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I share this without comment because...well...I just don't know what to say.
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I LOVE the people of Walmart photo,s...... I cannot believe the getup that some people actually walk out of their house wearing... do they really think that they look OK or do they have one of those "house of mirrors" in their house ... LMFAO!!!
OMG, the catheter photo at the very end...yeah, that's priceless.
I'm sorry. I can't like this... Also, I can't look away. Someone please, shut my eyelids. Please?
As terrible as these pictures are, there are even more important reasons not to shop at Walmart.
Is this for real, sorry don't mean to offend, I don't know what to say ether.................. so I will just remain silent, thanks for the share, glad there is no Walmart in Australia please tell the people there not to make any plans to come here. We have Cosco don't need Walmart thank you.
It's time to reconsider my citizenship in this country...
Great, now my already existing nightmares shall become worse all in thanks to this... FML...
cris w
I am at a loss for food.... and my appetite.
Horror to my eyes! Thats freaking horrific! >_<
WalMart is a microcosm of America in it's current incarnation.
jeez that is freakin pg 13 i am only 9
makes me want to stop eating, anything, ever again.
+robert Newton They're shopping at Walmart...they've chosen to open themselves to ridicule.
Dont get me wrong, I shop there but I don't "go as myself"!!!
most of those people need P90X, like really fast.
it's funny because almost all of them dont work out
thts where i go ppl watching!!!
Fat,Poor,Lazy,and Stupid.Welcome to America.
Is this for real, really really??
gross. though some of the pics seem to be a contribution from halloween.
Very inspiring. I will be shopping at Walmart A lot more now, My kind of
I get about 2-3 of these sent to me by friends every year and they never fail to stun me. How is it even possible that people go out in public looking the way they do???
they have so many fat people
hahaha thats so funny
if i went 2 walmart and that was 1 of my relatives i would KILL myself
ben gen
wish we had walmart here in australia what a laugh
OMG!! Does " Life " get any more Revolting than this ???????
People of Walmart makes me sad for humanity.
omg really a wedding at walmart?????????????
What I don't understand is that a lot of these were not taken surreptitiously. You really wear that and when someone asks to take your picture think "Yay!"?.
had me cracking up lmao
ooooookay then. that was interesting. and gross. :l Don't think i wanna shop there anymore. :P
Let's hope their political sense when it comes to electing the next US President is far superior to their fashion sense.
oh goodness...that is nasty. Do people look at themselves in the mirror before they go out or are they hoping someone will do exactly what was done here...??? EWWW
hahaha pause at 0.23 seconds, and thats my mom.
That's disgusting. Who are these people trying to impress?? I wish that people would get back to dressing modestly! I mean, especially if these women are married, how do their husbands let them do that? And noone is going to take a stand and say something to these people. I have nothing against anyone, but how you dress portrays an image. And that's why we have so many people caught up in sex- trafficing, iappropriate sexual activities, people molesting other people and much much more. It could be prevented if people were actually AWARE OF HOW THEY PORTRAY THEMSELVES, AND HOW THEY DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT'S BY NO MEANS CUTE, OR SEXY!!!! I'm a young lady who doesn't want to have to grow up with all this CRAP around me! I'm doing my best to be modest, dress modest, and stay pure; but there are so many children (especially) that follow these older women's examples of dressing, and it disgusts me!!
liv f.
So CC Chapman thinks he's a better person because he doesn't look like that.....yet. Douchebag!!!
Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO PRIDE
I don't find this funny. I find this just cruel. Instead maybe you should thank the heavens that you have been more fortunate.
Some of these comments are about as intelligent as the people in this video are well dressed.
that video is revulting how can people dress like that
I will have nightmares for the rest of my life!!
sick dude!i am going to voment and never going their again
I, um, there's, uh, I mean, it's, it's, um, well. Hmm. Yeah.
That is the sign of being neglected by men and when she will walk naked then all people will run away from her because she is a madwoman.There is no market for that purpose only to repent and become normal for re-marrying to whoever will admire you, then God will forgive you and you will enjoy for being a house wife and good family member.Don't ashame your parents.
This is just cruel! I agree! I wouldn't put it past the maker of this video to have purposefully placed these people just to have us make fun of them!
Based on the minute I watched this was just shaming people who happen to be poor, overweight, lacking certain social graces in what they wear, or just plain different.
And I thought MIBs were bluffing!!
Qiao L
you can say: wow!
I had to stop this...I couldn't take anymore of it.
Mostly gay guys...(No Offense...) I LOVE THIS SONG
I've actually seen one of these people in a grocery store! now theyre a celebrity
I don't know if what i was seeing is right, probably cause i drank Orphan Tears
Eric C
That's how they are in
Actually most of the people posting this thread disgust me. Those are your fellow human beings and I will bet money that most of them would go out of their way to help any one of you arrogant people. Can you say the same? I hope you all age and get health problems because that is what you are looking at besides the cross dressers.
people really sicken me, not even sometimes but most of the time! I may be young, but htis is very disturbing! Have u people no shame!?!?!?!
411 daaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing thats disgusting I had to watch my eyes whith holy water crap man
that video clip doesn't amuse me in ANY way...but it gave me nightmares D:
that was funny as hell!!! Lol
Wait until you get a replygirl on this. That's when you know You Made It.
oh my!! Did she poop her pants and ditch them in their bathroom? Sadly, I hope that is the case.
"Unfortunately, this UMG-music-content is not available in Germany because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights". WHY, oh WHY, I am not in Germany and my VPN terminates in Russia. WTF? STOP ACTA, STOP SOPA, STOP PIPA, STOP IPRED, STOP GEMA!
Update: mmmkay, judging from the comments, this actually seems to have been a good thing. ;)
very they have weird people shop thier and etc. Hey guys remember Lady go on u-tube sometimes have class.
Video not available on mobile phone. Come on google/youtube.
+Michael Henry lol this is hilarious these people probably laugh at everyone esle in here other than themselves.
I guess there is a point where as an individual you don't just care anymore what you look like, and what your doing?
Blame the uploader, not Google.
To C.C.Chapman, I don't really know what to say, maybe one word might fit.........wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,wiggle.....LOL
WHY DEAR GOD WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Okay that is just plain gross. All of it...
After a family reunion, when I swear I came from the shallow end of the gene pool. I go to this website, and in 10 minutes I suddenly feel better about my ancestry.
they don't call them walmartians for nothing. .im scarred now lol
Jeff H
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
No. Just no. Someone got married in Walmart. Please no.
the only good thing about this is that every picture was less htan a second on the screen... a lot of detail was thankfully blured.... and +C.C. Chapman, You are a sadist!
Dude, that should come with a warning, wrong in so many ways, but can't stop laughing.
awwwww i wished i hadnt seen this video
Saw this a couple of months ago and could not believe it. Only in America!
Qiao L
i have a question, how did you take this video
Well, that's America, the land of the free LOL!
i had to stop halfway through
Woah, I'mma call Stacy London on these people!!
Nude pants... for when you really, 100% want to scare the hell out of everyone around you.
LMFAO to funny. That's all I'ma saying!!
Tren C
cant... not... click.. .play
Great Rick Santorum campaign trailer ;-)
I'll save the rest of you guys some time . . . and pain. The picture shown before you press play is the only good one. You'll wish you hadn't seen the rest.
up next: people eating fried chicken, @ the HOME DEPOT, and: is that a hook or a nose in your face??? :D
goes to show what crazy people shop at walmart!
We Poverty-level Commoners appreciate all of the comments by those above us in Rank. Obviously, we should all be Perfect, and it is only our own faults which doom us to appear Lees Than Human. Perhaps if we could afford to piss money off right & left, we Peons could visibly seem to be 'Normal' like you. Being somewhat bald & lacking in teeth (and good Dental Insurance), Thank You for lowering my self-esteem to subterranian levels.
(Normally, I would not be so PC. But the derision shown by some of the comments got under my skin. Thx for letting me vent too, CC.)
How much of what is being displayed here, what is being mocked here, is the direct result of mental illness? I found the montage to be very sad.
this is the new normal....being normal sucks.
I don't know which is creepier...the people in the pictures, or the guy who actually went around taking those pictures. LOL
Souls...they are all souls!!
repugnant, i am gagging, and trying to get the first 5 images out of my head becausei baliedafdterhtatbecausesthisissofuckingnasty MINUS MANY xn
I just started going to Walmart. After this, I am not sure I want to go again. I can understand why you didn't have anything to say. This also leaves me speechless.
Dave V
Your right, Not Much To Say. I've probably seen half of those moments in my nearby Walmart!!! :)
I couldn't stand to see the whole thing. TMI over and over.
Horrifying...but I just couldn't look away...
Everyone one of these looks like "The answer to 'what the hell?!?!'"
This makes me cry...I'm scared of these people.
The video speaks for itself. And it speaks volumes!
well there is definantly some individuals out there!!
lmfao so gross and so funny at the same time xD try watching the elmo cuteeeeeeee!
These people are allowed to vote...
I'm pretty sure I may be scarred for life.
i'm kinda glad youtube is blocked at my house now... hahaha suckers!
All I can say is I laugh everytime I go into my Walnut Ridge, AR Walmarts.
sorry, I just couldn't get all the way through it.
You should say "I've wasted more time on something that doesn't matter".
Like my post about pot today.
I also didn't make it all the way through. Doesn't Walmart require shirts?!?
Do normal people ever visit Walmart ?
I downloaded this just for the song - to work out to. As for the video its just like being there with headphones on... LOL This is what my walmart looks like, except for the cross dressers there arent too many of them in our walmart
that's the biggest collection of GROSS people I've ever seen!! I have to go throw up.
I don't care what n e one says, that is just inappropriate.
i think i knew a few people on there... i've never felt like such a celebrity
this shit is crazy! and I've never been to Walmart. wtf! lol
clearly this is proof...We are not alone! OMG this walmart must not sell full length mirrors!
:O omg i am young!!!! i report u!!! kidding lol im gonna show my mom and say "MOM,MOM,laughs,watch this i didnt watch it".
Sooooo Sad!! (rolls eyes) And these are supposed to be "roll models for
the future"... Yikes!!! "Idiots Out Wandering Around"... They must be from and/or belong in I.O.W.A.!! ...
(NO OFFENCE INTENDED ON PEOPLE FROM IOWA! Just a funny saying I've learned and use for just such and occasion... Perfect for Idiots like these ones... Oy!)
And in "THEIR" Public's watchful eye!! Wow... Really?!!
Ummm...I am ashamed to be American...
well, they sure seem confident.
is anyone else freaked... even just a little??
Obviously, the lady at 0:22 is wearing a splint bracing her arm under the blouse.
Frankly, the people who made this video (and many other) are judgmental, full with prejudices and disrespect.
WTH did you just post? Yikes. Although..... Some of those look pretty hot. Wait? That's a guy? Nevermind.
I honestly saw a young woman at Walmart last month wearing panty- hose as pants and NO underwear underneath. My girlfriend and I followed her around in awe. I was so taken aback that I never even thought to take a pic.
thank you:) make America better:) believe you are at it:) by exposure to the truth?:)
affrighted, aghast, alarmed, fearful, frightened, horrified, horror-struck, hysterical (also hysteric), afraid, scary, shocked, spooked, terrified, terrorized OMG
its course have a .... countiniue
Hillarious, But..... SICK!!!! LOL!!
Mary M
I'm scared :{}
Please put a warning on this YouTube or a cork on it!
People like wierd things.
If u get bored at ur home go to Walmart.
This is the most disturbing , disgusting , revolting , HILARIOUS video . Good for a laugh
i only made it 48 seconds in ....that's enough.
This is coming from a guy who has 2 people of wal-mart and a Wal-Mart of China album in facebook and elswhere ....... just sayin'.....
wild and grose but the song is great lmfao
that means only mad people go there!
Leo T
Most of these are obviously fake. Set up as publicity stunts. Because if they were all real then I would see them later at the gas station, liquor store, and 7Eleven (which I don't).
Good for a chuckle. or appetite suppression....
omg!!! aankhon meh dard horahi hai!!
I wanted 2 turn watchin' a car wreck
That's too funny. Only yesterday at walmart I saw a woman in a tennis outfit with her buttom hanging out. Horrible site.
freaking NOT sexy ???? but so funny lnfao...????
OMG... please tell me it was halloween and that people dont actually go out looking like that
Hey, these are good people. These people vote Republican!
eeeeeeehhhhhhhhheeeeerrrrrm BLEH!!!! I just threw up a lil in my mouth... but who am i to judge...
Those toenails!...I think I'm going to be sick... speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best shirt ever " $5 Footlong " !!!! hahaha
Bro that is the most crazyiest thing have ever saw,but on the other hand i glad i just seen this cause got a 5 minute laugh outta this video!!!Kudos to this video!!!!LOL:)
I had to watch it to make sure I was no in the video.....WoOT I was not!
Roflmao ...what the.hell is this nasy stuff uggh...shudders
make this available so that mobile phones can view it !
This must be one of the new SUPER Wal-Freaky-Marts. If you ever feel down and out, have lunch at Wal-Mart. Just watch the live version of this video and you will realize just how wonderful your life is. Makes you wonder what happened to these people along their journey.
SO GROOOOSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH AMERICA W T H?!?
This isn't Funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So came the moral laws in order to control
the actions of man crazy...........
It's wrong to judge others...but seriously?! Who told some of these people that it's okay to walk out of their house like that, or act that way in public? Pull up your pants and get a bigger shirt! It's not about looking pretty, it's about looking appropriate!* What if a little kid saw you? Please don't scar them...
WOW this is not just walmart this is America how sad to see this.
I'm sure these where all taken on Halloween o.O
I can give you one. Revolting. I am so glad I retired.
The truth is true about. Out in the strikes of three ,walk in the foul of the drop for balls of a pop fly full of its own fair will,macaroni.
OMG! Do all Americans like this in walmart?
Oh sweet Jesus, why? o-o
I dont mean to offend,it is a BIG MISS.No no good for public consumption.
Am nt an american never will i step my foot there for a life time (necked bitches)
OMG mate this video is so funny i cant stop laughing plus i had no I dea people dressed like that and thet dont care how they look in public And from London but I live in Sin City now :)
I find this really sad. Not funny at all. Gut wrenching sad. My guess is some of these photos were taken on or near Halloween. The rest are some really sad people that need help for health and mental issues. I have to say, "there but for the grace of God", thank my lucky stars and quit whinging about my life. It could get worse.
Anything to add more laughter to my life then I am happy for it :-)
stupid why did u put the video it's soooooooooooooooooooooo nasty
Sexy and you know it?????? please you dont know what sexy is!!!!!
It amazes me how people think they look hot when they walk out the door.
No one seems to know how to dress these days. What happened to a women looking real classy
Can't believe the breeze alone DOESN'T make her go. WHOOO MY KUTCHY KOO IS HANGING OUT. DER. Can't fix stupid. Lol
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