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Chris DiBona
Open Source Programs Manager at Google. Husband. Dad.
Open Source Programs Manager at Google. Husband. Dad.

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+Jeff Jarvis  is being nice. This was a shitty interview by a reporter (in name only) who clearly had no interest in anything but branding his shitty ideas about 'phone intrusion'. And while I hate to regina george it to him, but that's not a thing. 

What a waste of time. I've had interviews like this, I way prefer aggressive insightful and even uncomfortable questions to this kind of waste of time.  
Poor +Sundar Pichai. He sat down for an interview with a New York Times technology reporter, only to find himself bombarded with the same question a half-dozen ways: Aren't mobile phones bad for us? I hate it when reporters do that. Sometimes, I just tell them: No matter how often you ask me that, I will not be giving you the answer you want. 

First question: "Do you see mobile phones heading down a path of social unacceptability? Do we have a problem of overuse?" 

After acknowledging that phones can do good things -- goddamned miracles, I'd say -- the reporter comes back to his plaint: "But then people start doing things like checking their email at dinner. Are there things Google is doing to return people to where they are and reduce the temptation to look at their phone?" Like everything else, isn't this your fault, Google? 

Sundar tried to politely deflect: "You’re asking questions that have nothing to do with technology. Should kids check phones at dinner? I don’t know. To me that’s a parenting choice."

The reporter tries again. And then again: "As you have risen in the ranks at Google, have you noticed that people use their phones less in meetings with you?"

And again: "Have you done anything to ease back? I have a policy that I’m not allowed to walk around the house with my phone. It has to stay in one room."

Oh, jeesh. I imagine the reporter getting Grandma's telephone table from the front hall and tying an iPhone to it. Some of us would say that eliminating the need for wires was progress. 

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It's official! We just finished a $9M financing round from True Ventures and Foundry Group.

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My wife quotes Julia Child "I could tell you how to cook a carrot, but I couldn't tell you how to cook that carrot". If you're going to have a cool robot cook from pre-portioned processed mise, you're better off just buying a microwave and a frozen dinner. 

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Sometimes I wonder if people read all of snowcrash. It is as it they get as far as sword practice in the 'verse (cool, man) and then stop reading before the gargoyles are slain by raven and hated by everyone. (maybe vr all the time isn't smart)

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With apologies to Terry Bisson,  I invite you to read my answer to this years question "What do you think about machines who think"

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Impostor syndrome is a thing, I guess, but I prefer 'total fraud' syndrome, where you imagine yourself to be a rakish con-man grifting the world so slyly that no one has called you on it yet. 

It's more fun than impostor syndrome, and the outfits are nicer.

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