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+cecilia FXX LMAO yep probably also does not know what Christmas celebrates or same for Easter.
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for all the asswipes who still believe we never went to the Moon - eat me

Red Moon, Green Beam
Image Credit & Copyright: Dan Long (Apache Point Observatory) - Courtesy: Tom Murphy (UC San Diego)

This is not a scene from a sci-fi special effects movie. The green beam of light and red lunar disk are real enough, captured in the early morning hours of April 15. Of course, the reddened lunar disk is easy to explain as the image was taken during this week's total lunar eclipse. Immersed in shadow, the eclipsed Moon reflects the dimmed reddened light of all the sunsets and sunrises filtering around the edges of planet Earth, seen in silhouette from a lunar perspective. But the green beam of light really is a laser. Shot from the 3.5-meter telescope at Apache Point Observatory in southern New Mexico, the beam's path is revealed as Earth's atmosphere scatters some of the intense laser light. The laser's target is the Apollo 15 retroreflector, left on the Moon by the astronauts in 1971. By determining the light travel time delay of the returning laser pulse, the experimental team from UC San Diego is able to measure the Earth-Moon distance to millimeter precision and provide a test of General Relativity, Einstein's theory of gravity. Conducting the lunar laser ranging experiment during a total eclipse uses the Earth like a cosmic light switch. With direct sunlight blocked, the reflector's performance is improved over performance when illuminated by sunlight during a normal Full Moon, an effect known as the real Full Moon Curse.
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I won't easily consider moon landing conspiracies any longer. 
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Innovation changing lives - congrats to #SolarAid, who have sold one million solar lights in #Africa 
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many of us know about Hitchens views on "mother" Teresa, but now the church has documentation that she supported a pedophile priest......eeewww, how despicable.
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Have her in circles
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when they also had trolleys
Manhattan’s “El” train, on the 9th Avenue line, via LIFE magazine, Apr. 14, 1941. Photos by Andreas Feininger.

I found this on another site, and was fascinated. Even though it has a credit that I posted above, it also listed: " All photos unless otherwise specified are to be credited to: Dan Nguyen".

I just want to make sure that the proper people get all due credit. 
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You have to admire him for shooting a friend who is a lawyer. Then the lawyer apologised for being inm the way. You don't have to respect or think he good for nothing but admire him for that. Or e might ask you to go hunting.
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women in their 80's asleep in their homes have been did THEY "ask for it??
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+David Love
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Emmy Winning Artist (Visual Effects)
Proud Atheist and Rationalist  

I don't care if you are religious as long as you keep your religion out of politics. Religion is entirely a private matter.

And if you are religious and ONLY wish to discuss religion don't ask me to 'circle' you because I'm not interested in wasting my time. I'm bored by people quoting scripture. I don't have a hole in my life. I'm a very happy atheist. When you live a creative life you lack for nothing important. 

I've had an interesting career doing all sorts of artistic projects. From props for various commercials, art direction / props for films, and learning computer graphics using my first computer, my Amiga 2000.

Eventually I worked on visual effects for films. We were all pioneers using computers instead of optical equipment. 

I believe I am one of the only people to work on an almost entirely on-line made film:

Almost none of the people involved have ever actually met in person. Aside from the people who obviously had to be in the same room during principle shooting, all post work was with people who have never met. That includes the director, me (visual effects), the editor, and the music score.

Being a pioneer is fun.


If you have nothing in your profile I can't put you in a circle. 

I saw Rudolf Nureyev dance L'après-midi d'un faune - live.
I saw Lee Harvey Oswald get shot by Ruby.
I saw Living Color at CBGB's before they became famous and knew they would.
I watched 12 humans walk on the Moon.
I survived the 6.9 Northridge (LA) Earthquake in 1994
I survived Hurricane Sandy in 2012
Bragging rights
Emmy winner (Sci Fi Channel: Frank Herbert's Dune and Children of Dune. HBO: From the Earth to the Moon. Film made entirely online, "Eye of the Bennu" - ......................................personal life: saw *Bad Brains* live, never used drugs, never had a car accident.
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it may look like a simple, clean and homey diner but the food is made and presented like a four star restaurant. The chief is brilliant. Don't deny yourself the experience of fine dining in a family diner.
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