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I can't imagine porcelin handling the vibrations at higher speeds though...but what do I know about that?
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gives new meaning to the dreaded "rock chip"
So it's a two million dollar toilet bowl?
it's not porcelain. it's carbon fibre with porcelain inlays/trim (or so says the one commenter below the article)
And regarding the porcelain... remember the ceramic tiles on the shuttle?
Remember this car every time you fill your own with over priced petrol, and remember that the owner of this Bugatti is getting over on you with every gas station stop.
+Dylan Carlson Since +Paul Eubanks used "petrol" I think it is safe to assume he is located in the UK, or elsewhere in Europe, where Saudi oil is probably a larger component of their supply...
Could he park it any closer to the curb?
I don't know about "brave". What's the point in dropping that kind of money on a car if you can't drive it/show it off?
Meh, sparkplugs are porcelain.
Seems it's actually porcelain paint, plus a few components. Still a cool idea, but not actually that radical.
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