Here's The Scoop On The CCNA And CCENT 2016 Exam Changes!

The CCNA and CCENT exam tracks are changing in 2016, and here’s everything you need to know about the deadline, including a tricky way to get an extra month to beat that deadline. (And it’s legal!)

In this post, I’ll cover the nuts and bolts of the changes, and I’m going to give you the #1 reason you should NOT postpone or stop your CCNA studies.

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of the changes and see how to get that extra month to beat the deadline...

The current CCNA exams are phasing out in August and September. That’s right – they’re not all expiring at the same time. Here’s the breakdown:

CCNA 200-120: Last day to take this exam is August 20, 2016. This is the single-exam path to the CCNA.

The exams on the two-exam path to your CCNA expire at different times:

ICND1 100-101: The last day to take this test is August 20, 2016 as well.

ICND2 200-101: The last day for this exam is September 24, 2016.

This is a real change for Cisco, as all the CCNA R&S exams have expired on the same day in the past. This is also a bit of a loophole that allows you to get an additional month to test. Let’s compare the one-exam and two-exam paths:

One-exam path: Pass the CCNA 200-120 exam by August 20.

Two-exam path: Pass ICND1 by Aug 20, and ICND2 by Sept 24.

That’s a pretty good reason to take the two-exam path. You can knock out ICND1 well before the first deadline, and then you have an entire extra month to finish ICND2!

More after a word about your opportunity to beat the deadline!

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Here are the exam numbers for the new tests:

CCNA: 200-125 (CCNA v 3.0)

ICND1: 100-105

ICND2: 200-105

If you take the two-exam path, your ICND1 pass carries over to the new track should you not pass ICND2 by September 24. In other words, you can pass the ICND1 100-101 exam and then the ICND2 200-105 exam and you’re a CCNA!

I need to tell you about two secrets regarding the CCNA changes that most people don't know about. (If they did, they wouldn't be secrets, right?)

I also need to do that on another post, so just click this link and let’s keep going!

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