Two Reasons To Not Panic Over The CCNA 2016 Exam Changes

BTW, if you're looking for the new exam numbers and deadlines, they're in another of my posts:

CCNA 2016 Exam Changes And Deadlines:

Now let's talk about not freaking out! : )

Whenever the CCNA exam changes, there's a lot of anxiety / fear / freakin' out amongst CCNA candidates. Much worse is the "Hey, I"ll just wait and study for the CCNA later" reaction that some future CCNAs have. All they're doing is delaying their CCNA and putting the brakes on their success and their careers.

Let me share with you two "secrets" that are actually obvious, but everyone always misses them when the CCNA exam changes:

CCNA exam topics simply don't change massively from one exam version to the next.

Here's a link to a Cisco PDF outlining the new CCNA exam's topics.

I'm going to spoil the surprise for you: There really aren't many new topics on the new exam. Switching basics, routing fundamentals, security fundamentals, VLANs, etc. -- these are always going to be part of the CCNA exam. You're always going to need to have these down cold to earn your CCNA.

With that in mind, let's say you keep studying and you don't beat the one-exam path deadline (Aug 20) or the two-exam path deadline (Sept 24). It's not like you wasted your study time. Quite the opposite, you're much closer to earning your CCNA than you would have been if you took three months off. Keep your momentum rolling!

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Now on to that second secret...

Cisco switches and routers work the same from one exam version to the next.

Some of you might think I'm a bit of a smart-ass to say that. That's okay. I've been called worse.

This is so overlooked that it merits attention. Switches work the same from one CCNA exam version to the next. OSPF, the same. EIGRP, the same. Port security, the same. Routing fundamentals are...

I'll stop there. You get the idea.

You may see very small operational changes from time to time, but they're pretty darn rare. VERY rare.

Keep your success momentum rolling -- it's a lot easier to keep momentum rolling than it is to have to start it again!

Chris B.
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