#Unight8   Global report


Mission goals


- Involve as many Resistance agents as possible
- In as many countries as possible

Phase I: Worldwide Nightstalker

Build as many L8 portals in as many cities as possible, during local night- time

Phase II: Connect the cities to each other, via a world spanning link

Phase III: Create fields to dominate global MU count

Results : Mission successful !!

About 3.200 resistance agents
55 countries
140 cities
Link chain established across the entire globe to connect Europe, North America and Asia
1.267 million MUs (75 %)

The plot

Let me tell you a story

Once upon the time, in Constance, a city between Germany and Switzerland. An Ingress team, chatting in a dark and secret hangout…

( Just kidding, the screen gave light ^^)

During this Hangout, some crazy ideas were shared. One of them was to unify the world under the banner of the resistance !!

( https://plus.google.com/101867202320986624254/posts/SjAaZB2gaac )

… There was a man crazy enough to think that the project could be possible. +Jens Spaniel  took the decision to realize this dream.

The idea was to create a mainlink around the globe, and after that, to build branch links to link every city in the world.

As a good manager, +Jens Spaniel  first prepared the organisation’s structure. Management tools were set up. One team was dedicated to the Mainlink’s organisation.
He then started looking for help. First things first: he had to find people willing to represent a country, or even a continent!

The first weeks of the project were dedicated to this task.
In mid-August, a message caught my attention: someone was looking for a coordinator for Belgium. That’s how I met Jens.
He proceeded to explain his project, and, of course, like everyone else, I told him he was crazy.
Fortunately, since I’m just as mad as he is (yeah, just ask my team...), I decided to take on the challenge on August 20th.

Things started to get heavy very fast. We had to continue recruiting. I helped +Jens Spaniel  as much as I could. We had hangouts with every candidate, to measure their commitment to the project and their capabilities.
Several tools were developed to give us a global idea of the advancement of each separate project.

Instructions were transmitted. We created Google+ communities, both global and national.

+Vincent Rammelt  was put in charge of setting up the Mainlink, helped at first by +Matthias ℬ. and +Sergey Fayngold 
Vincent had planned a four week holiday in September. Most of this time he had no Internet connection. This was a special challenge for the main link team.
(you’ll find his #sitrep here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1864V6MjCX80bBMUoxPyo3El4RdqsqgLio0AB0_qmyLg/edit# )

+Jens Spaniel  then offered to share the global organisation of the project with me, which I accepted, more motivated than ever.
That’s when I realized what a huge workload this project represented: We had as many as 20 simultaneous hangouts with different people.
We had to deal with different cultures, different languages, different mindsets...

Long “video hangouts” were organised, to try and find the best solutions with every team.
We also had to deal with time zones. Asia in the morning, Europe during the day, and North and South America at night.

Even if we were already experienced in project management, we learned a LOT thanks to this experience. (especially me)
Some were already motivated and believed in our ideas. For others, we had to persuade them of the project’s feasibility. This took a lot of time and energy.

By mid-september, the teams were mostly complete. But Jens and I were exhausted.
We began to have our doubts. Maybe it was time to give the lead to someone with a less “european” idea of management.

We then decided to let +Tzafrir Rehan  lead. Jens and I stayed as consultants on the project.

+Tzafrir Rehan , fresh and full of enthusiasm, brought the project to completion.
The last countries filled their organization spreadsheets, the mainlink team gave their final plan.

The chosen route was as follows, with all the risks and key transfers that it entailed

Alaska (US) -> Canada -> US West Coast -> US East Coast -> Canada -> Greenland -> Island -> Norway or UK -> Germany -> Latvia -> West Russia -> East Russia (Anadyr’) -> Alaska.

A whole key exchange network was set up. Each travelling agent was told to communicate his schedule to optimize transfers.

A 1966 km long link was scheduled. Stress peaked. The team could fortunately rely on agents such as +Anton Khudozhnik  (@Toxyd), who began an epic journey!
(see his sitrep here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I4JYFqvl4sVUV0KVztCvepiHXFwYlmlOFyKKfml374M/edit )
The continent coordinators then started work on the “branch links). Cleaners could also start their huge task.

+Tzafrir Rehan  succeeded in finalizing the project.

November 15th. We experienced cold sweats when we saw a new operation from ENL in Asia. Our teams worked to limit their action and clean the field.

Each troop movement of Kermits was analysed, followed… Hangouts are burning. The stress was crazy!

Each country sent their final plan, working around unexpected field situations.

Saturday 16th arrived. I was of course on the battlefield to clean, fully equipped with phone, tablet, and laptop within easy reach. Each country sent its final instructions.

11h50… My heart goes BOOOOMMM

11h50… Hangouts are going crazy ??
11h58 : Chatting with frogs on the field to distract them...
12h00… My legs can’t hold me anymore
12h01… First links are established
12h10… My team links Germany to UK

My eyes are burning, I’m actually crying; I check the map… everything turns blue; counters are crasy, 50%, 60, 70... 75%!!!

I get back to my team and everyone is screaming. Nobody can believe what is happening ...

We did it!

We united 55 countries
We created over 22 000 level 8 portals.
We made a link that spanned the entire earth!!!


We - as the global team - are absolutely stunned how Unight8 excited agents all over the world. There are hundreds of SitReps available which you can find searching for #U8Completed . You, our fellow agents, have done some unbelievable! If it was as field agent and street fighter, as cleaner, as linker, as agents which gathers and transported keys or as coordinators. And we are happy to see how thrilling this operation was for everyone from us. How much fun you had. And how Unight8 unites us.

Here you will find exciting photos:

Thanks to

3.200 participated Resistance agents

Global Team+Tzafrir Rehan @Tzafrir, +Jens Spaniel @BTA, and me@Boranova

US : +Ruth Shepherd @Rio5
Canada  :  +Steve B @Koz9

Asia : +Kelvin kw Lee  @Kelis,  +puppy Chen @Puppychen, +Shang Yen See @Odysseus,  +Riddhi Dhannawat @Illidan

Oceania :  +Nihal Mirpuri @Nylonee

Africa : +Tzafrir Rehan @Tzafrir, +Sean Scott @FrostyZA

South America: +bryan meyer @bcmeyer

Europe : +Jens Spaniel @BTA, +Vicki Ellen @Mimtwin, +Carlo Carparelli @Feanim, +Gilles WEBER @Arael

Link team : +Vincent Rammelt @sirVinc, +Matthias ℬ. @ThiasX, +Sergey Fayngold @NBZ4live, +Irina Sokolova @Kshul, +Anton Khudozhnik @Toxyd

And thank you, thank you so very much to EACH AND EVERY agent that participated in this operation. From country coordinators to linkers, from cleaners to operators…

You were amazing!
You gave us back hope!
*Trust your team*… This has never been so true.


Agent Boranova for #ingressreport   +Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley  #unight8completed  
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