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Software Designer & Vampire Hunter

How to determine the system default value for HOST, PORT, etc...?

When PGHOST is not set, the default value usually is /var/run/postgresql. But how can I get this default value? Because on Arch Linux (for instance), the default value seems to be /run/postgresql.


No system.d socket for PostgreSQL service?

Hey folks. I wonder why there is no system.d socket for PostgreSQL service. I guess it's impossible to do, otherwise it would have been done already?

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What is true education? via DuckDuckGo for Android

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Hi. Probably this question has already been asked but I can't find an answer easily: Is there a link about How to make a website "Tor-users friendly"?

I'm using Tor every time I can but some websites have captcha protection when they detect "bot activities"(1). So, in order to use one of my favorite website, I have to re-introduce the captcha quite a lot of times. I guess that's because we are a lot of people using the same IP address.

I would like to suggest the web master to make it accessible for Tor users but I don't really know how(2). Is there a white list of Tor servers or another way around? Preferably a link with an how to would be nice.

(1) In this case, the server says: "The security system for this website has been triggered because spambot-like behavior has recently been detected coming from your IP address."
(2) The server also says: "This restriction will disappear when no more harmful behavior is detected. [...] you can ask us to whitelist you"

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This is why you never end up hiring good developers.
Ever wonder why your interviews feel like they belong on TDWTF? Here are some suggestions.

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"Surprisingly, the sudden success didn't send the site crashing down. Nor did it change the company's stripped-down, razor-sharp focus. Here's how one small company is slowly, surely beating its way into the most monopolized category in technology."
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