HDMI Sticks and outputting PCBs for Tablets also.
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We're in the time of Everything time for Chinese kickstarter to sell more crazy 99% ARM Powered sensor/smart stuff.
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Delicious Graprao Gai and Geang Kiew Wan for ¥900 and O-43 Tomyam Gai Nung is also great for ¥580. One of the best Thai restaurants I have yet tried.
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Simple. Get the Goat from Nisyros and the Elephant Eye for desert with a 1L mineral water. The waitress recommended me those and it was really delicious but it'll cost you 23.50€ without the tip (15€ Goat dish, 6€ Elephant Eye desert and 2.50€ 1L mineral water), which is a bit more than a 2.50€ chicken or pork Gyros from the street.
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
Absolutely amazing and delicious Peking Duck! Lamb, Pork and other dishes are also awesome here. I definitely want to go back there each time I'll be back in Shenzhen in the Shekou area.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Very good
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4 reviews
Try their Chicken Madras, portions are large, food is tasty and spicy.
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Very good
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