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remember "Doughnut Dollies"
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Private Henry Johnson, a member of the all-black unit known as the “Harlem Hellfighters,” used a rifle, a knife and his hands to fight off nearly two dozen German soldiers during World War I.
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an interactive project to keep track of the people killed by police
The US government has no comprehensive record of the number of people killed by law enforcement. So the Guardian has embarked on this special project
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Cool, even better than just
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+cecilia FXX I'm not saying give up. Just that they care about profit, not hundreds or thousands of people they haven't met.
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now, THIS is funny
The Lord works in mysterious ways — and apparently, He has a pretty ironic sense of humour, too.
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+Veritas Erit Vincere In his case, misinterpret the evidence.
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I have no idea if this even means anything. But it's an intriguing notion 
A new way of thinking about consciousness is sweeping through science like wildfire. Now physicists are using it to form…
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+Robert Pratt You're aptly named, Robert.
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finally, good news
Experts hope the move could have a ripple effect on the 26 other African nations where the practice remains prevalent.
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It's about time.
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Today people protested farcebook's 'real name' dumbass policy.

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We’re already much better off for cutting ozone-destroying CFCs.
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yeah for Scotland!!
Victory has been declared for the Scottish Secular Society (SSS) as the Scottish Government has finally issued a clear statement that creationism should not be taught in science classes in schools. In September 2014, the SSS lodged a petition with the Scottish Parliament for an explicit position to be taken on creationism in schools.
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be careful who you give your money to 
$935.6 million cash paid to solicitors; $348.2 million cash to the charities; $43.9 million to direct cash aid. * Watchdog groups say no more than 35 percent of donations should go to fundraising costs. There is no standard for how much should be be spent on direct cash aid.
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Predictably: children, cancer, and right-wing organizations.

They forgot to list tax exempt Churches, which do almost no charitable work.
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Emmy Winning Artist (Visual Effects)
Proud Atheist and Rationalist  

I don't care if you are religious as long as you keep your religion out of politics. Religion is entirely a private matter.

And if you are religious and ONLY wish to discuss religion don't ask me to 'circle' you because I'm not interested in wasting my time. I'm bored by people quoting scripture. I don't have a hole in my life. I'm a very happy atheist. When you live a creative life you lack for nothing important. 

I've had an interesting career doing all sorts of artistic projects. From props for various commercials, art direction / props for films, and learning computer graphics using my first computer, my Amiga 2000.

Eventually I worked on visual effects for films. We were all pioneers using computers instead of optical equipment. 

I believe I am one of the only people to work on an almost entirely on-line made film:

Almost none of the people involved have ever actually met in person. Aside from the people who obviously had to be in the same room during principle shooting, all post work was with people who have never met. That includes the director, me (visual effects), the editor, and the music score.

Being a pioneer is fun.


If you have nothing in your profile I can't put you in a circle. 

I saw Rudolf Nureyev dance L'après-midi d'un faune - live.
I saw Lee Harvey Oswald get shot by Ruby.
I saw Living Color at CBGB's before they became famous and knew they would.
I watched 12 humans walk on the Moon.
I survived the 6.9 Northridge (LA) Earthquake in 1994
I survived Hurricane Sandy in 2012
Bragging rights
Emmy winner (Sci Fi Channel: Frank Herbert's Dune and Children of Dune. HBO: From the Earth to the Moon. Film made entirely online, "Eye of the Bennu" - ......................................personal life: saw *Bad Brains* live, never used drugs, never had a car accident.
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