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Thinking it's time to have an event at Disney...
We had our global People Operations Conference at Disneyland this year.  The great folks at Disney thought of everything!  For example, because our group had more women than men, they re-designated a men's bathroom as a women's bathroom ... and then they went the extra mile and made the bathroom a bit more hospitable ....
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I hope they move those plants when the convert it back to a Men's room (just sayin')
I hope they disabled the infrared automatic flush, although maybe that would keep the plants watered?
can you do anything about getting me support for checkout?   over $70k in business w/ GCO last yr and no support and its getting worse
Am I the only guy who thought "targets? Yes, please."
No bug reports here?? Damnit, I was going to report the wars over in Asia as a bug that needed fixing.
I think they should hire the bloke who can turn piss into plants.  Imagine what he could do in the lifts in council high-rises.
Do they have sheewees in the US ?
I can't decide if I think this is cool, or pathetic.  
If I ever find a spider plant in my room on a Disney property, I'm asking for another room.
in spanish "regar las plantas" (which literally means "water the plants") is slang for urinate.
Nah, not mad, I just don't act on them via +/twitter/etc Email is how I track things, and how I can help..
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