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carrie dils
I make websites for people using WordPress and the Genesis Framework.
I make websites for people using WordPress and the Genesis Framework.

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This week I'm really excited to bring on the husband of friend and listener, Krissie VandeNoord. I've said it on the show before, but one of the best things about podcasting is the different people you meet and I'm excited for the opportunity to introduce you to Travis VandeNoord, someone I (and probably you?) wouldn't have met if not for the show.

Now, for a little more about Travis...

English teacher by day, wordsmith and lover of people by night. As someone who geeks out crafting and bending the written word, Travis engages readers and communicates a clear, poignant message. You can often find Travis writing content for North UX or handling client communications. He genuinely loves connecting with people and learning more about clients on several levels.  He uses these personal relationships to better understand how North UX can help deliver content and help the clients communicate their company's message in a genuine voice.  Travis believes in the power of words and helping people find their voice.

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Last week I had podcaster Lee Jackson on. This week I'm following the "interview the podcaster" trend with +Jon Nastor of Hack the Entrepreneur.

Jon's an online entrepreneur and the kind of guy who's continually creating new products to make people's lives easier (one of those products is a page-builder plugin for WordPress).

If you want something to change, you have to do it, get it done, or stop complaining about it. - Jon Nastor

Join us this episode for a conversation about entrepreneurship, WordPress products, and running a podcast. And, of course, a lot more. :)

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This week I've got Lee Jackson, host of the WP Innovator podcast, a WordPress podcast for design and web agencies. Lee is the lead dev and director of his own agency and we'll be chatting about what it takes to be successful in web services.

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This week I'm turning over control of the microphone to +Tom McFarlin! He'll be interviewing a special guest... me! :)

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Meet +Neill Feather, president of +SiteLock, LLC (the leading provider of website security solutions for business), and this week's guest.

Neill started his coding journey back in his early teens has continued for decades since in the technology and systems industry. This is a guy who loves data, data analysis, and turning those insights into actionable plans for his company.

In this episode, we'll talk about Neill's experience as a leader and technologist and discuss some ways you can transfer some of his lessons into your business.

p.s. Neill recently talked about the technical aspects of site security on his interview on Do the Woo podcast. I'd encourage you to take a listen if you'd like to know more on how to educate your clients about the need for site security.

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After several years of running a general WordPress design and development agency,+Michael Steele and his co-founder +Travis Northcutt saw the writing on the wall: specialize or die. In 2014, they shifted their positioning and the focus of their services entirely toward helping entrepreneurs create membership products and build subscription-based platforms.

I’m thrilled to have Michael on the show to talk about his experience shifting focus from one-time project fees to a recurring revenue model.

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One of the biggest hurdles I've discovered for freelancers and new business owners is how to handle finances. After all, we're experts in our craft - not accountants. The nuances of tax law or even basic money management are overwhelming.

This week we're going to chat with Amy Northard, a certified public accountant who's target market is freelance creatives.

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+Chris Ford: teacher, designer, manager, entrepreneur and oh so much more! I’ve known Chris for years through the WordPress community and got to meet her for the first time at WordCamp Orange County 2014.

More recently I’ve had the privilege of working with her at Crowd Favorite, where she was a project manager. Although we’ve both returned to self-employment, I enjoyed learning from her. I thought I knew the basics of project management, but Chris demonstrated how to do it at scale.

Join us this week to learn practical project management skills you can take into your business as well as where Chris’ creative journey will take her next.

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I heart +Kim Doyal (a.k.a. The WordPress Chick). I'm thrilled to have her back on the show (she joined me previously on Episode 50).

I met Kim in my early days of working with WordPress and the Genesis Framework and it's been fun to see how her business has evolved over the last few years. Engaging and down-to-earth, Kim hosts the WP Chick podcast and offers coaching services to her clients.

Join us to hear what resources Kim's using in her business and take a few pointers away for the way you approach to marketing and content creation in your business.
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