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Celiac Disease & Gluten-free Diet Information Since 1995
Celiac Disease & Gluten-free Diet Information Since 1995

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Post has attachment Update: Sweet Hot Pepper Chicken Wings (Gluten-Free)

Post has attachment Update: Have Wheat and Gluten Changed Over Time? - Have wheat and gluten changed over time? Is the wheat we consume today substantially different to the wheat we ate fifty or one-hundred years ago? These are interesting questions that have invited a good deal of speculation, but so far, at least, no good answers.

Post has attachment Update: Can IBS be Reversed? - IBS, also known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is a miserable condition. If you've ever had food poisoning or experienced Montezuma's revenge from travel, you have a good idea of how someone who suffers from IBS may feel. But while your food poisoning passed in a couple of days, imagine what it would be like to live like that each and every day.

Post has attachment Update: Are People With Diabetes and Celiac Disease Doomed to Worse Health?

Post has attachment Update: Silky Lobster Bisque (Gluten-Free) - If you want a home-made romantic dinner to remember, this silky lobster bisque is for you. Want to make something special for your sweetie, whatever day it happens to be? Try this silky, delicious lobster bisque for a special romantic dinner, and you're sure to have a hit on your hands.

Post has attachment Update: Could Nickel Play a Role in Contact Dermatitis in Cases with Non‐Celiac Wheat Sensitivity?

Post has attachment Update: The Amazing Gluten-free No Carb Noodle - Gluten-free and paleo dieters rejoice!  I found a delicious, low-carb, completely grain-free noodle and it tastes amazing with the cheeze sauce recipe that I recommend. I've been playing around in my kitchen and found a really interesting paleo side dish (or even a main!) can be created with kelp noodles. I know you're probably thinking: "Kelp? What?" But hear me out on this one. There's much more to kelp than just being huge plan...

Post has attachment Update: Microwave Treatments of Wheat Can Confuse R5-antibody ELISA Gluten Tests

Post has attachment Update: Easy Eggs Benedict Over Hash Browns (Gluten-Free)

Post has attachment Update: What if Fad Gluten-free Diets Aren't so Fad After All?
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