The killing fields are every football stadium around the country. From the little leagues to the pro's, players get rewarded for delivering crushing blows to their opponents.

Well, the killing fields have claimed another victim by the name of Junior Seau. Did those vicious hits he delivered every Sunday cause him to take his own precious life? If they did will that cause us to dismiss our passion of the game?

Since his death, some have said that we should ban football. The victim list is getting too long. Should we get rid of this violent sport? Or do we keep cheering them on as usual?

Don't these athletes know what they're getting themselves into? A NASCAR driver has to know once he snaps on that seat belt, that there is a chance that he might not make it out of his car alive.

I guess my question is, would you still sign up for a job that you love even if you know that it will take years off of your life?
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