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Nerds, I beseech you:

I've not been thrilled with how hacker news has devolved as it has become more popular. Is there a less popular hacker news like site coming to the fore somewhere?

Does that make me sound all hipster cat?
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If you were hipster-cat, you'd already know another site.
I'm so Hipster that I'm a hipsta'.
wow, 2600, really? i mean, sure, maybe chris was looking for the latest from the script kiddie community...but it seems unlikely..
I'm guessing the various filters for the HN RSS feed don't help?
+Ryan Barrett The question in of itself implies the interest level of someone at that level. Note that I also suggested sources that can be found related to the conferences in case there was advanced interest. There is no popular site that actually has information at the scientific/hardcore not-just-a-cybersecurity-tech-news-consumer level.
Well, it's certainly a good example of the tragedy of the commons, as I've followed it too for a long time. The only solution that really works requires effort of course - there has to be some sort of curating effort, whether it's a test to get in the door, ending of course with a group that declines from an inevitable lack of attention by human-based forum admins [1], or what seems to me to work better in the end, have access to a large group and self curate. I'm finding G+ is a decent platform for that, as interesting stuff eventually finds its way to someone I follow. I'm sure I miss some things, but my day is full enough as it is that I can certainly live with the imperfectness.

[1] I wonder how some sort of AI based system would work here - rather than software suggesting people for me to follow, it instead reads people's postings, private to the group, and public, and reaches out and invites those it finds "fit" the group's focus - sort of a never-tiring forum admin.
I've never, ever seen a perfect news site. I've always had to explore, and waste time looking at, reading outlandish and stupid things, in order to uncover nuggets of gold. That hasn't changed for me.
No no, hacker news is so popular that everyone has forgotten about slashdot. Clearly slashdot is the new black.
I get all my hacker news from my logfiles and from my hacker friends, and so should you. the same old irc chatrooms for conversations. and I find even twitter useful @pastebinleaks. But I get what you mean, dawg.

+Ben Collins-Sussman nah, slashdot still has the funniest comments, but the 'news'-part is - let's face it - slow, as we don't contribute [edit] ... enough?
+Chris DiBona, you're not alone in thinking this. Is an invite-only salon the way to avoid degradation? Perhaps with limitations on who can do the inviting? Other than a new site running modified HN software, could G+ suffice? The salon-keeper would maintain a circle, sharing it with members when it changes. All members would post to just that circle when they want to restrict participation.
Try the programming subreddit.
+Ralph Corderoy building (another) silo, for the few, you'll live in a bubble (again)? I find twitter really fun. the #infosec and #defcon #blackhat folks are tight, following each other, and there is enough room for up and downstream interruption to keep it vital. in signal/information theory what you want to avoid is a flat amplitude?
You seem to be looking for news about subjects that interest you from people who's opinion you respect. If you aren't getting the good stuff then maybe the Google security model embeded in Circles and tagging isn't designed to work correctly for informal relationships. I've been complaining about that for a while but 'Google gots fanboys' and they tell me I'm Wrong.
Hipster cat? Are you using an iPhone?
I'd like everything to be written 'as publicly as possible' and filtered to be 'read in order of merit', based on past performance on 'that subject'(ish) by the author. #nuffsaid. And we should all start feeding that one with news. 
How about a hacker "captcha" to reduce non-technical posts? "Yes, you may post, but only if you can code an effective solution to the 'Tower(s) of Hanoi' problem in the following mini language: ..."
Maybe you and +Rob Malta can start a new one.. it'll be like bringing the gang back together again. Call it "" (which by the way is available :-)
Zei besten haxur nieus siten is found da ruskie. Ja?
Every site I used to like and respect has gone this way.
I gave up, and have a largish number of different RSS feeds going to reader. I have to skip a fair few, but I do still read a decent number c.f. the dross.
Try an "Ask Slashdot"..
Oh. Now I get it. You mean no one uses that site because everyone is using that site?
I've been hoping that Hacker News will get better once more people get back from vacation. I've noticed the story selection gets noticeably worse over the weekend and on long holiday periods, since the crap doesn't get voted down / submereged by better articles as quickly
I still use StumbleUpon occasionally, but at this point, almost everything I read is from my RSS feed, or shared by somebody I follow on Twitter or G+, or linked in a chat room I idle in.

Apparently, I've built up a network that feeds me as much high-quality content as I can handle reading :-x
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