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Sony PXW-Z90 and Sony HXR-NX80

Post has attachment shows cameras at IBC 2017

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$999 Tilta Gravity G1 gimball

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Power Bank Factory Tour at VEGER (part 2)

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Comberry Solid-state supercpacitors

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$199 Elephone P8, 5.5" FHD, MediaTek P25

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Here’s how Apple might die this year (finally):

- Many people don’t want to buy 8, they are waiting for X.
- Apple won’t be able to manufacture enough X to satisfy anywhere near their usual seasonal iPhone demand. Sourcing enough OLED displays will be one bottleneck.
- X will actually be a failure due lack of fingerprint reader on the back of the phone (3D face scan only is awkward) and due to stupid display cut out design at the top of the phone.

Google could become number 1 if simply:

- Google would price Pixel2 at $299. That’s plenty enough to make it work, mass manufacturing costs below $250 even with bezel-less Plastic OLED.
- Pixel2 should have same functionality as Samsung Dex. Bring $199 Lapdocks run by phone.
- Pixel2 should have included Project Tango sensors and indoor Google Maps as the default for the future of Android.

Now I also know Apple surely has plenty enough cash to survive a likely failure of 8 and X and to release a fix for X rapidly, one with a fingerprint reader on the back and without the cut-out at the top of the display but with 3D face scan and selfie cam at full bezel at the bottom. Apple may act stubborn (a bit like Trump) and keep at 8 and X for a year which would hurt them the most.

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ARRIS 4K HDR Android TV (Operator Tier) Set-top-boxes with services at IBC 2017

Google pays $1.1 Billion for HTC Smartphone team

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Atomos CEO Jeromy Young, and Dan Chung (formerly of Newsshooter) at IBC 2017
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