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Josh Catone

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Great to see Saent on Product Hunt today. :)
Saent - Helps you focus and build better work habits. (Windows, Mac, and Productivity) Discover 2 alternatives like Go Fucking Work and Escape
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Josh Catone

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From my new site, Pajamas. Interviews about distributed teams and remote work.
An interview with Pam O'Hara of Batchbook about remote working and building a distributed team....
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Josh Catone

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Excited to share the latest longform piece at +Mashable, built on our new immersive storytelling platform. It's a great read and a beautiful post!
It’s Memorial Day 2009. Inside Cupertino High’s dimly lit gymnasium, two traveling teams of teenage basketball stars tip off in the championship game of a weekend tournament. Lo...
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Josh Catone

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Ha... that would make election night more entertaining... ;)
CNN Unveils All-Kitten Election Night Team -
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They look tired
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Josh Catone

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With our Community Manager +Meghan Peters -- way to go, Meghan!
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Josh Catone

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Saent is a new device that blocks distractions and helps you find your optimal work rhythm so you can be more productive. I've been working with the company for a few months and we just launched our Indiegogo campaign. Any support would be awesome!
Instantly focus, block out distractions and develop better work habits. | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
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This would be extremely beneficial in an 'open office' environment.  Many companies have changed their cubicle farm design to lower walls to achieve a more spacious feel.

Although this has been accomplished, it also makes for very loud phone calls, which are quite distracting.

Another area that might benefit from this are patient rooms in hospitals; especially shared rooms.

I wish you the best with this product and look forward to updates on your progress.
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Josh Catone

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I have a new job starting today!
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I'm happy for you +Josh Catone  Just added you:)
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Josh Catone

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I've been working on a project in my spare time and weekends for a few months called Dickens. It's a new breed of software for fiction writers. It's almost ready to share with the public, but in the meantime, if you write fiction, I'd love to hear about your writing process and the features you'd love to see in software for writers. Please take a moment to fill out the survey here:
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Hey what r u doing today
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Josh Catone

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We each have our own personal superstitions -- irrational things we believe or do that even though we know they're silly. My new side project is an anonymous catalog of those superstitions. What's yours? Add it at Superstitiously!
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Yeah good big up
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Josh Catone

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So +The Fluffington Post teamed up with the ASPCA to create a limited edition t-shirt to raise money for animals in need.  The t-shirts will only be sold for 2 weeks and $3 of every shirt goes to charity.  Check it out!
The Fluffington Post has teamed up with the ASPCA to offer this limited edition Rosie the Retriever T-shirt. For every shirt sold, $3 goes toward finding loving homes for abandoned pets and stopping ...
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Lieu she gie
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Josh Catone

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An interesting look at the clever back end tricks Instagram applies to create the illusion of super fast uploads.
You can take any user interface in the world, and whether it’s gorgeous and intuitive or ugly and clunky, there’s one unifying factor that will right pretty much any wrong: speed. Think about it. The ...
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Josh Catone

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So I did finally get the new G+ later this afternoon... but I'm probably not motivated enough to do anything like these people......
Google+ overhauled its interface, and many users have already uploaded new cover photos. We've found 13 cover photo hacks on Google+.
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Hi friends.. this could be it couldn't change..
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I am the co-founder of The Fluffington Post and the co-founder of Rails Forum.
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